Dolphins, Bengals hires not done until done

Getty Images

Six teams quickly filled their head-coaching vacancies from Monday through Wednesday. Two remain. And they’ll remain vacant, pending this weekend’s results. And perhaps next weekend’s results.

But amid multiple reports that the Dolphins plan to hire Patriots linebackers coach Brian Flores and the Bengals plan to hire Rams quarterbacks coach Zac Taylor, don’t forget the lesson that everyone learned a year ago with Patriots offensive coordinator Josh McDaniels: It’s not done until it’s done.

The league considered in the offseason a rule that would permit teams to officially hire assistant coaches from teams whose playoff runs have not ended. The league did not implement that rule, sticking with the current wink-nod-based approach in which informal arrangements are made but, formally, no offer has been extended.

And it’s a two-way street. The teams can change their minds, the coaches can change their minds. It’s not a good look (especially if assistant coaches are hired under the assumption that the hire will happen), but it can happen. It has happened. And until the rule is changed there’s a chance it will happen again.