Cowboys could feel right at home tonight

Getty Images

Rams coach Sean McVay sent a message to the team’s season ticket holders this week: Don’t sell your tickets to Cowboys fans.

“Don’t do that,” McVay said.

It doesn’t appear Rams fans listened.

Early indications, via multiple tweets, are Cowboys fans have taken over the L.A. Coliseum for tonight’s game. Maurice Jones-Drew, the analyst for the Rams Radio Network, estimated Cowboys fans made up 65 percent of the fans in the stadium during pregame warmups.

“Let’s Go Cowboys!” loudly greeted the visiting team as they made their way onto the field.

The Cowboys have a long history in Los Angeles, with training camp held in Thousand Oaks most of the Landry/Brandt/Schramm era and now in Oxnard under Jerry Jones, who was born in Los Angeles.

“Well, we’ve got thousands of fans that are generational there in Los Angeles,” Jones told 105.3 The Fan earlier this week, “and I’ll bet I have 30 first and second cousins out there alone. I was actually born in Inglewood in Los Angeles County Hospital, and so I got a great lineage of family that lived there. When we’d go to a family reunion, they’d say, ‘Jerry, we don’t sound like you do. You sound a little bit different.’ I’d say, ‘Well, I was raised a little to the east of you guys.’ But still, it’s a great feeling. We do feel very comfortable going to Los Angeles and playing. Now, that’s not to say the Rams are going to make it comfortable for us, though.”

Now, will the Rams have to go to a silent count at home?