Haslams praise Freddie Kitchens as “man of integrity” with “unquestioned leadership”

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In officially announcing the hiring of Freddie Kitchens as their new head coach, the owners of the Cleveland Browns have released a statement about what they learned of Kitchens from his year as a Cleveland assistant.

“We are thrilled to announce Freddie Kitchens as the new head coach of the Cleveland Browns,” Dee and Jimmy Haslam said. “He did an outstanding job in his role as coordinator, and we know that will continue as he steps into the role of head coach. Freddie demonstrated all of the qualities that you want in someone who is leading your organization. He has unquestioned leadership. He is a man of integrity. He fosters a collaborative environment. He gets the most out of his players and our players loved playing for him. We are happy to have him leading the Cleveland Browns going forward.”

Browns G.M. John Dorsey offered similar sentiments.

“We had a deliberate and thorough process and one thing became evident — that Freddie is the best person to lead the Cleveland Browns,” Dorsey said. “We saw firsthand what Freddie is able to do. He showed that he is consistent on a day in and day out basis and that he is a true leader. He helped unify our players in a tough time. He raised the bar for our offense last year, and I have no doubt he is going to raise the bar for our entire team.”

Some may detect a hint in those comments that Hue Jackson and Gregg Williams may have lacked some of those traits the Browns liked about Kitchens. The Browns think they’re turning a page with a young coach who will significantly change the franchise’s fortunes.

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  1. Well, Gregg was 5-3 in a half season. Will, the “best candidate” Kitchens do better than 10-6 next year?

    Seems to me that Gregg unified and motivated the WHOLE team. Kitchens was along for the ride.

  2. BillZBubb – it was Kitchens, Mayfield and the offense that turned Browns around. Gregg William’s had two years to turn around a 31st ranked defense, but only got them to 29th. He didn’t produce results, Kitchens did.

  3. Greg Williams is the man to turn this team around and had them winning for the first time in 20 years. Greg Williams was the de facto leader of this team and had them playing hard in games and practicing hard every day. Greg Williams is the man that instilled discipline and accountability. They made a mistake not hiring Greg Williams. This will prove it self over the next three years .

  4. Chuck Noll,Bill Cowher,Mike Tomlin.
    Paul Brown,Blanton Collier,Freddie Kitchens.
    Now the universe has been corrected from that long strange trip.

  5. If you watched Hard Knocks, Freddie was the one that challenged Hue about holding guys out of camp. Haley also reiterated it, but Freddie brought it up first. It’s interesting watching that scene now. What a great ride!

  6. I can’t find where they said anything provocative, by all accounts Kitchens is a well respected coach across the NFL. The hire may work out, it might not work out, or it could be the hire of the century. Right now that is TBD. I will say though after they made the hire I hit up YouTube and watched some pressers with the man as well as a special on him from when he was with Arians staff on the Cardinals and I can see why he was offered the shot, he not only knows his stuff at coaching but is a really good guy with a personality that players and other coaches look up to. Best of luck Brownies, you definitely deserve it and I hope Kitchens brings you guys back to glory!

  7. Whether or not Kitchens turns out to be a good head coach, Haslam is a scam artist who stole millions from American families and businesses with his PilotFlyingJ scam. He should be in jail not owning an NFL team bought in part with stolen money.

  8. oh please… this has mayfield written all over it. haslam is incompetent, and dorsey is just a lackey trying to keep his paycheck. the league will figure out mayfield next season and the browns will return to being the browns. you can’t have kids running the asylum….

  9. Haslam should be in Federal prison. Kitchens is a good hire, though. Does he get discounted gas, now?

  10. Because GW was the interim, most here want to attribute the Browns turnaround this season to him. It was, in fact, Kitchens who ignited the offense (which inspired the defense). GW just along for the ride. GREAT CHOICE!!! Go Browns !!!

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