Update: Michael Vick remains with AAF team

Getty Images

Contrary to a report, Michael Vick remains with the Atlanta Legends of the Alliance of American Football.

Football Scoop, via Jeff Schultz of The Athletic, reported that Vick was leaving the team. Schultz later tweeted a correction, via the Legends’ director of team communications, that Vick has not quit and remains with the team in training camp in San Antonio, Texas.

Brad Childress did resign as coach of the Atlanta Legends earlier this week, releasing a statement about his departure.

Defensive coordinator Kevin Coyle replaced Childress as head coach.

Vick, who last played in the NFL in 2015, is one of the biggest names in the league, which starts play next month.

UPDATE 9:06 P.M.: The original version of this story said Vick had stepped down, but Jeff Schultz of The Athletic later sent a correction from the Legends’ director of team communications. Vick remains as the offensive coordinator of the Atlanta Legends.