Steelers hire Teryl Austin as assistant on defense

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Teryl Austin is getting a second chance in the AFC North.

According to Adam Schefter of ESPN, the Steelers are hiring Teryl Austin as a “senior defensive assistant with a focus on the secondary.

Austin was fired by the Bengals in midseason, a bad first impression in his first year with the team. The Bengals were on pace to break a league record for yards allowed in a season when Marvin Lewis decided to make the change.

Prior to the Bengals, Austin spent four years as the Lions defensive coordinator.

Steelers coach Mike Tomlin suggested changes were coming, including the possibility of adding numbers to his staff. Bringing Austin in with a non-standard tile seems to check both boxes.

19 responses to “Steelers hire Teryl Austin as assistant on defense

  1. The Bengals were on pace to have a historically bad defense last year until Austin was fired, and players were openly questioning his playcalling to reporters (including the call that led to Antonio Brown walking into the endzone for the game winner in their first match-up).

    Needless to say, as a Bengals fan – I approve of this hire

  2. He was absolutely horrible. The Steelers just did the whole AFC North a favor by picking up a below average coordinator on defense. I cant express enough how awful he was as a coach. Thanks Pittsburgh, he is your problem now. Who Dey

  3. Technically it’s his third chance in the AFC North. He started as the Ravens secondary coach the year they won the Super Bowl before he went to Detroit.

  4. Every Bengal fan is laughing at how incompetent the Steelers are becoming. This guy was AWFUL!!!!!!

    That’s ok Steeler fans Have Always laughed at the Bengals and their embarrassing fans.

  5. Every Bengal fan is laughing at how incompetent the Steelers are becoming. This guy was AWFUL!!!!!
    Awful, under who, Marvin Lewis as their head coach. The Steelers swept the bungles again while Cincy finished in the basement. That’s incompetent lol. This guy will only help the Steelers with the right personnel. Pittsburgh needs a couple guys while the bungles need a whole new defense.

  6. This guy seems to be trending in the wrong direction. It wasn’t too long ago that Austin was being touted as a potential head coach (back when Suh played for the Lions).

  7. Austin made his defense too complicated and it slowed down the players because they were out there thinking instead of reacting. That should be an easy lesson for Austin to learn.

  8. Obviously, the Steelers are too consumed with the drama caused by Bell, Ben, and Brown to make an informed decision about a coach, so they pick a guy who’s been on the beach for a half season collecting unemployment. What a joke! Are they low on cash to pay the staff? Must be. Looney is really pinching the pennies. I guess it makes financial sense when your team has no shot at a winning record next year. Collect the TV money and don’t spend anything.

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