Report: Cardinals working on deal with Vance Joseph

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It looks like the Cardinals have found their defensive coordinator.

Josina Anderson of ESPN reports that the team is working on a deal with Vance Joseph to join head coach Kliff Kingsbury’s first NFL staff.

Joseph interviewed with the team on Thursday and was scheduled to meet with the Browns on Friday, but it would seem that he won’t be making the trip to Cleveland. The former Broncos head coach’s name also came up as a possible defensive coordinator candidate with the Jets as he held the same job with the Dolphins in Adam Gase’s first season in Miami.

The Cardinals said this week that they wanted to find a veteran coordinator to run a 3-4 defense with “an attacking style” and it appears Joseph is that coordinator.

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  1. lol, I am in Denver. Look at his stats as a coordinator in Miami. They are the worst Miami defense stats ever for a 1 year period. He grew as a head coach while he was here and maybe they want him in Arizona to maybe groom this new guy. That’s fine if that’s the reason. If its to be a d coordinator then its a bad decision

  2. VJ is not even a “veteran coordinator” he was a below average DC for 1 year in MIA, and the Broncos defense regressed under his watch as the HC. The Cards are putting together a very odd coaching staff, I am not sure if they got any better.

  3. So you hire a DC who was just fired for underachieving. After hiring a head coach with no NFL experience who was also just fired for underachieving and has a career losing record??? Yeah this should end in Cardinal like fashion. They’ll blow up the building in 2 years.

  4. Kee in mind, KK had Mahomet AND STILL COULDNT WIN. While Mahomes will win the MVP in a few days. Dint give me that excuse you can’t win in Lubbock. Mike Leach was very successful there

  5. Cardinals are putting together a structure where their head coach will not worry about the defense. Whether VJ is the best choice, is not clear, but the idea appears to be to give the DC full autonomy over the Defense. It’s not that different than Bob Stoops and Andy Reid in KC or Doug Pederson and Jim Schwartz in Philadelphia.

  6. I was hoping this man would land on his feet. He just wasn’t the right fit in Denver and it looks like he’s got options now. I wish him well. I would LOVE to have him here in Cleveland but it looks like he’s not getting out of bird land.

  7. Wish him & the Cards the best….sometimes change & prior exposure to situations help mold a better person into what they know they can do best….
    Go Pats!!!!

  8. Well, the Cardinals are a good team for a coach to rebuild his image and reputation with. The team is almost certain to improve in most areas and win more games next year than this, and coaches get credit for any improvement.

  9. They heard co-workers should have something in common and jumped on the “massive underperformer” bullet points in these guys’ resumes. Kingsbury: Fired after never doing any better than 5th in the Big 12; Joseph: Not very good at Miami; Sark: Took Atlanta back several steps.

  10. That “Wide 9” Defense did not work out in Miami with Joseph or Burke it allowed gaping holes thus poor run defense.

  11. Good lord, Cardinals. At least give the faintest impression you’re actually trying with these hires.

  12. So which defensive personnel do he plan on running? Because he’s one year at Miami he ran a 4-3 wide 9 which the Dolphins finished as the 18th ranked scoring defense and 29th ranked in years allowed, then with the Broncos their defense regressed under him despite staying in their traditional 3-4. The Cardinals don’t have the personnel for a 4-3 and Joseph drops his edge rush into coverage far too much when running a 3-4, so I don’t see this being a good fit.

  13. A head coach is usually from the offense or defense side, so he will need a good assistant on the other side of the ball. In my opinion, a head coach should be from the offensive side of football, because a good defensive coordinator is usually easier to find than a good offensive coordinator.

  14. Last time I checked, 44 sacks, 17 INTs, and 11 fumbles recovered was pretty good. Joseph was a bad offensive coach, but he did all right with Denver’s 3-4 defense.

  15. 21.8 ppg given up isn’t bad, especially when you consider they played the Chiefs and the Chargers four times this year.

    And the Miami year is irrelevant, he’s not getting paid to run a 4-3 or wide 9 in AZ.

  16. Oh Good Lord…please stop with the..

    “2016 Dolphins were crap” Crap…

    Of course they were crap !!

    They had 2 legitamate pros on the entire defense, and one of them N’Dknkey Kong Suh, ate up most of the teams cao space…

    It was Suh, Cameron Wake and 9 bags of Sand…

    You could resurrect Buddy Ryan, and those turds would have laid an egg. Km suprised they did as well as they actually did.

  17. To be fair, the VJ Broncos lit up Arizona’s defense in 2018. He knows their weaknesses, so maybe he can fix them. Maybe.

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