Wade Phillips says Jason Garrett is “better head coach than I was”

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The Cowboys hired Jason Garrett in 2007 before they hired Wade Phillips. It was obvious then that Garrett would replace Phillips as the team’s head coach at some point.

It came during the middle of the 2010 season, with the Cowboys off to a 1-7 start. Garrett became the interim head coach before getting the full-time job after a 5-3 finish.

Phillips returned to being a defensive coordinator for the Texans, Broncos and now the Rams. He meets his former offensive coordinator Saturday night when the Rams host the Cowboys.

“Jason Garrett has done a tremendous job there,” Phillips said this week. “He’s a better head coach than I was and done better.”

Phillips remains close to Cowboys owner Jerry Jones, who still annually sends Phillips a Christmas gift. But Phillips still wants to beat Jones, Garrett and the Cowboys as much or more than any team the Rams play.

“Most cherished moment was when I got the job. Least cherished, when I got fired,” Phillips said. “As with any head coaching job in the league, it’s special. I think Dallas is that way because of the owner. Again, he makes you part of his family. [Jones’ wife] Gene Jones is one of the great people in the world. Their whole family is special to me, so that made it special there because we were close to them. It’s still a revenge game for me, just like the other 10 teams that I have coached for. Although, I can’t get any revenge against the Houston Oilers, because there is no Houston Oilers anymore. But all the rest of the 10 teams I want to beat because I’m not there anymore . . . or 11. I don’t know how many there are.”

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  1. I’m not going to prop up Jason Garrett who’s had his own failures but Wade Phillips was a bad head coach. He lost in the divisional round twice. Once against the Giants when the Cowboys were 13-3 and any one of five plays in that game would have made Dallas winners (and they blew all of them), and again in 09 when Dallas beat the Eagles 3 straight times but pulled a no-show against the Brett Favre Vikings. That plus a disastrous 1-7 start in 2010 lost him the locker room and his job.

  2. Wade won’t say it, but there was definite sabotage going on behind the coaching ranks when he was HC in Dallas.

    Jason Garrett tanked part of 2010 to get Wade Phillips fired. Former Cowboys WR Patrick Crayton and WR Jesse Holley have both said Garrett ran the basic preseason playbook when Wade was coaching, and then handed out a new offensive playbook to the team right after Phillips was fired.

    During a radio show, Holley said: “When we came out of the preseason and we began the season…we looked around the room. We’re saying: ‘why are we still running the stuff that we were running in preseason in week one?’ And it continued throughout the season. And you can look at the offensive production. There were times I’d be standing on the sidelines and the defenders would be literally calling out our routes. And it wasn’t like they were guessing. There were times when the DB’s would literally back-off and go to where we would be going.”

  3. His defining achievement as Dallas HC was handing the Saints their first loss in 2009, which he seemed to really enjoy. That’s not saying all that much, especially considering the Saints won the Super Bowl several weeks later.

  4. jkb0162 says: “I’m not going to prop up Jason Garrett who’s had his own failures but Wade Phillips was a bad head coach. He lost in the divisional round twice.”

    Wade was 34-22 (.607) in 4 years with playoff appearances.

    Jason Garrett is 77-59 (.566) in 9 years and only 3 playoff appearances.

    jkb0162 says: “and again in 09 when Dallas beat the Eagles 3 straight times but pulled a no-show against the Brett Favre Vikings.”

    Wade had no authority over the offense. Garrett reported DIRECTLY to Jerry Jones, not Wade. The loss to the Vikings was completely on the offense – Romo got sacked six times, three fumbles and an INT. Two of the turnovers were at the Dallas 20 yard line.

  5. Wade is obviously meant to be a DC.

    Many people associated with him over the years know what a great person that he is and how well that he treats people!

  6. I don’t think anyone would argue that Wade Phillips is a better DC than HC. He has etched his mark in the NFL as a DC. As a HC, Wade was just average, but you can argue that was Jerry Jones stranglehold on all things Cowboys. However Phillips is just being kind to Jason Garrett. Jason Garrett is the ultimate ‘yes man’ to Jerry Jones. There was only so much Phillips could take of Jones antics before he felt he has to speak out.

  7. I wish Philips would have shown a spine when Ralph Wilson ordered him to bench Doug Flutie for Rob Johnson.
    He could have agreed to it beforehand forced Wilson’s hand and started Flutie anyway. He wouldn’t have fired him right before a playoff game.

  8. Higher winning percentage. But really what would you expect a classy coach to say. Would anyone with that much class say I was the best. I doubt Any of the great coaches would say they are better. Coach Phillips just shows class. Money can not buy class.

  9. Wade may have always been a better suited to being DC than HC, but he is leagues ahead of the trash that Jason Garrett has been. When the Cowboys lost under Wade, it was Garrett’s offense that let them down. The guy’s a snake who sabotaged Wade to get the job. And he’s made Dallas fans suffer a decade of futility since.

  10. @akira1971

    The entire team wasn’t prepared uncluding the vaunted Wade Phillips defense. That’s the responsibility of the head coach not the offensive coordinator. But if you want to make excuses for Wade go ahead.

  11. I don’t think the Cowboys would have been anymore successful with Wade than we are now..The team Garrett inheritied was old and overpaid… and if you have noticed.. since Garrett has been the HC.. the Cowboys draft better.. they are better spenders in free agency.. you don’t hear of major distractions coming from the team.. they never quit despite the score.. it’s a much better ran operation under Garrett. I think we get to caught up on X’s and O’s and successful coaches are much more than that. And I am definitely not a Garrett apologist.

    Fyi.. The Cowboys are doing this while having the 2nd youngest team in the league. The youngest team in the playoffs and have no starters over the age of 30.

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