Eric Reid’s lawyers are moving toward a possible legal challenge

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Eric Reid believes that he’s been targeted for non-random random PED testing. The NFL and NFLPA have declared otherwise. Reid’s lawyers currently are moving toward attempting to prove that Reid is right.

Per a league source, the recent letter from Reid’s lawyers to the league and the union represents the first tangible step in a process that may culminate in a grievance or some other legal proceeding aimed at showing that the random testing process was corrupted as to Reid, who believes that extra testing happened in retaliation for his collusion grievance against the NFL.

The letter seeking more information about the report commissioned by the NFL and NFLPA from the independent administrator of the PED testing program is intended to flesh out some of the facts and to commence the process of building what eventually would be a case that would prove foul play. There may be more steps before a final decision is made on whether to initiate a formal legal challenge.

The implications would be significant, if Reid’s lawyer can prove that Reid’s PED tests weren’t truly random — especially since the league and union (which rarely agree on anything) have come together to dispute Reid’s claims publicly.

Reid’s first step toward victory could come from refuting the leaks to multiple outlets that he overstated his total random tests. The home run would come if an expert in tracking down digital evidence can show that the computer algorithm that selected Reid had in any way been altered or engineered to produce something other than 10 random Panthers players per week for PED testing. It would become a huge scandal, showing that the league had gone to extreme and unusual steps to make Reid’s return to the NFL unpleasant.

However it turns out, both sides currently seem to be confident in their position. The fact that the union is now aligned against Reid adds to the potential intrigue, and the possible consequences. Here’s hoping that, in the end, someone gets to the truth — and that the truth is presented in a way that will be accepted as accurate and credible.

And of course in this day and age the only thing that can be known with certainty is that last part won’t happen.

36 responses to “Eric Reid’s lawyers are moving toward a possible legal challenge

  1. Panthers really started to Tank when they brought him into the locker room…. gee, shocker there!!!

  2. This guy is truly a piece of work. He must know that this effectively ends any chance that he’s on a roster next year. Can’t we go back in time before idiots started kneeling during the anthem and football players decided to play social justices warriors instead of what fans have paid to see them play?
    Please? I’m begging.

  3. I’m taking a wild guess that Reid somehow has zero evidence these tests occurred. He didn’t keep the paperwork, take any photos or video, etc. He was so upset by this unfair treatment he didn’t think to document any of it. But he’s going to expect everybody to just blindly buy his story because he’s such a trustworthy and likable guy.

  4. Again, if we assume he’s right, why on Earth would the NFLPA go along this conspiracy against him?

    It’s nonsensical, and this kind of nonsense is part of why 32 NFL owners decided independently that Kaepernick isn’t worth it too.

  5. Dude just doesn’t get it. Let it go. He us a proven liar at this point. How does the guy see this turning out? An alternate reality is not reality. Make a claim. Claim is debunked and verified by a second party that actually represents you. What to do? Double down on the lie. Wow. Dude is a head case.

  6. Seriously how is there a conspiracy involving the NFL and NFLPA? They absolutely hate each other from the top to the bottom. This is just Reid and more likely his lawyers grandstanding and trying to spin it in support of his collusion grievance. BTW that matter may have some legs to it – don’t be surprised if he and Kaepernick wind up getting $$$ out of that.

  7. The simple explanation is generally correct and the simple explanation is that Reid overstated the number of times he was tested–something that doesn’t take forensic computer analysis to verify. Reid said he was tested 7 times. He was or he wasn’t. If he wasn’t Reid is a liar and nothing he says carries any weight whatsoever.
    More to the point, what’s the penalty when it comes out that Reid lied if he is indeed stupid enough to sue the league? He’s a rich guy so paying the league’s legal fees really isn’t a punishment. How about a year long suspension?

  8. Reid hasn’t seemed to want anything less than a fight since he found a team to hire him (and before). If this is a similar path that Kaepernick would take, how can anyone blame a team from not wanting to sign him?

  9. Please sue. Please, please please. I’m begging you. Please sue. I’ll bet they don’t have the guts.
    Btw, whatever happened to the smoking gun Kaps attorney was all set to release? Any day now.
    that was over a year ago. Waiting, waiting, Bueler? Bueler?

  10. Shouldn’t have given this clown a job in the NFL again. Reid’s antics alone with close the door on his buddy Kap ever getting back in.

  11. In the over fifty years I’ve lived, I have learned that those who scream the loudest are guilty of the offense that they say they are innocent.

  12. It would become a huge scandal, showing that the league had gone to extreme and unusual steps to make Reid’s return to the NFL unpleasant.

    And why in the world would the league do that? There’s absolutely no benefit to it. Plus, those who administer the PED tests are an independent organization. If it’s an independent organization how can the NFL be behind it. All this doesn’t make sense. It could all be a desperate attempt to cover up Reid’s lies. It’ll be interesting to see if this actually goes anywhere or if it’s the same thing as Geragos and his “smoking gun” claims over and over and over and turned out to be nothing.

  13. Curious – does Reid just play football, so he can pay attorneys? Between his “collusion” claim and now the “non-random” screenings accusation, it seems to me he must be spending a SIGNIFICANT amount of whatever money he’s earned, on ridiculous legal battles… …here’s hoping that 2018 was the last year, we’ll see this clown on a football field!

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