Report: David Irving has missed multiple drug tests

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Cowboys defensive lineman David Irving was diagnosed with a high-ankle sprain after a Nov. 1 practice. He has not practiced (or played) since because of what the team continues to list as an ankle injury.

The Cowboys have ruled him out of Saturday’s playoff game, the 16th game Irving will have missed this season. He has not played since an Oct. 21 game against Washington when he made his only sack of the season.

Repeatedly asked about Irving’s presence on the roster despite his absence, the Cowboys have offered little explanation.

But Mike Fisher of 247Sports reports Friday that Irving has failed to comply with the NFL’s drug policy by missing multiple tests the past two months. There is no indication Irving failed a test since serving a four-game suspension to open the season, but the NFL counts failure to comply the same in its testing policy.

Irving, who served a four-game suspension to open the 2017 season for violating the league’s policy against performance enhancing drugs, missed the first four games of this season for violating the league’s substance abuse policy. He missed all of training camp and most of the offseason program because of off-field issues, including a custody battle with his ex-girlfriend.

Irving rarely has shown up at The Star since his injury, according to Fisher, although Irving briefly was seen by reporters in the locker room last week.

13 responses to “Report: David Irving has missed multiple drug tests

  1. Man, I hate to see this. Such a talented guy. I’ve watched games where the “it” factor with his play just comes roaring off the screen. He has the talent to really be something special in the game.

    Hope he gets to a place where his own life is that special, and that the league works with him on getting him back in when/if he’s ready.

  2. Sad times for David Irving, quite possibly one of the most physically gifted talents in the NFL, playing in a contract year, has completely lost it all. Has let down his family, friends, his ownership, coaches, teammates, millions of fans, and especially his young daughter. Complete waste of talent.Could have been set for life with a solid showing this season.PS- The NFL needs to immediately stop testing for marijuana. Its a natural healing HERB that has been used medicinally for 1000’s of years for petes sake!!

  3. Patience has paid off for Randy Gregory. I have No problems with Dallas Supporting their players. Especially the ones that have that much talent and upside! Get him ready for next years run along with Freddy back!

  4. Some people are beyond help. I have very little confidence that the Cowboys are actually helping him. Enabling is a better word. He has shown little respect for the Cowboys, his ex wife, his child, laws of USA, rules of NFL, and sadly he has no respect for himself. Cut this guy. Who cares if another team picks him up. He is unable to stay on the field.

  5. Him and Gordon should head to Colorado and open up a marijuana shoppe. They can test it out, and be right in their element.

  6. He was outright cut by the Chiefs for a reason. But Jerry is always the smartest guy in the room.

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