Bryce Love tore his ACL in December

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Running back Bryce Love announced in December that he would skip Stanford’s bowl game in order to recover from a knee injury and prepare for the NFL Draft.

The recovery from the knee injury is going to extend through the draft, however. Love told Pete Thamel of Yahoo Sports that he tore his ACL in a game against Cal and had surgery performed by Dr. James Andrews a short time later.

“I’m very grateful to Dr. Andrews and his team for making the surgery a seamless process,” Love said in a statement. “Obviously, there’s no such thing as an ideal injury, but I’m on the path to recovery, and my goal remains the same — getting drafted by an NFL team and being the ultimate professional. I’ll be back better than I’ve ever been.”

Love won’t do on-field work at the Scouting Combine in February and is unlikely to be cleared in time to work out for teams before the draft, which means that they’ll be looking at tape of his 569 carries for 3,865 yards and 30 touchdowns while deciding where he’ll land on their boards.

8 responses to “Bryce Love tore his ACL in December

  1. I thought kids at Stanford were smart. Another year older at a position with a short shelf-life, his stats all plummeted from his junior to senior season, and he gets injured in his final game.

    This guy was a first round pick last year and now will be lucky to go in the top 3 rounds because he wanted to finish school. No college degree will offset the millions that he lost in one year. Wish him well, but he brought this on himself.

  2. I don’t see him getting drafted in the first 4 rounds. I’m thinking 5th round. He’s not very big and is more of a straight ahead runner.

  3. So he went from 5th round to udfa. Got it. Never understood the hype. Jalin Moore from App St is just as good, dislocated/fractured ankle in october, playing in senior bowl. You need a tough, versatile rb3? Here you go. Love is just fast

  4. Such a shame. He likely would have been a first or second round pick last year. Now he’ll be a day three pick most likely and playing in ‘prove it’ mode for his first contract. Someone could get lightning in a bottle if he can get back to form.

  5. Some kid up top said he was stupid cause he stayed and wanted to finish school, 1st off good for him, 2nd he will still play and make more in his 5-8 yrs he plays than you will make in 40yrs.

  6. Staying in college (Stanford!!!) to complete his degree that should give him a successful, most likely lucrative career for 30+ years rather than leaving last year & possibly washing out in 3-4 years or so (don’t think he’s that special) is most definitely not a stupid move.

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