All the Dolphins options are still on the table

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The Bengals exist in their own category sometimes, so it’s easy to shrug when they are among the slowest to get something done.

But with the other remaining head coaching vacancy, the Dolphins will at least get to claim that they got their first choice — such that every team doesn’t say that anyway.

With the rest of the league in a rush, the Dolphins have one interview left (with special teams coach Darren Rizzi), along with the four they’ve already interviewed involved in the playoffs (Brian Flores, Eric Bieniemy, Dennis Allen, and Kris Richard).

As noted by Adam Beasley of the Miami Herald, the Browns and Packers had interest in Flores before going with Freddie Kitchens and Matt LaFleur, respectively, and the Buccaneers met with Bieniemy and Richard before hiring Bruce Arians.

The Bengals also talked to Bieniemy, though most people expect them to hire one of the guys they already know (Hue Jackson or Vance Joseph, or both).

Now the Dolphins only have to wait for the season of their top target to end, which could be this weekend or another three weeks from now.

18 responses to “All the Dolphins options are still on the table

  1. I’ve always wanted Dave Toub to get a shot as an STs guy, but if he doesn’t, I hope this Rizzi guy can get a shot for the forgotten phase of the game. Seems ridiculous that they get overlooked all the time when the few times they’ve been hired over the years, they’ve done well. Makes more sense than some of this ridiculous stuff that’s been going on with these hires.

  2. gotta go for Bieniemy.

    then it’s finally time to make a big draft trade to move up and get him Haskins. they have good receivers that Bieniemy could work some magic with. and in a league that’s all about offense, DONT hire a DC to be your head coach!! even if he does hire an excellent OC and he flourishes, he may be right out the door for a HC job after 1 year. then that’s 2 different offenses in 2 years for the team to learn and adapt to. that’s how you kill a rookie QB.

    forget the Belichick assistants!! none have succeeded!! you know who’s assistants ARE flourishing?! Andy Reid’s! Doug Pederson just won a Super Bowl. Matt Nagy turned the Bears from cellar dwellers to Division Champs.

    anybody besides Bieniemy, and i will be highly disappointed.

  3. Slowest to get something done? They are going after people from winning teams that are still in the playoffs. So they can’t be hired yet.

    That is a good thing.

  4. Miami May want Kris Richards, But Kris May pull a no thank you. Dallas has a Very Young talented team at Every position. Dallas has the spotlight and the venue. And Jerry has the money to keep Kris. Just offer him DC title with HC money. He will stay. Miami is a train wreck and rebuild. Yes I can see Kris staying right here and winning Many titles.

  5. Cowboys fans thinking Kris Richard (no s) would rather stay in Dallas as a DC is just wishful thinking. This guy has moved up the ranks and deserves a Head Coaching position. Dolphins are in a rebuild and the best thing for them is a young Head Coach. There usually aren’t Head Coach openings on winning teams, so saying Miami is a bad team typically doesn’t keep a first time HC from taking the job.

  6. Hoping the Dolphins hire Kris Richard , would stay away from Flores,hiring him would be like putting a NE spy in your organization. The Bill A Cheats havent lost at home in eight seasons, I bet they have the visiting locker room bugged and are listening to the visting coaches head sets.

  7. Who knows since Grier is from NE , and started his career working for the Pats. He might be a NE spy to

  8. I say Richard is HC chosen by Grier to replace Gase – remember Ross also wanted to make a “splash” & while Richard might not have the same appeal as Harbaugh – he won’t cost 1/2 of
    what Baltimore would get for him.
    Besides I’m not totally convinced Harbaugh was really that great – Ozzie was the one that put the players on the field to begin with!

  9. It’s nice for a change of scenery, that since the Patriots were not that high flying, their coaching staff will remain intact. (I was sure that JMD will stay but Flores apparently was in demand.) I believe that 2019 will be the year TB12 will fall off the cliff, but all the seers were proven wrong so far.

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