Alshon Jeffery thinks Adam Gase will turn Sam Darnold into MVP candidate

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Philadelphia Eagles wide receiver Alshon Jeffery only spent one season with Adam Gase as his offensive coordinator in Chicago. That short stint left a strong impression with Jeffery and has him predicting big things for Gase and quarterback Sam Darnold in New York.

According to Matt Lombardo of, Jeffrey believes that Gase can help mold Darnold into one of the best quarterbacks in the league with the Jets.

His impact will be huge,” Jeffery said. “I think Darnold will excel. Knowing the Adam Gase that I know, and the potential the Jets are looking for, I’m pretty sure Sam is going to be a Super Bowl MVP. He can win a Super Bowl.

“Darnold will be an MVP in this league working with Gase. The way Gase works with quarterbacks, the next year and over the years to come, I expect big things coming from those two.”

Jay Cutler posted the highest passer rating of his career in 2015 when Gase was the offensive coordinator in Chicago. Jeffrey had caught 54 passes for 807 yards and four touchdowns in just nine games as he battles injuries all season.

Getting the most out of Darnold out of the next few seasons with be among Gase’s top priorities now after being hired as the head coach of the Jets. There may be no more singularly valuable commodity in football than a highly productive quarterback on a rookie contract and Gase will be charged with maximizing that value with Darnold.

Jeffery has faith that Gase will be able to do just that.

“That’s my guy,” Jeffery said. “I love Gase. He’s someone that you definitely want to play for. All he ever wants to do is win.”


20 responses to “Alshon Jeffery thinks Adam Gase will turn Sam Darnold into MVP candidate

  1. He worked wonders with tannehill have the jets been watching miami the last few years !

  2. Darnold is a turnover machine, always has been since he was a freshman at USC. Good luck with that.

  3. He didn’t get any more out of Tannehill than anyone else got. He had more to work with talent wise — albeit slightly more — in Miami than in New York and he did nothing with it. Can we compile a list of retread coaches who did better in their second gigs than in their first.

    Belichick comes to mind and so does Billick but bear in mind the first gigs were Cleveland and Belichick did lead the Browns to a playoff win over the Parcells coached Patriots who finished the regular season on a 7 game win streak.

  4. What did Adam Gase do in Miami in 3 years, to make Alshon Jeffery say that? He never brought in another QB to challenge
    Tannerhill, and then when he got hurt, it was Jay Cutler he brought in.
    It was a horrible 3 years for the Miami Dolphins, and Gase was responsible. He lost the Locker Room, and the players were
    happy to see him fired.
    Good luck Jets fans, hope it works out better for you.

  5. I was bummed when the Phins hired him. I was certain he wouldn’t work out. Because he worked with successful quarterbacks, a quarterback whisperer does not make.

  6. Gase beat the Jets 5 of 6 times… Jets saw him at his best or their worst is hard to say.

  7. Pete Carroll left the NFL for 9 years before he became a head coach again.If you look at coaches that were fired and became the head coach the following year none of them were successful

  8. Prediction: Gase will have a mediocre record with the Jets just like he did the Dolphins but I think Alshon is right and he will be great for Sam Darnold’s development.

    It is just the rest of the team will regress especially the defense.

  9. I think it would have benefited Gace more if he went back to being an offensive coordinator again for a while. It would give him time to regroup, reflect and gain insight/wisdom before he goes for his next HC job.

  10. I keep hearing about how Gase helped all these QBs, so what happened with Cutler in miami last year?? His offensive scheme has been very predictable and anemic, better I’m glad he went to the JETs any DC coming to miami should know what to expect.

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