Adam Vinatieri: It was a tough day

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Adam Vinatieri has made a lot of memorable postseason kicks over the course of his career, but Sunday’s Colts loss was one he’d rather forget.

Vinatieri missed a 23-yard field goal at the end of the first half and an extra point in the second half of the 31-13 loss to the Chiefs. The missed field goal was the shortest one Vinatieri has missed in his career and the missed extra point is the first in 70 postseason attempts.

“It was a tough day,” Vinatieri said, via Charlie Clifford of WISH. “Field was in tough shape but I need to do better. Can’t give them the momentum back like that.”

Vinatieri was playing in his 32nd career postseason game on Saturday. He isn’t under contract for next season, which would be his 24th in the NFL.

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  1. Still accurate in 85% of his kicks this season. That’s solid. Remarkable for someone his age. He can still play, even if it wasn’t a good day in the office today for him.

  2. The Colts should have gone for the TD instead of 3.
    Adam Vinateiri shagged the post.
    epitomized the Colts day.

    All day long, when presented with 4th and short yardage, they punted.
    By contrast, the Chiefs went for it, over and over on 4th down.

    I thought the Colts should have run the ball more; a situational decision, given the Chief’s comparative weakness against the run.
    But no. Luck has to huck.
    Better luck next year?
    one hopes

  3. Quarterback careers usually end with a sack
    Receivers know its over when they can no longer create separation
    Running backs – its usually an ACL
    A Kickers end is marked by doinks

  4. Good thing it was cold with snow on the field – it kept the stink down from that hot garbage performance the Colts put out. Son, I am disappoint.

  5. Tough to watch.

    Maybe he’ll come back for one more year to end on a higher note than today. Hope so.

  6. Adam V has been the most over rated players this decade..besides his one good game in the snow during tuck rule game he’s b
    een mostly a indoor kicker .

  7. Adam mentioned the field was in tough shape. Perhaps he’s gotten too comfortable kicking in perfect dome conditions….Still has had an incredible career.

  8. GoodellMustGo says:
    January 12, 2019 at 10:24 pm

    Tough to watch.

    Maybe he’ll come back for one more year to end on a higher note than today. Hope so.
    So you think being even older will help his performance? He looked like he was 85 years old out there.

  9. Congratulations and Best Wishes to Adam Vinatieri…. an excellent career.
    Will never forget his years with NE…

    I don’t expect to see him next year.

  10. icemanxx says:
    January 12, 2019 at 10:41 pm
    Adam V has been the most over rated players this decade..besides his one good game in the snow during tuck rule game he’s b
    een mostly a indoor kicker .


    Adam is the most clutch kicker in NFL history

  11. Why didn’t they run the ball, throwing clearly wasn’t working at all, surely they would have more success running the ball which in turn would help with the passing game

    The chiefs outclassed the colts in every aspect because the colts didn’t prepare a good game plan.

    Having luck chucking it all game isn’t going to be very effective especially if the receivers don’t catch most of the balls.

  12. The dude accounted for -4 points and it came at a critical time when colts could have been within one score had he only done his job. Def time to hang it up and retire!

  13. Dude had an awesome career with the PATRIOTS!! wasn’t his fault the dolts lost. They were out of it from the first drive, and never looked back. They went Afghanistan a good team and were exposed for how bad they really are. Lucks arm looks like a ramen noodle in the cold. Hang em up Adam, and enjoy the rest of your years as a SUPER BOWL CHAMP!

  14. I don’t get the hate. The guy has been solid his entire career. I have no love for Indy but come on man. I do appreciate that he was a big part of The Dynasty though. 2001 was the year that payback began for 35 years of misery and humiliation. That it began against the Raiders is the cherry on the sundae. I hated losing him to Indy but he’s a class act who never forgot where he came from.

  15. Brady/Belichek owe their “legacy” to this guy’s foot. This is not intended as a slam on the Pats – I’m a Packers’ fan and do not really care about the Pats one way or the other. This is intended as a “Let’s elevate Vinatieri to the level of discussion he deserves. Stenerud and Anderson will have to jostle a bit to make room for Vinatieri in Canton as the PlaceKicker-only club will expand to 3.

    Can’t argue with greatness. The guy has been kicking in the NFL longer than… (I’m assuming by the quality of the posts)… most posters here are old.

  16. Agree with an earlier poster. This isn’t on AV. First off – Colts lost by 18. He left 4 on the field. The problem was two fold. First, the Chiefs defense came to play. I don’t know where they were all season but they were pretty good last night. Hella good. But second, while I like Luck, he isn’t Mahomes. They were never really in this game. I am sure they will be back next year, probably even stronger. But yesterday the better team won.

    Same thing in LA btw….

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