Gregg Williams a coordinator option for Jets

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Gregg Williams will be going through his mail looking for his next employer, and it appears a letter has come in from New York.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the former Browns interim coach is a consideration to be defensive coordinator for the Jets.

Williams did a creditable job filling in for the Browns late in the season before Freddie Kitchens was hired for the full-time gig, and his work as a coordinator has been good throughout his career.

The stain of BountyGate lingers, but Williams would provide a solid complement to new coach Adam Gase — whose job will be to elevate quarterback Sam Darnold.

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  1. “Bounty Gate” was a myth and blown way out of proportion, but that’s what the NFL does when they spend millions to “investigate”. They need to come up with something.

  2. As well he should be or with any other team currently looking for a DC. The guy proved he can light a fire underneath a bunch has beens and completely turned their season around. Still thought he should have gotten the HC job.

  3. Good this makes it better as long as Gase leaves his defensive trash in Miami I can sleep a little better. Get Williams here time for some more dawgs Jamal you going too get it now. Keep ur heads up jets fans we haven’t played or lost a game yet. I kno most of us wanted McCarthy but if darnold plays good it will make everyone look good. Let’s try too be positive I know it’s hard especially for me but we bleed green all we can do is hope this sh// works out

  4. “Bounty Gate” was a myth and blown way out of proportion, but that’s what the NFL does when they spend millions to “investigate”. They need to come up with something.

    It wasn’t a myth and confirmed. You don’t look to injure another player and take away his lively hood.

  5. Get over bounty gate! Lots of teams did similar things. The NFL singled out Williams and wanted to get somebody.

  6. Quite the dilemma for these head coaches who are considered to be offense-minded hotshots. Do you hire a defensive coordinator you know has head coach aspirations and experience, thus, making your firing easier? Or do you hire the defensive coordinator who probably has the best experience and chance at building your defense?

  7. William’s was given two first round draft picks, veteran starters in free agency and to fix Browns 31st ranked defense, but after two seasons they were still 29th. Bottom of the barrel.

  8. he is the greatest thing since slice bread. just ask him .. he gives u his resume every time he talks. the Browns couldn’t stop any body in his 2 yrs here. as they say they can be a bad DEF with or with out him.

  9. I saw this posting on another website and clipped this part out. Very curious.

    Jets fire Rex
    Bills hire Rex
    Dolphins fire Bowles
    Jets hire Bowles
    Jets fire Tannenbaum
    Dolphins hire Tannenbaum
    Dolphins fire Gase
    Jets hire Gase

  10. Adam Gase has never worked with a NFL viable Defensive Coordinator as a Head Coach. The hiring of Gregg Williams as DC would assist Adam big time in his quest to win. Unless the Miami Dolphins decide to interview Gregg Williams and hire him as their head coach.

  11. rjov says:
    January 10, 2019 at 11:00 am

    Bounty Gate was a sham, I’ve never met one single person that agreed with it.

    I 100% support any payouts that were paid to players for bounties as incentives to play better.
    Simple. Today’s players are the greediest of all time, so if money is their motivation then money for laying wicked hits on opponents is what is required to win. Otherwise, the players will mope and play with zero motivation.

  12. “It wasn’t a myth and confirmed. You don’t look to injure another player and take away his lively hood.”

    Funny how it went from Goodell claiming he had 10,000 (or was it 100k?) email, texts and other communications that verified bountygate, but when it came down to it they actually had something like 5 or 6 vague emails and texts that in the farthest stretch of someone’s imagination might have shown a bounty scheme.

    This was just another scheme of lies by Goodell

  13. Why doesn’t he bring his buddy matt burke with him? I mean by their own admission all he needed to do was “clean some stuff up”. All we ever heard was lack of execution from the players. Burke said he challange anybody to break down his scheme.

  14. Jets will be ok if he teaches line backers to cover running backs on pass plays (something he didn’t do in Cleveland)

  15. Gase and the Alpha Male thing… Williams is the biggest Alpha Male out there in Coaching. NOT HAPPENING! The Jets should have hired him as the HC and then maybe some success. Here is a Gase scenario… 1st Down: Pre-Snap Penalty. Replay 1st Down: Run for 2 yards, 2nd Down: a run between tackles for a yard. 3rd Down: long yardage and a Screen Pass for 4 yards. 4th Down: Punt. Take Clipboard over to the bench, pull hat’s visor over eyes and sulk. Do this for about 8-9 possession while the Defense has their hands on their hips from being so tired from 3 and outs. Rinse and Repeat. Enjoy !

  16. Greg Williams turned Cleveland around. He is a leader of men and his teams play hard for him! Jets would be wise to sign Williams!

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