Dolphins complete interviews with Dowell Loggains, Darren Rizzi

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The Dolphins are the last team standing, the only one of the 32 without a head coach. (Although the Bengals can’t yet name Zac Taylor as their head coach with the Rams still in the postseason.)

If the Dolphins have closed in on a favorite — Patriots assistant Brian Flores and Cowboys assistant Kris Richard both have been mentioned — they aren’t acting like it. Miami continues to conduct interviews for its vacancy.

The team announced Friday that it has completed interviews with two internal candidates — offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains and special teams Darren Rizzi (pictured).

Loggains, 38, previously served as offensive coordinator for the Titans and Bears and as quarterbacks coach for the Titans, Bears and Browns. He is expected to follow Adam Gase to New York if he doesn’t get the top job in Miami.

Rizzi, who has coached in Miami since 2010, has held two head coaching stints at the collegiate level (Rhode Island and New Haven).

The Dolphins have interviewed Eric Bieniemy, Richard, Dennis Allen and Flores, none of whom Miami could hire before their teams are out of the postseason. Allen told reporters in New Orleans on Friday that he has not heard from the Dolphins one way or the other.

6 responses to “Dolphins complete interviews with Dowell Loggains, Darren Rizzi

  1. I am happy the jets got Gase and Williams thank you dolphins organization I think you rushed too soon too get rid of him. He is now able too build a staff that he wants and the jets will spend the money too get good coordinators in here. I liked McCarthy but I have really come around with Gase I think we jets fans will all be very happy with this decision as time goes on

  2. “I think you rushed too soon too get rid of him. ”

    Prediction: This same guy inside of 2 years will be IRATE that the Jets haven’t already dumped Gase.

  3. Jet2469 hope you are happy with Coach Gase once he gets moving. Be careful what you wish for, the genius was no genius in Miami.
    You only have to look at his results, it doesn’t take a genius to see what he did. It was bad and got even worse this season.
    Hope the New York Press have a field day with him, he’s not the easiest person to get on with.

  4. He works hard figuring out what plays to call next…on the bench while the defense is on the field and while most head coaches would pay attention to what is really happening. He also likes to call a lot of 2 yard passes…

  5. Adam disGrASE is merely an OC (if that). I was so happy when he arrived in S Florida due to his many endorsements including Peyton Manning. But, that happiness did not last long. Gase is not great evaluating talent & likes to fill up his rosters with players from his previous teams that noone else wants. He is LOYAL TO A FAULT and that loyalty brought us Cutler, Osweilwer, Julius Thomas, Ted Larson, Sam Young, Jeremy Langford,Josh Sitton, David Fales etc.. His blind loyalty brought everyone down including himself. And it really has to make you wonder: “Does he really feel Cutler is a great QB?’ If he does, not only is he loyal to a fault but DELUSIONAL as well cuz NO TEAM WANTED CUTLER & he was set to retire. Also, his loyalty or delusional talent scouting backed Tannehill as his golden boy QB for an entire 3 yrs and look where that got all of us? Ross wanted to draft a QB last year, but NO Adam disGrASE backed RT17. Gase is also egoic and cannot get along with alpha personalities hence why he shipped AJAYI, PHILLIPS, LANDRY, SUH, POUNCY (all our probowl players gone)! Gases’ team needed to win the last 3 games to make the playoffs and possibly keep his job. Well, half the team did not want him back and therefore quit playing for him hence why we were outscored like 110pts to 44pts. The past 2 seasons the team flopped during Dec playoff football not to mention we HAVE BEEN ALMOST DEAD LAST IN OFFENSE?? Some genius! NOT!! Signed: Fin Fan who is glad Adam Gase is GONE!!

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