Sean Payton: It’s a playoff game; what more motivation does a team need?

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Eagles left tackle Jason Peters accused the Saints of running up the score in their Nov. 18 meeting. Saints coach Sean Payton took offense to the notion he kept the foot on the gas after the game was decided.

“No, that’s not true,” Payton told reporters Friday. “Listen if you pay attention to the film and you watch the film, it was one of those games where you’re playing a real good offense and late in the game we scored a touchdown, but we were 30 something at that point. But we played well.”

The Saints led 38-7 in the fourth quarter when Drew Brees threw a 37-yard touchdown pass to Alvin Kamara. New Orleans later added a field goal, and the 41-point margin of victory was the second-biggest point differential in any game in the 2018 regular season.

But Payton had a great point when asked about the Eagles using that game for motivation: It’s a playoff game, a win-or-go-home, so isn’t that motivation enough?

“It’s a divisional playoff game,” Payton said. “My question would be: We’re all playing hard in these divisional playoff games, right? Are you going to play harder? All right. Next good question.”

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  1. Wait a minute, isn’t this the same guy that has brought out the trophy this week and has monetary incentives for his players? This guy is such a clown.

  2. friskypasta says:
    January 11, 2019 at 7:52 pm
    Wait a minute, isn’t this the same guy that has brought out the trophy this week and has monetary incentives for his players? This guy is such a clown.
    The difference is the narrative of the Eagles taking it personally. Saints ploy was team motivation to win another championship – not get back at the Eagles or any one team

  3. Is the opposing team supposed to just stop scoring points? What if philly decided to show up and start scoring points themselves? I remember in pee wee football after you got up by enough points they gave the other team the ball for a few drives in a row. If they still couldnt do anything they ended the game. Maybe that’s what they want pro sports to be like.

    As a grown man I would feel more disrespect if I saw the other team taken it easy on me.

    Have you watched a game and seen players going crazy over a sack, tackle for a loss, a first down or touchdown while being down 20+ points? As a coach how do you tell your team not to get mad at that when you’re taken it easy on them?

    You preach being competitive all off season and every practice then you get up by 20+ and tell them to stop?

  4. I’m an Eagles fan and my opinion is you’re supposed to run up the score. Offense’s job is score, score, score and defense’s job is to stop the scoring. The Eagles defense was BAD last time these teams played. They’re better now. Are they good enough to win? We’ll see.

  5. They get paid 6-8 figures to score.
    The other team is paid similarly to stop it.

    So when one team does their job better, it’s running it up?

    It’s football as professionals guys, not your local kids league you sign up for and pay to play in.

    The ‘me first’ generation is all over the place.

  6. The score they’re talking about came with maybe 12 minutes to go in the 4th. They kneeled at the end or might have scored 60. Congrats to Pederson for knowing how bogus this meme is.

  7. I’ve always respected Peyton but I lost a little. Yes, he did run the score up and he intentionally went after Malcolm Jenkins (a Peyton first round pick) I agree the Eagles are at fault for not stopping them from scoring but, Peyton knew the Eagles had half of their starters out with injuries too….

    The Eagles do NOT need motivation as I’m sure the Saints don’t either being they are playing the SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS. But, don’t be a client Mr. Peyton. You brought $1/4 million in cash with a Trophy trying to motivate your boys also. Alvin Kamara gave the birds a little extra by his stupid comments and Ingram added more by calling the CHAMPIONS frauds..with their hurt o line not a smart move ticking off Cox, Bennett, Graham and Long and especially Jenkins. Should be a great game. We are an eight point underdog (yet again) Bet the Birds to cover. I say win outright!

  8. saintswillwin says:
    January 11, 2019 at 9:00 pm
    Saints were up 3 TDs on the Rams at halftime and came damn close to losing that game.

    I’m not saying they don’t have the right to keep scoring, but you’re talking about 2 different scenarios. Being up 3 TDs at halftime is a lot different than being up 4tds as bad a fg in the 4th qtr.

  9. “It’s a playoff game, a win-or-go-home, so isn’t that motivation enough? ”
    Sorry guys I have to go now and run to the bank and withdraw 225K in cash to try and motivate my team for the playoffs.

  10. He’s absolutely right, you don’t need antics and hijinx like wheeling in 200k in cash to motivate the team… it’s the playoffs for God’s sake!

  11. The opposite of running the score up is the defense pitching a shutout. We never say the defense should let them score so they won’t feel embarrassed.

  12. He threw that touchdown on 4th and 7. Yeah he ran up the score. It was a shot at Doug’s coaching style. Tomorrow will be fun….Eagles are comin for ya, Sean! Also, big difference: saints playing for money. Eagles play for each other. #allwegotallweneed

  13. Throwing for a TD that late in the game is suspect at best. The Eagles didnt come to play, but the Saints will get away with it because the NFL has changed into the league of friends, 25 yrs ago the rematch would have been a war with the Def taking exception to throwing a TD when they did.

  14. What more motivation does a team need? Gee I dunno, call me crazy but maybe finding a way to make a big show out of the cash and the trophy your team already knows it’s playing for would provide more motivation.

    You need to do *something* Sean, especially now that you look like a self-contradictory, arrogant jerk who insults the media that praises you when you pull stunts like that.

  15. Some, maybe most coaches put in second team, at least at highly skilled positions on offense. This is mainly to prevent injury. Also run the ball to keep the clock going and end the game as soon as possible. The losing team has NO choice in this, and no right to complain if they can’t take advantage. Use for motivation if they can, but sour grapes over running up the score is pointless.

  16. Payton was basically paying the Eagles a compliment by continuing to try and score on them, especially after the Rams had come back on the Saints recently. He was basically saying exactly what he says above: “the Eagles are a good team and we didn’t want to sleep on them.”

    But I don’t know of very many Eagles fans who are complaining about that. In fact, these threads are practically littered with Eagles fans who are testifying to the opposite: they don’t think Payton ran up the score, they get it, etc.. Only one Eagles player used the phrase “run up the score.” That was Jason Peters. Pederson went out of his way to say he didn’t have a problem with what Payton did. Lane Johnson said the same on local radio yesterday.

    So Saints fans need to stop claiming that the Eagles and their fans are “crying” about this. They’re not. And it’s a false controversy by a team and a fan base that is now claiming they don’t need any extra motivation. Apparently, they do, if they need to claiming that the Eagles and their fans are crying about Payton running up the score.

    And don’t tell me Payton’s not contradicting himself when he says “this is the playoffs and guys don’t need extra motivation.” He orchestrated the ultimate motivational staging by making a big deal out of the Lombardi and cash-in-a-wheelbarrow moment. If guys don’t need extra motivation, then they don’t need to see that. They know what’s on the line.

    There’s also no need for Payton to insult the media, either.

    He’s a great coach. But he’s a less-than-great guy. And any time he gets his comeuppance, I’m happy about it.

  17. Anyone who complains about the score being run up is a whimp plain and simple. You are out there playing you have to accept the consequences. You want someone to take it easy on you? I could see if this was H.S. or a even a low level college game but this is pro football. I don’t pay to watch professionals take it easy on one another.

  18. Carson Wentz was still in the game all the way until the end. If you want someone to ease up, you need to wave a white flag … pull your starters.

  19. robf2010 says:
    January 12, 2019 at 11:16 am
    Carson Wentz was still in the game all the way until the end. If you want someone to ease up, you need to wave a white flag … pull your starters.


    Yes, and that’s just the point: Pederson went public with his belief that Payton was NOT running up the score…after the game and again this week.


  20. The Saints hung 5 TDs on the Rams in the first half. They should have run clock and punted? The Rams came back quick. Philly had time to as well. Imagine if a coach lost a game for being nice.

  21. I’ve seen a few comments poking fun at Payton for the money and the trophy as a motivator as being contradictory to his statement that it’s a playoff game, so that is motivation enough.

    Big difference. The money and trophy are a reminder of what the playoff game means. It reinforces that this is what they are playing for, to win a championship. It’s not about using a chip on your shoulder as motivation to make you play better, like the Eagles complaining that the Saints should have gone easy on them last time.

  22. Once again, when they scored the touchdown, there were 13 minutes left in the game.


    What are you supposed to do, kneel on it with 13 minutes left? That’s way more insulting to the Eagles than running a play.

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