Report: Offensive coordinator choice was issue for Matt Rhule with Jets

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Shortly before word broke that Adam Gase will be the new head coach of the Jets, there were multiple reports that Matt Rhule would remain the head coach at Baylor.

The two developments were not unrelated. The Jets interviewed Rhule and the reports of his return were accompanied by a report that talks about him moving to the Jets fell apart because of disagreements about the coaching staff that Rhule would put in place.

Manish Mehta of the New York Daily News reports that Rhule’s choice for offensive coordinator was a particular sticking point. There’s no word on who Rhule had targeted for the job beyond that it is a current NFL assistant. Rich Cimini of reports that former Buccaneers offensive coordinator Todd Monken was floated as an option by the Jets. Monken also interviewed for the head coaching job.

Given the importance of developing quarterback Sam Darnold to the Jets’ future, it’s easy to understand the weight they’d place on the choice of offensive coordinator. It’s also easy to understand why a head coach would balk at not having the assistants that he feels are necessary for success and it all adds up to that responsibility falling on Gase and his assistants.

20 responses to “Report: Offensive coordinator choice was issue for Matt Rhule with Jets

  1. The Jets probably dodged a bullet with this development unlike Arizona and Green Bay that took one between the eyes with their hires. That said, Adam Gase…? bahahaha Good luck there.

  2. You need a good staff obviously this guy wasn’t going too cut it. Trying too get happy about Gase but I’m at least thankful they didn’t hire Rhule

  3. Adam Gase never had his franchise QB in Miami. Tannehill was a bum and always injured. Sam Darnold should be a good prospect for him. Needs more talent at WR but having Sam Darnold is a big plus for him.

  4. So a front office is looking for a coach because they didn’t make the right decision and fired their guy.

    Somehow they believe they’re infallible tho on their OC decision (who worked with the last guy likely) and refuse to listen to the new guy they want to hire because they trust him with everything else – except the one thing that will likely determine if he’s the next “right guy” – offensive production and QB development.


  5. I can’t imagine Jets fans are tripping over themselves to buy season tickets because Adam Gase is at the helm. This is a guy they were laughing at 3 weeks ago.

  6. I don’t understand all the vitriol against Adam Gase. I thought he did a decent job in Miami given his marginal QB and a terrible owner.

    Now, Kliff Kingsbury on the other hand, is as ridiculous a HC hire as I’ve ever seen. The Sean McVay comparisons are silly, McVay paid his dues as an assistant over 8-9 years in the NFL; Kingbury comes in as a failed college coach. Good grief, this one is likely doomed.

  7. Really, has any team hired a guy that people are “excited” about? Arians and LaFleur, perhaps – but they are NOT homeruns. But Gase, KK and Fangio? Sorry, but those are all very iffy.

  8. There’s no evidence that Darnold will be better than tannehill. He could be and if he is, Gase will look like a good coach. If not then it won’t matter. Good coaches generally have good qbs.

  9. And somehow the Jets do it again… They’ll realize the GM is the problem 2 years from now but by then they’ll be A COMPLETE disaster.. Should have hired McCarthy and told Maccagnan to check his ego or there’s the door.

  10. I like the Kingsbury hire. A) it gets him out of the Pac12 and hurts USC before signing day and B) He’s too inexperienced for the NFL with the Cardinals.

  11. while i know gase is not a sexy pick with the keyboard warriors, i, for one, am ecstatic they didnt go with this guy. i have no idea who he is & did not want yet another first time coach learning on the job.

  12. Adam Gase may surprise a few people. Remember, in Miami he had Stephen Ross and Mike Tannenbaum as owner and GM, respectively. You can’t do much worse than that.

    Woody is US Ambassador to England, so he is out of the picture as far as the Jets are concerned. The Jets have a boatload of cap space, having dumped high priced non performing players the last couple of years. While I don’t expect the Jets to win the division next year, I can see them being a competitive team again.

  13. {granadafan says:
    January 10, 2019 at 11:01 am
    I like the Kingsbury hire. A) it gets him out of the Pac12 and hurts USC before signing day}

    As a Utah alum, it did not hurt my feelings Kliff got the AZC gig.

  14. @onebuffalove716

    There is plenty of evidence that Sam Darnold is better than Tannehill unless you didn’t watch a the Jets outside of the MNF Lions game or Bears game. He passed the eye test and had very good games against the Colts, Broncos, Texans, Packers, and in fact he lit up the Bills #1 passing D and don’t act like he didn’t throw only 7 passes in the first half. Darnold finished with better stats across the board and is way ahead of Allen as a passer with the same level of talent around him. This invisible progress you Bills fans talk about with Allen is mystifying. He still makes the same mistakes he did in college and cant pick up the blitz which leads to his terrible decision making and erratic throws. The Pats literally ran a flag football defense and he struggled, enough said.

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