Cardinals make Joseph hiring official, bring back Bill Davis

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The Cardinals worked quickly to get that deal done.

The team just announced the hiring of Vance Joseph as their defensive coordinator, and continued to add coaches to help them get back to their 3-4 roots.

In addition to Joseph, they’ve also hired Bill Davis to coach outside linebackers. He went there initially in 2007 under Ken Whisenhunt and ended up defensive coordnator in 2009. He also served as defensive coordinator in Philadelphia, and spent the last two years coaching at Ohio State. He’s a protege of Dom Capers and Vic Fangio, working on their staff in Carolina in the mid-90s.

They also announced the retention of special teams coach Jeff Rodgers, a holdover from last year’s staff.

7 responses to “Cardinals make Joseph hiring official, bring back Bill Davis

  1. Bill Davis implemented a 3-4 in Philly where two deep safeties would crash the box to defend the run, but yet then have to drop back deep in Quarters coverage if it were a pass.

    It made our Safeties Nate Allen & Patrick Chung look awful, because they’d have to do a 180 to cover anything deep over the middle… those two guys got TORCHED time and time again.

  2. Odd that Vance Joseph would be picked for this role, unless he is a safety valve for when they fire the new head coach in a year

  3. I’m so glad Davis is out of philly. Nothing against the guy but I didn’t like his style of defense. Not enough pass rush. I understand when you don’t have the right players for your system things can be difficult, but he wasted away a few years of fletcher Cox and Brandon Graham’s career. Cox was limited to playing the run first and not the pass so his initial move off the snap was to read the play and not to pursue the QB. And Brandon Graham was dropping back in coverage which was a huge mistake. Maybe the cardinals have better personnel for davis’ 3-4? Either way, when you have 2 dominant players like Cox and Graham, you would think a good coach would find ways to use them.

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