Thomas Dimitroff knows it’s an “extremely important season” for him, Dan Quinn

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Falcons owner Arthur Blank said that he had not lost any faith in General Manager Thomas Dimitroff or head coach Dan Quinn as the team’s 7-9 season wound down, but anyone who pays attention to the NFL that votes of confidence come with expiration dates attached to them.

Another down year in 2019 might bring about the expiration date in Atlanta and Dimitroff said on Friday that he and Quinn are well aware of the stakes. During an appearance on 680 The Fan, Dimitroff said the two men know this is an “extremely important year” for their futures in the organization.

“We know it,” Dimitroff said. “We’ve talked about it at length. Our football players on the team right now, the talent that we do have know it. And we’re not focused on anything past this season. This is the season we are 100 percent focused on — and that’s what we need and what I need, and what Dan needs going into the offseason.”

The first steps toward building next season’s team have come on the coaching staff. The team dispatched all three of their coordinators and shuffled people between jobs on Quinn’s staff as a prelude to the player moves that will come over the next few months.

10 responses to “Thomas Dimitroff knows it’s an “extremely important season” for him, Dan Quinn

  1. It sure is, if the Falcons don’t turn it around Dimitroff and Quinn may very well be out of there.

  2. Matt Ryan has not looked the same since his MVP season in 2016 when Matt LaFleur was his QB coach.

  3. What do they have to do to earn Marvin Lewis security? For INSERT sake, they took the Patriots to the only OT in Super Bowl history. The following year they came closer to anyone in the postseason to beating the eventual champion Eagles (and in Philly).

    That should buy them at least 5 years.

  4. It’s like Belichick – Considering his career as a head coach, he had a losing record in Cleveland and was of course fired for that. His only success as a head coach was with Brady. When Brady retires, he’ll follow him out to preclude being exposed as what he was pre-Brady, with a losing record. QB driven league…when Ryan is down, so goes the team/coach

  5. 2019 is a very important season? As opposed to his previous ELEVEN seasons? He is the KING of a finesse.

  6. The Falcons’ roster is just like so many other rosters. Put Andrew Luck, Tom Brady. Pat Mahomes, or Drew Brees on the Falcons and they’re going deep in the playoffs, possibly winning the super bowl. Matt Ryan is a good kid, but an ordinary QB. He just doesn’t make enough plays to carry an average team. When you’re stuck with a QB like Ryan or Cam Newton, it’s not going to get any better. It’s a tough situation to be in when you’re locked onto a QB that’s way overrated. Firing coaches and GM’s isn’t going to make it any better. The owner is going to have to pull the plug, and I don’t see that happening. Dimitroff is going to have to do a better job than the GM’s that have an elite QB. We saw what happened in Denver when Manning left. John Elway went from a genius to the hot seat. When Peyton was in Indy, he got injured and they had a 2-14 roster, but with Peyton, Bill Polian looked like HOF GM. The QB position, and that includes the backup (Nick Foles), is about 90% of it. The other players make up the other 10%.

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