Bruce Arians expects to win quickly: “I’m not about rebuilding”

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New Buccaneers head coach Bruce Arians does not think he’s taking over a long rebuilding effort.

The 66-year-old Arians said today that he wants to win right away, and he thinks he has the talent to win right away in Tampa Bay.

“I think we have the core here to win quickly,” he said. “I’m not about rebuilding. I’m about reloading.”

Arians said he believes in quarterback Jameis Winston and that he can build an offense around what Winston does well.

“People want to know what’s your system? You’re system is your players,” Arians said. “It’s his team.”

Arians said he thinks the Buccaneers are in better shape right now than the Cardinals were when Arians arrived in 2013. Arians went 10-6 in his first year in Arizona, 11-5 in his second and 13-3 in his third, so if Arians has a better team right now than he had then, the Bucs should be ready to end their 11-year playoff drought.

31 responses to “Bruce Arians expects to win quickly: “I’m not about rebuilding”

  1. Right…because in AZ, as soon as the talent level dropped, he and his staff were so good at coaching guys up that they just kept right on winning.

    This should go well.

  2. This is setting up to be a disaster. They won’t win right away and he’ll instantly go from “funny guy with good quotes” to “angry guy throwing players under the bus” just like he was in Arizona.

  3. Since Winston has obviously chosen to be a “punk’, instead of a rich football QB, this will be a suicide job. You either win with him, or you are history.

  4. Anyone who thinks there is nothing to build around with Jameis is crazy. Yes, he turns the ball over too much, but that can be fixed. He has all the tools. Glad the Bucs finally have someone to get the best out of him.

  5. As a Saints fan I don’t like the idea of playing an Arians team twice a year but I DO like the idea of playing a Winston team two times a year

  6. He does realize he was hired by the Buccaneers, right? The elderly are often confused.

  7. good thing bucs aren’t going to draft a qb, ba couldn’t find one is he was in a closet with him.

  8. Hanging your hat on Winston is a fool’s errand. He’s shown us what he is many times. How many times does he have to show us until the Bucs finally get it? If Arians is depending on Winston to lead the team to the promised land, it’s gonna be a long, long, looooong journey.

  9. I always assumed that the reason he retired from Arizona was because they were entering a major rebuild.

  10. Wow, Bruce is off to a great start.

    1. Winston is the face of the franchise according to him.
    2. Promising winning not rebuilding.

    While we can all cut him some slack for basic coach speak, you couldn’t write a better script for his mouth already getting him in trouble. Reports don’t forget and it’s going to bite him hard. The only thing for sure is the time off hasn’t changed the
    self proclaimed maven of football.

  11. Arians knows Winston. Glad to hear the real reason he returned to coaching and not some phony story that the media was too hard.

  12. As a Seahawks fan, I wish he would have gone back to AZ or maybe to SF. It was nice having him in the division. Mediocre with a flash of good here and there, but always back to mediocre. I feel bad for Bucs fans.

  13. citizenstrange says:
    January 10, 2019 at 2:43 pm
    I wonder if the Steelers and Bucs could work out a trade for Antonio Brown.

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    AB hates Bruce because Bruce thought Mike Wallace was better 🙂

  14. I’m thinking this statement will come back to bite Arians in the butt next season. The same promise was made about Matt Patricia, and he’s now looking at a multiple year rebuild.

  15. Obviously that’s the script the owner wanted to hear. My question is did Arians agree to work for free if they don’t make the playoffs. I mean, if you were an owner, would you want to hear that winning is right around the corner, or five years away? Arians wasn’t born yesterday. But when everyone else is saying you can’t win with Winston, the coach that says he can should agree to work for free if he fails. Otherwise, every candidate will start lying. Also, if the coach doesn’t agree to work for free if he fails, then the owner doesn’t really care about winning. They’re just stringing the fans along.

  16. Based on what I’ve learned about Arians in AZ….there’s no other coach in the NFL that talks more and has accomplished less than him. All bark no bite.

  17. eagleswin says:
    January 10, 2019 at 4:05 pm
    I always assumed that the reason he retired from Arizona was because they were entering a major rebuild.
    So quit when the going gets tough?

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