Dolphins interview Dowell Loggains for head-coaching job

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The Dolphins are interviewing another one of their own coordinators for their head-coaching vacancy.

Offensive coordinator Dowell Loggains is interviewing for the head job in Miami today, Ian Rapoport of NFL Network reports. Also interviewing today is special teams coordinator Darren Rizzi.

If Loggains doesn’t get the top job in Miami, he’s expected to follow Adam Gase to New York and become the offensive coordinator of the Jets.

The 38-year-old Loggains has previously been an offensive coordinator for the Titans and Bears, and a quarterbacks coach for the Titans, Bears and Browns.

27 responses to “Dolphins interview Dowell Loggains for head-coaching job

  1. Maybe with the right QB he can be good. But I haven’t seen it. Not on the Bears, not on the Dolphins…

  2. Um, NO! just no. I posted this on a different (older) article but I will place it here as well because this story kinda bolsters my point…

    I never thought I would say this, but, interview Rex Ryan. Our defense is closer than the offense. Rex can make it better and as long as he can snag a legit guy to handle all the offense then Rex is better than any of the chumps left over and a far better option than giving draft picks over for a coach. Maybe a 3-4 would increase QB pressures and allow the secondary to ball-hawk. Honestly, what is the down-side here? Rex would make the team worse? How, exactly? Take a look around and tell me why he is not a better choice than the unproven guys that are left in the mix? What about the other guys, including Rizzi gives you any confidence. Rex would bring swagger and legitimacy which seems to be what some of our more petulant players want in a HC. If there is a true rebuild going on, then allow him to fix the LBs and D-line. Maybe a couple we currently have would be decent in a 3-4 and if not, then the roster is already getting churned and there are better LBs in the draft than QBs. Bottom line: we have nothing left to lose…look at Rex.

  3. wow…as a bears fan, this guy was the worst thing that happened to us since trestman. so predictable. he is the main reason why kevin white never reached his potential. guy with that height and speed and he would throw him screen passes that would get him rocked and injured. his offense was so predictable, and his press conferences would make you want to yell at the screen. he always would say, we ran the offense based on what the defense was giving us. no, you make the defense run based on what you challenge them. it’s also hard to take orders from a guy who is like 5’4 with a nasally voice. (signed extremely bitter bears fan)

  4. Why not bring Marvin Lewis in for an interview? I’m old enough to remember how bad the Bengals were before he got there and how he made them into winners for the cheapest owner in the NFL . The man knows how to build a winner so why not? If I were getting operated on I’d want somebody who has experience operating on me not some new guy who has never done it before.

  5. 8drinkminimum says:
    January 11, 2019 at 10:12 am
    Why? We just completed the season as the 31st ranked offense.
    God couldn’t do any better with that roster ,you should be railing against Mike T still having a job and Grier being promoted.
    Seriously who on that roster gives you any confidence going into a game ,Kenny drops Stills? Davante I’m still hurt Parker? Ryan I’m hurt again Tannehill ?
    This team has had 500 written on it forever

  6. Getting the sense that Ross once again shot at the hip and fired the wrong guy and will regret it. This reeks of pure desperation and I don’t think Peyton would push someone on other teams that he met in the middle of his long career if he didn’t have the goods, there has to be a different, underlying story in Miami. I don’t think Bill Cowher who was praising the Jets would set himself up to get embarrassed, either.

  7. Loggains was the most predictable OC when with the Bears. Run, run, pass, punt. He was absolutely terrible and I, along with many others, was very much surprised when Gase took him on as his OC. Now for him to be elevated as the Dolphins HC is ridiculous. It is obvious that the Dolphins front office is clueless with no idea or plan to improve their team.

  8. Regarding the Rex Ryan comment above…do you give it a thumbs up for desperately wanting it to happen as a fan of a division rival team or do you give it a thumbs down based on the absurdity of it?

  9. Well to be fair, he was a puppet. Gase called the Offense. Nonetheless, when you are trying to remove a “Cancer” you surgically take it all out and even some margin. Why in the world do the Dolphins want any of this disease left behind? Exceptions: Rizzi and Ross (not because I want to, but because he can’t be fired).

  10. Dolphins gonna Dolphin
    That really does sum it up. You have to have lived it to know there’s no other way to explain it.

  11. Mike T was the one who jettisoned Pouncey, Ajayi, Landry, etc? No, it was Gase. He brought in Cutler. He had final day of the roster. And his offenses were not good. Interesting, maybe. But not consistently good.

    How many games in a row without a TD on the opening drive?

    Loggains was only OC for a short time, but there was nothing to warrant a HC offer. This is filler to get that 2nd interview with one of the playoff coordinators.

  12. The problem was the power structure. Gase made poor hires and roster decisions. And I’m still not convinced he is this offensive genius. Plenty of people have ingenuitive ideas that are just not successful. Enough to get people excited but that are wildly inconsistent and, therefore, a failure…

  13. Seems more like a way to pressure Kris Richard into making a decision. With Dallas sweetening the pot, Miami may be getting nervous.

    I’m hoping Kris stays with my Cowboys, but if Miami gives him a HC position, how can he say no, unless he feels he won’t be as successful as he wants to. Then he’ll take an elevated title, wait a year or two, and see what else is out there

  14. I hate to be negative regarding this man, but for those who may not know or who may have forgotten, he’s the guy, among others, who was so wildly excited to bring Johnny Manziel here to Cleveland. “Let’s wreck this league!!!” Johnny texted Lougains. I don’t know about the league, but the two of them sure did a number on our Brownies.

  15. I suspect the Phins have their eyes on just two candidates, Richard and Flores. Quite possibly they have a contract offer framed and agreed upon. Anything that happens between now and when one of them is named HC is just fluff.
    My concern is that by waiting this long to make a hire that the pool of quality coordinators and asst coaches will have been picked clean.

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