Bruce Allen to oversee both football and business in Washington

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Bruce Allen isn’t going anywhere.

Allen will remain the team president in Washington and oversee both football and business operations in 2019, team spokesman Tony Wylie told the Washington Post.

“There was never any question about this,” Wylie said. “Of course he’s coming back.”

There may not have been any questions internally, but on the outside there were questions, both because a lot of fans blame Allen for the team’s declining fortunes, and because it was unclear where Allen stood after the major shakeup in Washington’s front office.

But Allen only has to satisfy one person, and that’s owner Dan Snyder. And Snyder is satisfied with Allen’s job performance and hopes Allen can help him get a new stadium built within the next decade. So no matter how many fans want Allen out, there are no indications that Snyder is going to get rid of him, this year, next year or ever.

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  1. There was no doubt Allen was staying once Lafemina got pushed out. Lafemina got fired BECAUSE Allen won the power struggle. That’s not hard to analyze.

  2. The least surprising news ever. Why would Snyder all of a sudden eschew the reputation he’s earned over the past 20 years and do something that makes sense?

  3. What a complete joke. This guy is a proverbial loser. Allen inherited a Super Bowl caliber team in Tampa, drove it into the ground, and was fired for incompetence. Understandably, Allen couldn’t get a job anywhere else in the league until hired by Washington only because of little Danny’s immature fixation with the Redskins of yesteryear. Since coming to Washington, Allen has a pronounced losing record over 9 seasons, has never won a playoff game, incurred significant cap penalties for cheating on salaries, presided over god-awful trades for McNabb, RGIII, and Smith, bungled the Cousins situation, has made a series of horrible draft pick and worse free agent signings, was voted the least trustworthy and least competent GM by NFL scouts, and just concluded yet another losing season with a 1-6 run. What am I missing? At this point it is obvious that Little Danny Snyder couldn’t care one whit about winning and even less about the long suffering Skins fan base, all of whom want this clown out of town on the next train. Little Danny hasn’t won anything in 20 years and don’t look for him to win a d#mn thing in the next twenty. #firebruceallen

  4. Bob says: “There was no doubt Allen was staying once Lafemina got pushed out. Lafemina got fired BECAUSE Allen won the power struggle. That’s not hard to analyze.”

    Sorry, but you’re wrong. Lafemina was fired because he was strongly opposed to claiming Reuben Foster.

    Given the recent news that all charges have been dropped against Foster, I’m guessing Snyder and Allen felt that someone in charge of the business side shouldn’t be interfering with football operations.

  5. Never thought I’d say this as a lifelong Eagles fan but I really do feel bad for the Redskins fans. Probably similar to how I felt when Norman Braman was the Eagles owner…no hope on the horizon.

  6. Eagles fan here. I used to hate the skins. Now it’s hard to. It’s like when the Cardinals left the division the skins took over as bottom feeders. I actually feel bad for the fan base.

  7. As a life long Skins fan…this is just so bad it’s funny. I guess I can only shake my head and laugh, to keep from crying.
    Allen does everything in his power to rid the organization of anyone that can actually make us better. Then sends Doug Williams out toto media to address any and all things bad…..SMH

  8. jurgyisgod says: “What a complete joke. This guy is a proverbial loser… What am I missing?”

    Cherry-picking his history a little too much? If you’re going to attribute everything on him, then you’d also have to credit him for the turnaround in Oakland in the early 2000s (where he won the Executive of the Year award).

    As for Tampa Bay, every here blames Jon Gruden for bad draft picks, but now it’s on Allen? Pick a lane folks.

    And as a Washington fan, you of all people should remember that Mike Shanahan had final say in football decisions. Not until he was fired in 2013 did Allen take over GM duties.

  9. The influence Allen has in Virginia politics is pretty limited these days however its likely a new stadium will ultimately be built there anyway. He stays employed because Snyder grew up when Allen’s dad was the coach and he is a sucker for nostalgia. Normally I would say bailing on your team is sacrilege but Redskins fans deserve a free pass. This team will not be relevant again until a competent front office is installed with full veto power over Snyder(only 54) and his defective football instincts.

  10. This just shows how out of touch Snyder is. Go on to the Redskins facebook page and look at the comments under ANY post. Every comment regardless of the topic is #firebruceallen.

    The best one is today when the Redskins invited everyone to a “Health and Fitness” event. The irony. The most injured team over the last 2 years talking about Health and Fitness on a weekend when the better teams (including 2 of their division rivals) are playing in the playoffs.

    Please sell the team Dan!

  11. jurgyisgod says: “and just concluded yet another losing season with a 1-6 run.”

    Are you serious?!? Before Alex Smith went down, they were 6-3 and leading the NFC East comfortably. Fact they EVEN won 1 game after losing both Smith AND backup Colt McCoy is an amazing feat given they had to bring Sanchez and Johnson off the street.

  12. dwinsgames says: “Giants fans celebrate this news!”

    And then they realize than Eli Manning is still their QB for another year…

  13. RussianBreadMaker says:
    January 11, 2019 at 4:09 pm
    These NFC East teams have gotten real lucky the past two seasons with the Skins having over 50 players sent to the IR.
    Yeah, because the Skins were such powerhouses prior to 2017…Not even going to get into some of the players other teams in the NFC East have lost during that time.

  14. My condolences to the fan base. But look at it this way, after the Cowboys get beat this weekend everyone is 0-0 and tied for first. That should get you through to opening day next year.

  15. Akira1971: Really?!!? The best you can come up with in defense of Allen is that he won an award 17 years ago in 2002? Props to Allen and the Maryland Terrapins basketball team for their 2002 successes. Allen’s record in Washington over nearly a decade speaks for itself — it stinks. Which is why more recently, in 2018,’s widely respected Greg Rosenthal rated Allen as the second worst general manager in the league. Allen is the pits and it is not even debatable.

  16. Snyder cares more about $ than winning. He won’t sell as long as he’s making money. Any fan who buys gear or a game ticket is enabling this dysfunction. #BoycottRedskins

  17. But Allen only has to satisfy one person, and that’s owner Dan Snyder. And Snyder is satisfied with Allen’s job performance and hopes Allen can help him get a new stadium built within the next decade.

    First of all, big surprise that Allen is being promoted. He’s a “yes” man, that’s it. He does what Snyder wants. In essence, he’s a puppet. Another thing, he’s hoping Allen can help him build a stadium–using taxpayer money. Why in the world should taxpayers build a stadium for a guy whose net worth is $2.2B? Snyder is a clown and he and Mike Brown are the worst owners in the NFL.

    Like others, I feel bad for the Redskins fans. They had a long tradition of selling out the stadium and being great fans. Snyder doesn’t care…all he cares about is money.

  18. Dear Dan Snyder,
    I can’t adequately convey the sick feeling reading this news gives me in my stomach. An entire generation of potential fans have found other well run teams to support. Your existing fan base is ageing and is rapidly loosing interest in watching what is AT BEST a mediocre product. I hate to say it, but I’m breaking up with you and the team until you sell the team and find some other business opportunity to run into the ground.
    Thanks for the memories.

  19. In related news: Water is Wet.

    As a Skins fan, I keep trying to give the benefit of the doubt, but this is ridiculous. Oh well, at least one more suffering with Allen.

  20. Snyder gives the finger to the fan base. That’s the last straw for this Redskins’ fan. Snyder has made the once great franchise into a perennial joke.

  21. Fire Dan, Fire Bruce, Fire Jay… blah blah blah, the origination is fine. The Skins would of won the NFC East if Alex Smith didn’t break his leg. Relax

  22. Allen is a complete tool, no doubt. But the real villain in all this is Little Danny Snyder. Lil Danny is the dolt who hired Allen, who hired Cerrato, who hired Zorn, who sued a 72 year-old long time season ticketholder living off social security over her request to cancel her upcoming season tickets, who cut down trees on a national park so he could have a better view of the Potomac River, who sold fans stale peanuts from a bankrupt airline and who exploited the 9/11 tragedy by charging fans a $4 per ticket security surcharge. In addition to being the worst owner in the NFL, Snyder is the most despicable guy in all of professional sports.

  23. I think Snyder is currently building his new stadium with the removed pieces of Fed Ex Field. Genius solution. Drive away the fan base, dismantle the old stadium, move it to a new location and reassemble. Brilliant!

  24. I have been a Redskins fan since 1962. It has brought me a lot of joy and some heartbreak during that time, however I have remained a steadfast fan. I have resisted the call to change the name, and after doing the ancestry testing I can tell you that I am considerably more Native American than a current Senator running for President.
    Now, however, I believe that it would be the only honorable thing to do, not because I believe the politically correct crowd, but because this current ownerships dishonors the name “Redskins” and all it has ever stood for. In other words, let us only associate the name “Redskins” with something that we can be proud of and not this clown show. HTTR!

  25. Lol what’s the point in building a new stadium? By the times it’s done there won’t be any fans left to buy tickets.

  26. the Little Pissant wont get a new stadium, he’s delusional…this is not 1980.

    he will drive the team into the ground….the stands will be empty

    watching McVay’s offense dismantle the Cowboys…Dan Snyder is so stupid on so many levels, its astonishing

  27. I really hope the politicians in the DMV are not as tone deaf as Snyder and Allen. If there’s sanity and fiscal prudence, he’ll never get a single cent of public money to build a new stadium. He likes the team so much, build your own frigging stadium.

  28. when Snyder first bought the team he had such a short leash, nobody stayed for very long? now he has patients with the wrong people. just kills me. I wanted arians and bowles. just never going to get a quality head coach. not that I think gruden is doing a bad job…..just we should be better.

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