Case Keenum is the Broncos’ quarterback “right now,” Fangio says

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The Broncos don’t necessarily need to upgrade at quarterback, but they do need their current quarterback to play his best.

That’s the word from new head coach Vic Fangio, who said he believes Case Keenum is capable of playing very well. In fact, Keenum has played very well against Fangio’s defense.

“Right now Case Keenum is our quarterback,” Fangio said. “I’ve had the good fortune — or misfortune, since I’m standing here good fortune — of seeing him at his best in his career when he played for Minnesota last year, being in our division at the time. So I know what he’s capable of and we’re going to try to get that out of him.”

Fangio said he does not know who the offensive coordinator will be trying to get the best out of Keenum, but he acknowledged that he’s interested in bringing back former Broncos head coach Gary Kubiak as the offensive coordinator. If Kubiak can get Keenum to play the way he did in Minnesota, that would be great news. If not, the Broncos may need a better quarterback.

17 responses to “Case Keenum is the Broncos’ quarterback “right now,” Fangio says

  1. Interesting. The only thing the Ravens did for Joe Flacco after he signed his big contract was hire Kubiak in 2014. Harbaugh did not want to and was essentially forced to hire him by his superiors.

    He then went on to have his best season ever. Flacco in Denver?

    Just saying.

  2. so dumb Keenum worked in Minnie, because his arm is pretty weak and you don’t need a strong arm to throw in the dome. Flacco would be a major upgrade over Keenum

  3. They can’t trade him because no other team will pay his salary. They have to stick with Keenum for at least one more season. Maybe lightning will strike twice and he will regain his Minnesota mojo if they surround him with more talent.

    But, I doubt it.

  4. Kubes (if he does end up as the OC) got enough out of Brick Osweiler while Manning was injured to get the team into the playoffs – as a 1st seed even. Keenum should be an easier lift.

  5. I’d like to see Nick Foles in Denver next year. Probably cost prohibitive, but, a boy can dream.

  6. Put him with 2 WRs that lead the league in contested catches and never drop balls like Theilen and Diggs and he will do just fine. The problem is those guys don’t grown on easily harvested trees.

  7. Keenum played with half his starting offense on injured reserve. Give the guy a chance. Flacco career stats are nearly the same as Keenum…it would not be an upgrade.

  8. Can’t help but want the very best for Case. Tough, gritty, humble player who basically sold out on every play for Minnesota in 2017. No, he can’t throw like Cousins and threw some *really stupid* lame ducks up for grabs, but his average arm is offset by great escapability, awareness and leadership. Confidence. Keenum basically saved the Vikings’ ass over and over again, but yes, given plenty of help from some very talented teammates. That’s the difference in Denver.

    Great hire by the Broncos.

  9. @doggz – “Flacco career stats are nearly the same as Keenum”? What stats are you looking at?
    Flacco 38,000 career yds. Keenum 12,600. Flacco 10-5 career in playoffs, with a SB win & MVP. Not sure how Keenum measures up.

  10. I liked Keenum, don’t care about the cap numbers, cousins is just weird.
    We’ve got the great paranoid 84 million mistake to deal with, and the guy literally needs to relax.

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