Frank Reich: We learned some things this year that will stick with us


The Colts pulled off a remarkable comeback to beat the Chiefs the last time they met in the playoffs with Andrew Luck at quarterback, but neither Luck nor Colts head coach and playoff comeback royalty Frank Reich could find a way back at Arrowhead Stadium on Saturday.

The Chiefs went up 17-0 in the first half and wound up 31-13 winners at the final whistle. That ended a Colts season that saw low preseason expectations look accurate when the team went 1-5 to open the year. They’d only lose one more game over the rest of the regular season, however, and Reich said after the game that he was “proud of the journey” his team took this season.

Reich said the team learned things “that will stick with us” along the way and they found strong foundational pieces in rookie guard Quenton Nelson and linebacker Darius Leonard to go with a resurgent Andrew Luck. Those things fell short on Saturday with Reich saying the Chiefs outplayed and outcoached his team across the board.

With nine more draft picks and voluminous cap space this offseason, the hope in Indianapolis is that the lessons of this year will lead to an even longer journey next time.

18 responses to “Frank Reich: We learned some things this year that will stick with us

  1. Can’t wait to see the 1-1 flag out in front of the stadium tomorrow!!
    OR will it be 1-1 & DONE?

  2. We also learned that Reich is a pretty good coach. All things considered, this season should be considered a success for the Colts. We also learned that this team is a lot better off with Chris Ballard as opposed to the mess Ryan Grigson created. Another thing we learned is the Chiefs are OK at RB.

  3. They need better pass blockers on the OL, better WRs, and someone that can cover TEs. They have some pieces in place but their weaknesses were really exposed today.

  4. tylawspick6 says:
    January 12, 2019 at 8:42 pm
    Yeah, right. Still a pansy dome team. Pathetic.

    Pansy is a flopping team that raises their and complains when they get touched. Pathetic are fans that don’t realize that and feel they have to ineffectively criticize everyone elses team that doesn’t play in the AFCE.

  5. Overall this was a good season for the Colts. We exceeded expectations and in a rebuilding game we made it to the Divisional game. The Chiefs were the better team today, and we were unprepared to face them. Good luck Chiefs, Mahomes is the real deal.

  6. From an Eagles fan to all you Colts fans. Things look good for you. Top notch QB with a very good line and an even better draft this past draft. With Frank Reich as you’d coach this is just the start of better things to come. You have a lot of nice draft picks coming as well..Chin up guys’ Did you guys expect more then this season last summer? No, and nobody else did. Future looks good. Just get a game changing RB and a big play WR to add with T.Y and you’ll have that trophy. Good luck (pun intended)

  7. Colts had a great year, way above expectations, and then looked totally flat and uninterested in their biggest game of the year.

    No idea what their preparation was for this game, but apparently Reich took a nap in his office Mon-Fri, while Luck looked like the guy we all said was done last year.

  8. Frank Reich is the Coach of the Year! They are one or two drafts away from being an AFC dominator!

  9. hopefully he learned that going against a good team in the playoffs with one decent WR, no running game and a TE who will alligator-arm a pass every time he even thinks he’s going to get hit over the middle will not get him very far, even with one of the best half dozen quarterbacks in the game;

    pick up a shutdown corner, an all-purpose three-down back and a tight end good for something beyond safe down-and-outs in the red zone where he’ll only get hit by the goal line cone…

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