Report: Chargers signing Nick Rose to handle kickoffs

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The Chargers found a reliable kicker this season when they signed rookie Michael Badgley to take over for Caleb Sturgis, but it appears they aren’t satisfied with everything Badgley brings to the table.

Adam Schefter of ESPN reports that the team is signing Nick Rose with the intention of having Rose handle kickoff duties against the Patriots in New England on Sunday.

Badgley had zero touchbacks on six kickoffs in Baltimore last weekend and has posted nine touchbacks in 54 kicks over his entire run with the Chargers this season. The 45 kickoff returns were the most in the league and the Chargers had the lowest touchback percentage of any team in the league this season.

Patriots kickoff returner Cordarrelle Patterson averaged 28.8 yards per return this season and took one kick back for a touchdown, so it’s not hard to understand why the Chargers might like to avoid putting the ball into his hands.

Rose finished last season with the Chargers and had eight touchbacks in nine kickoffs. He has not been in the NFL since being cut by the Texans at the end of the summer.

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  1. The Chargers had the fewest touchbacks but they had the 8th best avg yards defending kickoffs. Wasting a roster spot on this is a bad move. At some point they will need another LB, RB, etc but wasted a spot on a kickoff guy they don’t really need.

  2. I think it’s good strategy. You’re going against Belichick. ANY edge you can gain has to be positive. Regardless of the wasted roster spot. Plus it might be Rivers’ last chance, so do what you have to.

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    unrulyondamic says:

    January 10, 2019 at 8:08 am

    I think it’s good strategy. You’re going against Belichick. ANY edge you can gain has to be positive. Regardless of the wasted roster spot. Plus it might be Rivers’ last chance, so do what you have to.

    How does a “wasted roster spot” (your term) give you an edge? Once Belichick, Brady, Foxboro, or the cold become phantoms in your head you have already lost.

  4. I love it!…the rest of the league is finally catching on to trying to gain ANY edge they can vs the New England Patriots. It may help, or may not, but at least they are trying. It’s like the Eagles who put in FAKE plays during their practices at the Minnoplis dome during Super Bowl week to fake out any Patriot spys. Like I said I love it.

  5. People questioning the move don’t appreciate Patterson’s kick return ability. He’s the best in the league.

  6. They ought to really pull a surprise and have their new long kicker try an onside kick at an unexpected time.

  7. I like this move for three reasons. One, is that you admit that touchbacks are a problem, and don’t penalize Badgley for not doing it. Two, he won’t pull a Janikowski trying to hit it harder. Three, should he get hurt, you need a backup. Seattle may have lost because they really didn’t have one.

  8. As a Pats fan, I am hoping the Chargers only get to kickoff one time in this game; at the start of the first or second half. 🙂

    I know, good luck with that…

  9. Will be interesting to see if this move results in more touchbacks, or will the cold weather still allow Patterson to have chances at returns?

    I think this is a smart consideration for sure. The necessity definitely hinges on the return ability of the other team.

    Baltimore was not good. Patriots are good. Chiefs are good, Saints are good. The Chargers could end up using Nick Rose the next 3 weeks.

  10. Interesting move, I can appreciate it. And it also gives the Chargers insurance against being stuck without a FG kicker if they run into a Janikowski situation like the Seahawks did last week.

  11. I was impressed the the Chargers defense last week. Wondering if they can put together a similar effort in NE.

  12. Those of you going on about the cold and so stupid move:
    That’s the whole point – because of the cold temps Badgley’s weak kick offs would be to the 20 instead of the 5-10 yard line like they are now. Can’t let the Pats get that sort of advantage.

  13. Weird move. Badgley didn’t get a lot of touchbacks, but his kickoffs hanged and coverage had plenty of time to get downfield. Rose isn’t going to get touchbacks in Gillette.

  14. If it wasn’t broken(SDs special teams) why fix it?So signing a kicker is a genius move..a week before a playoff game..umm ok.I bet the Patriots spent days of practice on that.Is this the same as other teams bringing in a left footed punter before they played the Patriots?Or different?Way to play them mind games…sure has worked on me..can’t even sleep.

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