Anthony Lynn: We got our butts kicked, but we can grow from it

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The Chargers hadn’t lost a game during the 2018 season away from L.A. until today, but today’s loss isn’t deterring their head coach.

Anthony Lynn, whose work has been underrated in two seasons with the Chargers, acknowledged that things didn’t go well on Sunday for his team. But Lynn sees the positive.

“I’ve learned that no one game doesn’t define who we are and our football season, for sure,” Lynn told reporters after Sunday’s 41-28 loss to the Patriots. “And those men, they fought hard all year and there were some difficult situations that we fought back and won. And today we just couldn’t get that done. . . . I liked the way they came out and competed in the second half. And you know, I’m not sure if you can take away anything from this one game today. You know, we got our butt’s kicked today. But we can learn a lot from this year and this season from one another. It’s not a comfortable moment for us, for sure, but I think in these times we can learn a lot about ourselves. And we can grow and be a better person, better teammate, better coach.”

The butt kicking came throughout the first half, one that saw the Patriots move the ball at will, with the Chargers unable to answer beyond their first drive of the game.

“We couldn’t get a stop defensively and when we got on the field offensively, we got to stay on the field,” Lynn said. “You know, I think we had 20 plays in the first half and that’s just not enough plays to get into a rhythm. And I thought that hurt us. We couldn’t run the football, we got behind by three scores, kind of took our running game away from us, a little bit. And so, whenever we aren’t balanced on offense, then you know, we tend to struggle to stay on the football field.”

The Chargers thrived more than struggled in 2018, the second of three years with home games played in an undersized stadium that delivers no real home-field advantage. Come 2019, the Chargers could be in position to not only get back to the postseason but punch through to the AFC title game for the first time in 12 years, and maybe to the Super Bowl for the first time in 25.

However it turns out, they have the right coach in Anthony Lynn, and the fact that his two coordinators received no sniffs for head-coaching jobs means that there will be continuity, with Ken Whisenhunt running the offense and Gus Bradley running the defense. Given the talent they have on both sides of the ball, the best could be yet to come for a Chargers team that deserves a greater following in its home market, and beyond.

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  1. “I liked the way they came out and competed in the second half.”


    The game was already over by then though.

  2. Chargers will need to win the division next year to have a shot at a ring for Rivers.

    No way they get to SB as a wildcard playing three road games on East Coast or Midwest in January, against opponents coming off a bye. Wildcards have won SB once in a blue moon (although it’s been 6 years since one advanced past divisional round) but never traveling cross country repeatedly.

  3. Lynn is a solid but not elite coach. The roster is very good. RIvers is overrated though, truthfully, and everyone who actually follows this team knows that they are the “Chargers”…meaning always just not good enough.

  4. Nobody in LA cares. The League caught a big break today. Chargers should have stayed out east all week instead of the back and forth, but Spanos likely didnt want to put up the money. Have fun with them LA, and when Rivers retires, allow me to remind you how long it took this franchise to find a QB once Fouts retired. Dan Fouts retired in 1987, and Rivers was drafted in 2004. And in between that they managed to let a HOF QB named Drew Brees go to the Saints. Yeah have fun with those Spanoses LA, Enjoy!

  5. The Chargers will only grow from it when they get new ownership.

    I was just hoping the Chargers would win the SB, I thought for sure that Spanos would sell the team had that happened, and as a result new owners might move the team back in San Diego.

    I still feel bad for the players who had no choice in the team moving. If it weren’t for those veteran players, I would want the Chargers to lose every game.

  6. The only person I feel bad for is Rivers. He has played arguably at a MVP pace this year yet NE came out ready to play on a whole different level at all facets of the game. He does not have many of these type of runs left in him. Nothing to learn from a dominating lost like this other than the winner was head, shoulders, and feet better than you. Good season however…. respect Charger Nation!

  7. maybe make adjustments on defense. the 7 dbs doesnt work against the pats, especially if youre going to play them in zone, leaving edelman free to run through the zone and white able to set up underneath

  8. The Pats offense shredded them for sure, but the real story is how nasty the Pats D looked.

  9. gus bradley should have been fired after the first quarter. the worst game plan ever put together. a high school coach could have come up with a better scheme

  10. After that atrocious performance the LA Chargers did more to hurt their brand in the “Fight For LA” ….which is a joke. 78,000 fans were at the Coliseum cheering on the LA Rams. They own LA. The Charger “re-location” is a disaster and NFL owners and management hate Spanos. He’s choking on his bad business decision. Nobody wants to purchase the Chargers while they’re in LA-LA-LAND. He always sits alone in his box….when he occasionally attends an LA Charger game. He’s toxic.

  11. Anthony Lynn seems to be a good coach and comes across as a great person, much respect for what he achieved withe the Chargers this year. The Patriots were just too good yesterday.

  12. 100% on the coaches. No adjustments made in the 1H when the Pats were already shredding you. And its not like the pats didnt anything different from what the always do… a lot of crosses, underneath stuff, take what the defense gives you and get the ball out quick. Zone doesn’t work, Brady has proved that time and time again. Press man, send pressure and hit Brady hard and often. Isn’t the blue print already out there from the Giants (twice)?

  13. For many a year, I’ve been hearing about Rivers being elite, and the great team the Chargers have. Then they start off horrifically, then put on a furious rush to make the playoffs. I’d been hoping the Chargers would ‘man up’ for a change and beat the Patriots, but, as usual for the Chargers, didn’t.

  14. Elite coaches like Belichick use various situations to their advantage . When Belichick selected to receive the kickoff after winning the coin toss, it was because the Chargers just announced a few days ago they signed a new kicker.

    Coach Lynn did not counter the move and even though the Pats started their drive on the 25, it was obvious who the better coach was.

  15. Geek

    Nobody ever said Rivers was elite. Don’t know where you heard that from, and I’ve been a Chargers fan for over 30 years.

    He is very good, however he went up against an elite quarterback and an elite coach

  16. Onside kick:

    TV football announcers used to always list Rivers when they’d talk about the best 4 or 5 quarterbacks in the league. To my knowledge, there is no formal elite listing.

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