Eric Reid’s lawyers reject NFL/NFLPA findings regarding random PED testing

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The battle is joined. Almost.

In response to the findings of a joint NFL/NFLPA investigation regarding Panthers safety Eric Reid‘s allegation that he was targeted for random PED testing, his lawyers have communicated to the league and the union their objection to the conclusion that Reid’s random PED tests were anything other than truly random.

Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports reports that Reid’s lawyers contend that Reid was randomly tested at least seven times, and that some of the dates appearing in the NFL/NFLPA report were incorrect. They demand a public correction, and they also seek “access to all evidence, records, electronic messages and information sources used to determine the findings within the report.”

Good. If foul play occurred, Reid should use all devices at his disposal to get to the bottom of it. If Reid’s suspicions are correct, it means that the NFL somehow corrupted the independent testing procedures — and it now means that the NFL and NFLPA jointly have generated and disseminated false information about the number of times he was tested in order to cover it all up.

In other words, it would be one of the biggest scandals the league has ever seen.

Thus, Reid and his lawyers need to do more than send letters, if they believe something improper occurred. They should file a grievance or pursue whatever other legal action is available, with the goal of proving that Reid was tested as many times as he claims and that one or more of the tests weren’t random.

Whatever the truth may be, let’s stop beating around the bush and uncover it. Today’s developments are a half-step in that direction. Reid and his lawyers now need to go the rest of the way.

71 responses to “Eric Reid’s lawyers reject NFL/NFLPA findings regarding random PED testing

  1. If they were really “out to get” this guy, wouldn’t be simpler to just rig it for him to get a positive on a test?

  2. I hope the facts come out & Reid is on the wrong side of the facts. Dude spends more time complaining than studying his playbook & watching film. But, if the league & union are on the wrong side…..whew, could this get interesting !

  3. In other words, it would be one of the biggest scandals the league has ever seen.

    Or…he’s lying

  4. Or the simplest explanation is the most likely to be true? That there isn’t a conspiracy and Reid misstated the amount of times he was tested? Why on earth would the NFLPA cover something like this up? If it was true that would get them great leverage and upcoming negotiations. Doesn’t add up, but with that being said the claims should be investigated.

  5. And I’d be willing to bet this is the last we hear from his lawyers in regards to the matter. Much like Michael Bennett’s claims just went away after his lie. This is total garbage. His lawyers claim this as the last thing that will be said and act as this is a way of proving his telling the truth. It’s guy’s like this which give true change for the better a bad name and the victims of true crimes people the reason to question if they’re ttelling the truth.

  6. What’s gonna happen is the truth will come out and Reid will have lied. Then no team will sign him. Then he will add this to his collusion case that the league is out to get him and no one will sign him

  7. I for one commend Eric Reid. It this day of partisan politics and beliefs, he has done something previously believed to be impossible.

    He has gotten the NFL and NFLPA to agree upon something. Well done. Unfortunately, they both agree you are not telling the truth.

  8. I reject Eric Reid’s lawyers rejection of the NFL/NFLPA findings on his drug testing… so there!!!

  9. Not a Reid fan, but most of you have him guilty of lying. Could be, but if he is lying, the league should be very eager to turn over everything

  10. It is beyond incomprehensibility to see the NFLPA entering into a conspiracy with the league too, I guess, get Reid banned. What is the angle?

  11. So why would the union participate in a fraudulent report? Does is Reid being picked on a better sounding story? Reid should quit whining and crying. He is looking like a baby.

  12. I’m I the only one not surprised that once the league corrected the amount of tests, Reid would object..If the NFL was out to get him. He wouldn’t have a job. Which I’m sure he won’t play again. I’m sure he will get “beat out” of his position next summer..

  13. scabref1211 says:
    Not a Reid fan, but most of you have him guilty of lying. Could be, but if he is lying, the league should be very eager to turn over everything

    The league CAN’T turn over his test results. Only Eric Reid can authorize their release.
    If Reid were telling the truth, how odd that he didn’t sign the release forms in time for his lawyer’s spin conference. Reid could have proven his story and taken the league and the union down at the same time. So why didn’t he? What motive does his own union have to conspire against him?
    I have little doubt that Reid is lying. Not “overstating” the number of times was tested, but outright lying.

  14. So why doesn’t Reid and his lawyers come out and prove he was tested as many times as he contends. Also, why don’t they file some formal paperwork. Reid showed he was willing to file a collusion lawsuit (still ongoing in spite of the fact he’s currently on the Panthers roster?) so it’s not like he’s averse to legal proceedings. Go ahead. File a legal complaint to get to the bottom of it. They won’t. Do you know why? Because that means everything would have to be made available and thus would be available via a public records request. I suspect they won’t file a legal complaint because it will prove he’s lying. If he were really serious about his complaint he would have filed a complaint long ago. Also notice that since PFT started to question the validity of his claims he didn’t mention any additional tests. Keep in mind, Reid also claimed he didn’t know one could be ejected from a game for a flagrant foul. He sure does seem to be unaware of a lot of things…except for complaining.

    One more thing about randomness. It’s also random to win the lottery. Sometimes nobody wins. Sometimes someone does. The odds of one winning the lottery are in the hundreds of millions. Just because it’s improbably doesn’t mean it’s impossible.

  15. He’s being tested almost every week and clearly being singled out BUT why do I suspect there’ll be no pictures or video of any of it? We’ll just have to take his word for it.

  16. Reid is so busy claiming to be a victim he can’t see he’s actually receiving special treatment due to his fame and fortune. Reid doesn’t want social justice he wants special treatment.

  17. The NFLPA usually backs the players. Something is amiss if they are against him. Sorry Reid, even your own family is against you. Not looking good for you.

  18. Who cares how many times you get tested. Unless there is something you want to do that a urine test is going to interfere with. When I was on active duty we were randomly tested all the time. Sometimes monthly (do the math – that is 12 times a year). No big deal if you had nothing to hide. I found out some of us were tested often with different groups because we were “known negatives” and part of the baseline for the test. So shut up, man up, and pee in the cup. If a GI can do it, so can you.

  19. If the Elliott case is a precedent Reid will not only lose his case, he will receive a false positive next time and receive a 4-game suspension after it’s proven that the result was a false positive.

  20. This is really a bad guy. Carolina was doing well this year until they signed this guy, and publicly disrespected and undermined the head coach. “Rivera can’t tell me what to do.’ And they became one of the worst teams in the league.

  21. CELL PHONES!! Precedent has been set. And just a reminder Roger……. an absence of any related data on your cell phone, or any league officials cell phone, is an admission of guilt by the NFL.

  22. I work in an environment where we are also drug tested “randomly”. I myself went 4 yrs w/o a test and then a year I was tested 4 times (all negative) I never had a problem with testing because I knew I wouldn’t test positive…Why is he so concerned?

  23. Maybe a dumb question, but even if he was tested more than others…unless he has something to hide…who cares? I am seriously asking….I am subject to random D&A testing as well and for a period of two years, my number came up almost every time…I couldn’t have cared less..maybe I am missing something…I just don’t understand the outrage

  24. Nobody gets tested without there being an audit trail on both sides. On Reids side he would have both his notification and the paperwork he comes away with afterward. So he should be able to easily produce that and show how many times he has been tested. And if it differs from the NFL report he has the easy slam dunk win here. It would also be a huge win for the NFLPA to have the NFL over a barrel like that so if they thought there was even a chance they would be all on board. So Reid has the evidence of what happened really right there in his hands already. There is no need to wait to obtain or request anything so we should not be hearing a bunch of ‘coming soon’ promises from lawyers here. If the evidence supports Reids story then there is no reason for him to not put it right out there. The NFL has laid their own cards on the table so the ball is now in Reids court to show his.

  25. Who cares anymore? It’s almost impossible to turn on your TV or radio and not hear lie after lie coming through the airwaves. Somewhere along the lines we’ve gotten into an era where we cheer on our people, even when we know they’re lying through their teeth. We think those people have our backs, so we’re ok with it. It is what it is.

  26. As someone has stated earlier why not just dilute a sample with drugs to draw a positive if it were rigged. NFL has had to increase drug testing lately as they don’t want to suffer the same fate MLB did with being investigated by the higher courts.

  27. SERIOUSLY???

    Here’s a guy who’s been crying FOUL & Collusion When he didn’t have a job, then is blessed enough to get one & crying FOUL AGAIN !!! I’m starting to see a very obvious pattern here & it looks ugly for Ried…. it appears to me that he doesn’t even like football & is doing all he can to land a HUGE undisclosed settlement from the NFL to just go away…. based on all his actions all I see is an ANGRY individuals with apparent victim mentality……a quality of lazy me 1st people that blame society for their lot in life!!!

  28. Liberalsruineverything says:
    January 10, 2019 at 6:52 pm
    Ummm… someone should tell Reid’s lawyers that there is only one person who can get all testing records and info about Eric Reid released. That would be Eric Reid.

    It’s called power of attorney. His lawyers are likely to have such power. Pretty basic law stuff.

    Reid can clear this up instantly. Document each test. Show us your papers. You’re the one making the accusation. Every bit of proof is on him. If he can prove his case it means every other drug test should be called into question. Like Edleman for example. Funny how a top NE player seems to miss a lot of first 4 games of the season. I guess it’s a parity thing.

  29. I’m astounded at the amount of gullible Murican’s that think the NFL deserves the benefit of the doubt on anything and who think the Shield is a symbol of truth and integrity.

  30. Yeah, let’s all stop believing facts being presented by his union and the NFL. He has an opinion so facts be damned! Reid is just trying to play the victim card here. His argument is with a computer generated algorithm!!!

  31. fmiaakammqbpft says:
    January 11, 2019 at 11:44 am
    I’m astounded at the amount of gullible Murican’s that think the NFL deserves the benefit of the doubt on anything and who think the Shield is a symbol of truth and integrity.

    I dont think anyone is thinking that, its pretty much a given the the NFLs word means nothing. But the union that was representing Reid and stood to gain huge if Reids point had proven out, I have to think they would not lie just to claim they were wrong and had no case.

    As far as anyone automatically believing the NFL being “gullible”, would that not apply to anyone automatically believing Reid too? Either all parties deserve the benefit of the doubt or none of them do.But if I did have to pick one I think I would go with the union over the league or Reid not because of any insights to anyones character but simply becauseof the three they are the one claiming something thats not what they would have wanted.

  32. What’s more likely, that there was a significant conspiracy to keep testing Reid, or that he is making this up?

  33. while reid may be lying, i have NEVER worked for anyone whos “random tests” were actually random. yes, 90% of the people are random but the same 10% are tested EVERY SINGLE TIME in an effort to catch specific people. this is not a new technique however it becomes difficult to prove unless you find smoking gun orders to test specific people. otherwise all the nfl/nflpa has to do is to claim that reid just has bad luck

  34. His lawyer says 7 or more times, but wait if he thinks its rigged against him shouldnt he know EXACTLY how many times

  35. The NFLPA is just a tool for the NFL. They have not protected their players. They totally failed Elliot and Brady. They gave the commissioner the right to punish players based on accusations alone. Players can be on an exempt list indefinitely, then have to serve a suspension after being on an exempt list. At minimum, the exempt time should count as time suspended.

  36. This is idiotic. Now we’re being asked to entertain the suggestion that the NFLPA is in on some sort of conspiracy against Reid?


    I know some people WANT a scandal, but there’s nothing to see here.

  37. Lets say he was tested 27 times… that could still be random. Unless there are rules that prevent a player from being selected more than once they could be selected over and over again randomly. I have an 80+ year old relative that has never been selected for jury duty and a friend in their 20s that has been selected 3 times. It’s just the luck of the draw.

  38. Paul Raymond says:
    January 11, 2019 at 2:14 pm
    His lawyer says 7 or more times, but wait if he thinks its rigged against him shouldnt he know EXACTLY how many times

    Not if he hasnt decided yet how many times it happened.

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