Matt LaFleur confirms Mike Pettine will stay as defensive coordinator


After the Packers settled on Matt LaFleur as their new head coach, there was a report that he would retain Mike Pettine as the team’s defensive coordinator.

LaFleur didn’t commit to Pettine’s return during his introductory press conference, but confirmed that Pettine will be sticking around during an interview with Adam Schein of Mad Dog Sports Radio on Friday. LaFleur also confirmed that Nathaniel Hackett is an offensive coordinator candidate.

Last season was Pettine’s first in Green Bay and the team improved its ranking in both points and yards allowed while breaking in young players at several spots.

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  1. “The Packers have also settled on Brayden Coombs as their new special teams coach as LaFleur’s first staff in Green Bay takes shape.”

    Have they?

    Or did Coombs say no?

    Is this premature speculation?

  2. I wish Coach Pettine continued success in Green Bay. I always liked him as our coach, though it’s hard to say if he’s a good HC candidate, since he was saddled here in Cleveland with working with a GM who didn’t hire him or support him (Ray Farmer), bad drafting, micromanaging from non-coaching types or ownership (remember Farmer being suspended for texting down to Pettine during the middle of a game demanding a play be called??), and worst of all…being saddled with Johnny Manziel and being forced to play his uncommitted behind instead of playing the diligent Brian Hoyer. Pettine’s a good dude who deserved much, much better here in Cleveland. Better luck to you in Green Bay, Coach Pettine. At least there you seem to have a GM who believes in you and no owner to meddle with you.

  3. I know pack fans love the guy but not me. I had issues with the fact that HA HA sucked and a new D may be able to diagnose his play and make him better. Nothing changes other than they got rid of him? Some observer he is. Status quo guy for sure. A company man.

  4. Mike’s a good guy. He took some here in Cleveland as he really had the deck stacked against him. Their was a “Chinese fire drill / Keystone Cops management style and Jimmy Haslam was just asleep at the switch.

  5. I haven’t seen any Packer fans claiming to love this guy, but I’m certainly more optimistic with Pettine than I was Capers. One step at a time.

  6. HaHa didn’t exactly set Washington on fire either.

    Lots of Skin fans here complaining about the wasted draft pick they spent for him.

  7. I had issues with the fact that HA HA sucked
    You got that right, HCD did suck, in GB and Washington.
    I know it was on Pettine’s watch but it’s hard to lay that
    all on him when he continued to play poorly elsewhere.

  8. I think he is a good match to the younger inexperienced LaFleur. The Packers were not going to pay Clinton-Dix in the offseason so they got a draft pick for him. I think Gute will be active in free agency so you probably weren’t going to get a compensatory pick for him anyway.

  9. Thats the right move, Fackerell and Martinez did pretty good in his scheme Clark is coming a long nicely… i hope the secondary stays healthy cuz king alexander can play pretty good, with some pass rushers drafted hope they can start forcing more turnovers.they hirt in that department last year.

  10. I’m thinking there’s 3 reasons the team is keeping Pettine.
    1, 1 less distraction for a new head coach. And a big one at that !
    2, It keeps continuity on defense. He’s working with several young guys. It takes time.
    3, Out of courtesy. You gotta give the man a chance and 1 year doesn’t count as a chance.

  11. TheGuru says:

    SO will the offense resemble the Rams or the Titans?

    The Titans.

    Only place where LaFleur called plays. Both teams have an injury prone QB in decline. Both the Packers and the Titans were 3rd place teams in 2018.

    Although the Titans did manage a winning record..

  12. I was hoping the Packers would somehow find some other stiff. Bummer for this Vikings fan. Green Bay is actually figuring things out. The real question will be if it’s a day late and a dollar short of Rodgers best days behind him. This division is becoming very competitive.

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