Bengals “terrified” they’ll get in trouble over plan to hire Zac Taylor

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Word emerged on Thursday that the Bengals plan to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor when the L.A. season ends. And the Bengals will now be sweating bullets until the L.A. season ends.

Per a league source, the Bengals currently are “terrified” that the league will investigate whether they violated the constantly-violated rules regarding the making of offers to head-coaching candidates before offers can be made.

That’s how the league often enforces the rules. Sure, plenty of teams break the rules. But that never stops the league from investigating whether one specific team in one specific situation broke the rule, imposing discipline on that specific team for breaking the rule, and ignoring the widely-known reality that others have routinely broken the rules.

Last year, everyone knew that the Colts had offered the head-coaching job to Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels, and that McDaniels had accepted. But it couldn’t be official or formal until the Patriots’ season ended, and then the Patriots talked McDaniels (who already was having misgivings) out of going.

The thinking is that other candidates were informed that Taylor is the choice, and that Taylor has informed colleagues that he is the choice. If that’s true, the line may have been crossed, and the electronic paper trial would easily prove it.

So, yes, the Bengals are now worried that the league will come down on them. Even though the league has always looked the other way regarding every instance where that rule was being violated — and where everyone knew it.

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  1. ^The difference between Taylor and McDaniels is that one of them has integrity and the other does not. Same with the organizations they came from.

  2. Yes, everyone does it but this is the Bengals, they are to be made examples of. They are the red headed step children of the NFL, I won’t be surprised to find out they get docked a 1st or 2nd rd pick. Not sure if it’s due to the fact that Mike Brown is the only surviving owner who voted against making Roger Goodell comish.

  3. Paranoid? Maybe.

    But consider this: the Bengals watched the Steelers shred their QB’s ACL, break their LB’s jaw, break their punter’s jaw, and concuss their skill players for years with no outcry.

    Then when one Bengals LB started getting penalized for his violent hits, the national narrative was that the Bengals were out of control.

    So we’ll excuse the Bengals for being “terrified” that a double standard might be applied here.

  4. Leaving a paper trail is just plain stupid in this day and age when just about everything a person says, does, writes, or thinks awaits some clever computer expert to sniff down the trail to the juicy bones of truth. If you don’t believe me, ask the world’s richest man Jeff Bezos whose paper trail to his mistress is now public knowledge thanks to clever National Enquirer sleuths that’s going to cost him, what, $60,000,000,000 or $70,000,000,000 (that’s 60 or 70 billion dollars) for a divorce.

    Man, you’d think people being considered for one of only 32 jobs on earth would be smart enough to know that silence is golden.

  5. All of these teams hiring Way too Young Offensive Coaches with Zero head coaching experience, will be looking pretty stupid in 2 years.

  6. Well it is the Bengals. They’ll probably suspend Burfict and force the Bengals to give a first round pick to the Steelers.

  7. They should be scared. Not because they are the Bangals but because the NFL is doing everything they can to make the LA Rams successful in their market. The Bengals will be sending picks to the Rams for the same thing other teams do every year.

  8. Can’t hire him till after the playoffs just continue the process and make a sham out of the rule that is sham

  9. Who cares, the league allows so much and disallows so little what difference does it make.

  10. Are these the same sources that said the Bengals were a lock to hire Hue Jackson? Or maybe the sources that said Eric Bieniemy would be the next HC in Cincinnati. Or is it just pontificating from someone that speculated the Bengals may have co-head coaches with Jackson and Vance Joseph?

    Rapaport and NFL media have reported that the Bengals have been very cautious dealing with Taylor, and will not interfere in any of the Rams’ preparation. Schefter simply reported that Taylor was the Bengals preferred choice.

  11. The exclusion rule for interviewing and offering jobs to coaches from current playoff teams should be removed. The teams and potential coaches will self regulate interference with game planning.

  12. ************************************
    chawk12thman says:
    January 11, 2019 at 4:05 pm

    The exclusion rule for interviewing and offering jobs to coaches from current playoff teams should be removed. The teams and potential coaches will self regulate interference with game planning.*********

    I agree with this, as the current system is flawed and inherently creates a disadvantage to teams seeking to fill a coaching roster before all of the qualified candidates (staff) are scooped up before they can sign their choice of head coach.

    Perhaps a letter of intent should be allowed for the playoff coaches that would permit signing the chosen head coach to it and the same for his supporting staff.

  13. I’m sure they are terrified. The NFL uses the Bengals as an example in any circumstance they can to enforce a rule they would otherwise be too timid of broaching with a money generating big market franchise. The Bengals haven’t done a thing wrong in this process – but suddenly an errant report has the team looking shook, and another Bengals blunder narrative is woven into the national concsiousness. These stories write themselves.

  14. Bengals being scapegoats?

    Surely not. ………still waiting two hear what punishment the NFL is going to issue to the Steelers for falsifying their injury report for AB in that last game, last season; or for that matter nearly killing someone lobbing a TV out of a 14th storey building.

    When Burfict was last suspended four games for the ‘PED infraction’ resultant of that cheap shot from Do-Du Smith-Shister, the NFL made it clear that part of the severity of his suspension was the fact that the Bengals had listed him as ‘questionable’ rather than ‘out’ or ‘on-IR’, which would have probably made his concussion medication acceptable.

    Still waiting……..

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