Antonio Brown: I will address “negative speculations about my character” soon

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Steelers president Art Rooney II said in a Thursday interview that it is “hard to envision” wide receiver Antonio Brown staying with the team right now, which Brown responded to on social media with a photo of him and Rooney captioned “Good Business #Boomin.”

Brown was back on Instagram Friday with a live video taped alongside former NFL wide receiver Chad Johnson. Brown didn’t have a specific response to what Rooney said, but did promise that the future would bring “some deeper details” about his absence from the team at the end of the season and his status with the Steelers.

“For all the negative speculations about my character, I’ll be addressing it soon,” Brown said, via TMZ. “I’ll be sure to tap in with you guys, but it’s all positive. I’m 31, I’m still excited to play, I’m here with one of my mentors, one of my brothers. Right now man, I’m just embracing the New Year, the start of something fresh. That’s all I can really give you all right now. But yes I’m 31 and still excited to play the game. I’m motivated, inspired, encouraged. Stay by the phone, my phone lines open.”

Rooney said that all options other than releasing Brown are on the table in the weeks and months to come. He also said that the team hasn’t had any communication with Brown since the end of the regular season and that will likely have to change if the team exercises an option other than a trade.

45 responses to “Antonio Brown: I will address “negative speculations about my character” soon

  1. The first step to getting out of a hole, AB, is to stop digging … silence is your best friend right now.

  2. Sad to say, but what fan truthfully really wants this guy to be traded to their team. Football teams don’t opperate well with nut job wide receivers once they jump the shark.

  3. For all the negative speculations about my character…
    LOL. AB, those are not speculations; they are legit conclusions based on your actions. Your character is suspect AT BEST.

  4. The Steelers need to make a TV show featuring the main star diva Antonio Brown, the drama queen Big Ben and the cameo guy Levon Bell

  5. I am glad he has stayed as quiet as he has since the Bengals game.

    It is probably wise to not talk to the team too much until emotions on both sides have settled and the team and Brown have objectively looked at their options. For instance if AB felt talking to Tomlin or Rooney would create some emotions and defensive reactions, good to not talk.

    There is time.

    I was shocked at the bleak picture painted by Art Rooney. The “hard to envisage” language. I think things were said or done not reported in the media that exacerbate the problem.

    Until these emotions settle dialogue is going to make things worse.

  6. Meh. Everyone calls Bell and Brown “divas” now, but don’t question why so many players don’t get along with Ben (perhaps his way of publicly calling people out rubs some the wrong way). Ben also had issues with players back when he was young. Look it up. Then people also don’t question why the Steelers have so many “divas”. Maybe there’s a problem with that franchise.

  7. Barring him accepting a massive pay cut–his Steelers career is probably over. There are some things you can’t take back, and faking an injury, missing meetings and then showing up while suspended expecting to play, then leaving during a must-win game…

    Well I hope he gets the help he needs. But I doubt it will be in time to keep him on the Steelers. He has amazing talent but…at his age and salary teams may well be wary to pursue him. He is one slight or missed team MVP award away from not showing up for a game. If he isn’t on drugs, then..he should be.

  8. Are the Steelers playing today or tomorrow?

    Pardon me.

    What team from the AFC North, the one I keep reading is the best division in the NFL, made the final eight out of 32 teams?

    Pardon me.

    Maybe the AFC North isn’t as good as its fans believe.

  9. Can’t believe Steelers’ fans are still actively worshipping the guy who disrespects their team in the worst way. Brown is going to be the new Bell and will haunt this team throughout 2019. Steelers won’t need to watch the Ravens on the Jumbotron to see if they make the playoffs. They’ll get the bad news by week 12. Hahahaha! What a meltdown!

  10. Where was his cancerous acts the last 8 years he’s played in the NFL, that’s right there wasn’t any. Most fans would take AB in their team in a heartbeat just too see the Steelers not have him. If not their lying. I certainly don’t condone Bells or AB’s actions this season but AB’s can be fixed, Bells cannot.

  11. richie747, Your TV show should include current and ex-Steelers as guests. The show could feature: the entire offensive line as the local guys who trash everyone, James Harrison as the angry abusive uncle, Ryan Clark as the know-it-all neighbor who won’t shut up, and Jeff Reed and Todd Haley as the brawling drunks at the nearby bar.

  12. “… I’m motivated, inspired, encouraged. Stay by the phone, my phone lines open.”

    Antonio’s lines are open for communication, call him …
    well unless you are a teammate, his coach, his QB, or the owner of
    the team who just made you the highest paid WR and gave you $40 mil guaranteed
    signing bonus, to do the one thing you love to do.

    Luv ya on the field AB, but you really shat the bed on this one.
    You just had to be you. And in the process, screwed up your career
    that was trending towards the HOF.

    There are no ‘negative spaculations’, buddy, you did it for real this time.
    You’ve earned all the derision you are getting now , and will be getting, bruh.

    What did you do to that humble, hard working kid with the big smile?
    You’re just an imposter now, of what was and who we cheered for.

  13. There is nothing to address. His actions have spoken in a way no words from him, no excuse, no explanation can undo. In fact he is Just going to make things worse if he tries any if that. If he wants his reputation back he needs to do these three thing. Do them over and over. Do nothing else.
    1) Shut up
    2) Show up
    3) Ball out

    If he does those three things the ship will right its own self for him whether its in Pittsburgh or anywhere else. Those three things are the magic recipe for any player in any situation.

  14. Well he definitely learned something from Tomlin, how to sound like a complete moron while using multi syllabic words

  15. Antonio brown is going to address all the negative comments about his character?

    What is there to address?

    He is paid fairly and under contract and you won’t return a call from your employer and you quit on your team. Perhaps some bad things were going on but if any working person with a real job acted like you have they would be fired and not be paid anymore. I think it is time to grow up and own your actions. And if you addressing your character does not start with an apology then it is simply noise. You have talent and a hard work ethic but you think the world revolves around you and it doesn’t.

  16. The guy is 31 and on the downside of his career while being way overpaid, plus he’s fully embraced the diva WR lifestyle by calling an idiot like Chad Johnson a “mentor”. Such a joke at this point.

  17. Steelers management needs to call Dan Snyder ASAP and work out a deal. He’s not shy when it comes to picking up cancerous or potentially incarcerated players. If he won’t answer, call Jerry!

  18. Emmanuel Sanders said it today that is why he said Peyton is a better leader than Ben for he knows not to throw his layers under the bus and nbad mouth them to the media. Ben throwing the rookie Washington under the bus and Brown is just a small example of the things he’s done over the years. You guys think you would be better off without him…you won’t. Let’s see how good ju ju is when he’s not going up against the teams number two corner and facing single coverage 99 percent of the time.

  19. 2018 is first year I recall Ben publicly calling anyone out, ever. This QB has always shouldered the responsibility for the defeats, despite the WR’s dropping balls or the defense playing horribly. I’ve watched press conferences after games where there were more dropped balls than I care to recall, and he said: the buck stops here, I should have played better. To lay the blame for this at the feet of Roethlisberger is a cop out.

    Only one person is responsible for this mess and it’s Antonio Brown. His ego got the better of him. Period.

  20. Save it AB. Steeler Nation has heard you loud and clear. Go throw some more furniture off your rental balcony, just this time try not hurting a child would ya??

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