Browns working on deal to hire Steve Wilks as coordinator

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The Browns are working on a deal to hire Steve Wilks as their defensive coordinator, Ian Rapoport of NFL Media reports.

The Cardinals fired Wilks as head coach last week after they went 3-13 in his only season in Arizona.

Wilks, though, would provide experience to Freddie Kitchens’ staff.

He was the Panthers’ assistant head coach and defensive coordinator in 2017. He also has served as a defensive backs coach for the Panthers, Chargers and Bears.

13 responses to “Browns working on deal to hire Steve Wilks as coordinator

  1. Lose the man who turned this team around, Greg Williams and get a terrible coach in Wilks. Browns managing to drive this team back into a ditch!

  2. The Never given a chance mantra is all well and good…

    But there was NO part of the 2018 season for the Cardinals that Steve Wilks, acted, sounded, or even faked looking like a head coach.

    His pressers were uninspiring, his demeanor on the sidelines looked like a lost puppy from the jump, and he virtualky lost the faith of everyone virtually before the season started…

    This guy isnt a head coach, and that is ok. There are plenty of guys who cant make that leap.

  3. Wilks, or whoever gets the defensive coordinator position has nowhere to go but up. In two years, Gregg Williams only moved Browns defense from 31st to 29th ranked.

  4. Wilks acted like a new head coach with a tan that has Larry Fitzgerald, Chandler Jones & Patrick Peterson then 50 other players… IR with about 17 on it. He was never on a 1 year plan until it went 3-13. He was good coordinator. Let’s see how it goes

  5. The Wilks “Got a bad deal” Mantra could not be further from the truth… He took a defense that ranked in the top 5/DVOA over the previous 3 seasons (a defense that 1 year prior ranked #1 vs the run/DVOA & top 5/DVOA overall) installed a scheme AZ didnt have the personnel to run despite promising the owner they’d stick to a 3-4 & absolutely ruined it. His defense was horrible, he couldnt make adjustments at all in game. It came out afterwards Wilks was the entire reason Patrick Peterson wanted a trade. Instead of building a defense around his best players strengths he sat some of AZ’s best defensive players because they didnt fit his scheme. The guy was an absolute disaster who is a horrible coach period. The guy cannot coach defense to save his life. Now that he is gone & Arizona is going back to a hybrid 3-4 there is zero doubt in my mind AZ’s defense takes a tremendous leap forward back into top 10 territory next year with the talent on that defense. Wilks is a an absolute disaster of a head coach, why CLV would hire him when there were FAR BETTER DC candidates on the market is beyond me . I can promise you though the Browns defense will take a few steps back with that clown running it..

  6. Wilks didnt have a rookie QB. He had Sam Bradford and dropped him after a few games thinking it was Bradford not performing well. Turned out, it was Wilks system that wasnt doing well. I was upset when he put Josh in. Cardinals have NEVER had a franchise QB drafted before. And now he risked this guy, all because he needed to win. But problem was, his offense was so bad, no one could of saved that season while Wilks was the HC.

    I felt Wilkes got a raw deal. A lot of injuries, bad O line and a rookie QB doesn’t spell success for a rookie head coach

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