Cowboys will coach NFC in Pro Bowl

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Jason Garrett and the Cowboys staff will coach the NFC in the Pro Bowl, Nick Eatman of reports.

The “honor” goes to the team with the best record that loses in the divisional round. That means the Chargers staff should coach the AFC.

Garrett and his staff have served as Pro Bowl coaches two other times in the past five years. He also was a head coach in the 2015 and 2017 all-star games that followed the 2014 and 2016 seasons.

Orlando will play host to the Pro Bowl on Jan. 27.

12 responses to “Cowboys will coach NFC in Pro Bowl

  1. I thought it was the loser of the Championship game? I distinctly remember after the 1998 game Denny was coaching and I was laughing because nearly the entire Vikings Offense was on the field. They scored too.

  2. Jerrah thinks this is an indication of Garrett’s success. “Why son, that man has coached in multiple Super Bowls!”. “Um, Mr. Jones, you mean Pro Bowls”. “Say what now? He’s a Pro Bowl coach and has coached in Super Bowls? Why, give that man an extension!”.

  3. Oh look, Jerruh is trying to advance his brand. Putting the puppet as a coach in the pro bowl will be his reason for an extension for the clapper.

  4. If dallas makes playoffs and loses in divisional round it’s a “great year to build on” (been building that train wreck for three decades).

    I patriots lose in divisional round it’s the end of civilization as we know it.

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