Cody Parkey: “Football is what I do. It’s not who I am”

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Bears kicker Cody Parkey stood and answered all the football questions at his locker after Sunday’s double-doink, which kept his team from advancing in the playoffs.

Friday morning, he talked to a national audience, and was even-keeled about the miss (which was officially ruled a blocked kick). During an appearance on NBC’s Today show, Parkey reiterated that he thought the kick was going through — before it hit the upright and then the crossbar and fell back toward him.

“Looking up, I saw it hit the upright and it hit the crossbar, and I’m like, ‘Surely it will go in,’” Parkey said, via the Chicago Tribune. “Unfortunately it bounced toward me. I’m disappointed I let the fans, my teammates and the entire organization down, but I’ll continue to keep my head held high because football is what I do. It’s not who I am.”

The miss sparked big reactions from disappointed fans, but Parkey said he has tried to avoid social media in the wake of the game.

“A lot of good can come of [social media], and a lot of bad can come of it,” Parkey said. “But at the same time, I’ve gotten a lot of positive messages. Like I said earlier, I feel worse than anybody about missing that kick because I wanted to make it more than anybody. But at the end of the day, I’m going to hold my head high and when things aren’t going my way I’m going to think positive and keep swinging.”

He also thanked teammates for having his back, specifically defensive tackle Akiem Hicks, whom host Savannah Guthrie read a supportive quote from.

“I think a lot of teammates stood up for me, from what I’ve heard,” Parkey said. “That just shows you what kind of team we have. It’s a family. It’s a bond. These guys see me working hard every day, and they know all the effort we put into it year round. So it’s really awesome to see that Akiem and everyone else stood up for me like that. I really appreciate it.”

Whether they continue to in the future remains to be seen, but the outpouring of support for him has been heartening, from a human perspective.

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  1. Its been almost 3 decades, but if I say the name Scott Norwood, 90% of football fans in Buffalo will groan and grimace. Sorry Cody, you was be remembered one way for the rest of your life, in Chicago.

  2. Every athlete fails at some point. By the nature of the position, an NFL placekicker’s failures are usually more magnified. Every athlete has the opportunity to reveal his character by how he deals with his successes and failures. So who is Cody Parkey? He’s an athlete who has manned up to his failure. I think he can keep his head up as a man.

  3. Further proof that fans take this football thingy more seriously than most players. That is great that Parkey has proper balance in his life while the rest of us suffer.

  4. When I think of Cody Parkey I think of a kicker who was MENTORED as a rookie by the great Adam Vinatari in Indy before he was a final cut and signed by the Philadelphia Eagles. Had the best rookie season EVER even bypassing Kevin Butlers numbers. I also will associate him with Donging 4 kicks in one game…amazing bad luck. Overall though when the Bears do cut him, he’ll be a street FA for a week at most. He IS a good kicker.

  5. You know who will never criticize him? Any of the other 31 NFL kickers, because they know how much pressure this guy was under to make that kick. Anyone who hasn’t had to perform their job with 65,000 pairs of eyes on them can’t possibly relate.

  6. I give Parkey credit for apologizing to his teammates and fans after the game. However it now feels like to me that he is enjoying the limelight from the mishap. He’d be better to stay low and work on his game. All of this extra media attention he seems to be enjoying smells a little narcissistic to me.

  7. Cody Parkey: “Football is what I try to do. It’s not who I am”


    Fixed that for you, Cody.

  8. How about the linemen who failed to keep Hester from tipping the kick? Are Chicagoans calling for their heads? People are just ridiculous. What is Parkey – or any kicker – supposed to do – account for any possible tips that effect the trajectory of the ball?

    This whole topic is absurd. The NFL has confirmed it was tipped. The Eagles won that battle at the line. The Bears defense didn’t stop the Eagles when they could’ve. The Bears offense could’ve scored more than 15 points and not left it up to a kick on the last play of the game.

    It’s a team game played over 60 minutes. Parkey has taken this whole thing well, even though he has nothing to apologize for. In the Grand Age of Mass Stupidity facts never get in the way of misplaced anger and pointless aggression.

  9. I feel for the guy just like I felt for Blair Walsh after he cost the Vikes a win in the Seahawks playoff game. However, when Walsh started missing kicks the following season, I’ll readily admit that I turned into the typical fan with my generous understanding shifting to a desire to just dump the headcase already.

  10. When Miami let him walk I was concerned and saw it as another big mistake by the Dolphins.
    However, Jason Sanders turned out to be the most consistent player on the team. I think he missed two kicks all season and was almost automatic.

    Seems Miami has had a very good kicking game for the last few years.
    Seems we do real well with punters as well.

    The example of Seattle playoff loss is proof about how important the kicking game is.

  11. While I acknowledge his outlook as a healthy one, and I appreciate that he stood and answered the tough questions after the game. I think most football fans would agree that it hurts to see him over it so quickly. I would argue that most fans of a sports team, the team they cheer for is “part of who they are” so to hear Parkey and other athletes dismiss tough losses so quickly brings up a lot of hate and anger in fans. My guess is it will be tough for him to be successful in Chicago going forward.

  12. Robbie Gould is a free agent.

    The Bears made a BIG mistake when they let Robbie go. I wish Parkey all the very best whatever his future in the game. We are all a bit guilty of taking things in sport too seriously at times!

  13. There’s enough failure to go around. I’m not a Bears fan, but I wanted them to win. I was frustrated by the offense not being able to put it in the endzone. And I knew 30 moves before the outcome how it would all play out. The Eagles are still charmed. I knew Foles was going to lead a final scoring drive. I knew before the last set of downs that it would be on fourth down that he punched it in. I knew the Bears would get a chance to win with a FG and that whether that ball was kicked from 43 yards or 19 yards, it was not going in.

  14. johnodocks says:
    January 11, 2019 at 10:38 am
    Every athlete fails at some point. By the nature of the position, an NFL placekicker’s failures are usually more magnified. Every athlete has the opportunity to reveal his character by how he deals with his successes and failures. So who is Cody Parkey? He’s an athlete who has manned up to his failure. I think he can keep his head up as a man.


    I’m with you, 100%. This took a lot of integrity on the part of Cody Parkey and Jebus knows, integrity is in short supply these days.

    Beyond that, while the event itself sucked for the Bears fans they can, or should, take a good bit of pride in the aftermath. We hear players talk about team unity, likening it to “family,” all the time. It almost always rings hollow, as if it’s nothing more than “coach-speak,” even though it comes from players. Not this time. This feels genuine… and that’s a bit of a concern to the rest of us NFCN fans. This is the kind of thing that can elevate a team from good to dangerous.

  15. Still haven’t seen one story identifying the lineman or lineman who allowed the Eagles to get penetration and tip the kick.
    I don’t personally care which lineman it was, but in this case the lineman was more involved with the outcome than the kicker.
    Unfortunately, the lazy narrative is how the kicker is dealing with this “miss.” It’s an easier narrative because it has been written before.

  16. If it comes down to a kick then the rest of the team didn’t do a good enough job anyway.

    He should’ve made the kick, it should’ve been kicked at a steeper angle from that distance but he’s been inconsistent all year, you can’t blame Parkey for being who he is. The coaches and GM have seen how he plays and should’ve either replaced him sooner or got the ball in the endzone more often.

  17. The ball being tipped means he didn’t kick it high enough ..oh that’s ok then it’s no ones fault..tell that to the Bears front office since the fans are understanding

  18. so this guy cost his team a playoff game and now we are suppose feel sorry for him because long suffering bears fans are upset with him? maybe if he had not sucked at his job so bad this year before he missed this kick we might have some compassion, but he missed 11 kicks during the season! you get paid so much the bears may be stuck with you for another season due to the cap hit if they cut you and you want sympathy? despite the fact the bears did not play well and missed scoring opportunities during the game, the fact is they would have won had you done your job! they can call it a blocked kick if they want but we know you missed it! what his fingernail touched it? when you block a kick or tip it it does not hit the crossbars after.

  19. “I think most football fans would agree that it hurts to see him over it so quickly.”

    I wouldn’t agree with that AT ALL. It isn’t going to help his future performance to endlessly beat himself up over this. And what EXACTLY lesson do you want him to take from this beyond “I hope none of my future kicks get blocked causing them to barely miss”?

    I’m guessing you did something or other wrong at work this past week. Are you still moping about it or have you vowed to do better next time and moved on?

  20. “The example of Seattle playoff loss is proof about how important the kicking game is.”

    It would have been. Except the way things worked out it was largely a non-factor. They went 2-for-2 on 2-point conversions and never had to try a field goal. The only time they were in a position flirting with field goal range they went for it on 4th down and also converted on that. Did they call things differently based on the injury? Yes. But things worked out for them incredibly well.

  21. I felt for the guy with all the negative flack he was getting…But dude don’t start your autobiography tour just yet…I don’t think its a good look for him to be on the talk show circuit as a kicker. Dude the game is over and the Bears are out of it, don’t milk this for your 15 minutes…

  22. Any other player would be roasted to smithereens on this board, but for whatever reason Mr. Parkey is getting a huge pass.

    What about him draws sympathy when there should be ire?

    Lol @ the kick was “blocked”. Dude put a fingernail on the ball.

  23. You can’t let this kid come back. It’s about accountability with the rest of the team. How could you ask the rest of the team to accept it weather or not they like the guy. Listen, the guy makes a ton of money. Pay him off and say goodbye. 6 million left on his deal. That should be enough to start a ministry or what ever. He can not come back. No one could ever trust him again.

  24. Enough with the Parkey stuff. Fangio replacement is next and given Trubisky’s slow advancement will be the reason given if the Bears do not get to 12 wins next year.

  25. Cody Parkey, you disgust me. Going on the Today show less than a week after you did not win the game for the team that pays you millions of dollars, for your teammates that bust their asses play after play and for the fans that live and die with the Bears. Any player that plays for my team better eat, sleep, breathe football and that better be what they are all about until they are no longer employed by said team. Instead of pointing to the sky after every miss how about pointing in the mirror.

  26. Conservative, sloppy play calling caused this loss. 10 men on the field? Checkdowns on a depleted secondary? ST line couldn’t block for the kid?

    Big game for a young team. I’m optimistic, this is the first of many great years. Unfortunately I’ll have to drive by Fangio in Dove Valley every day to work!

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