Eagles have a decision to make

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More will be said and written in the coming days and weeks regarding the future of the quarterback position in Philadelphia. For now, those, the Eagles surely know they have a decision to make.

However they resolve it, it’s a decision that will shape the franchise for the next decade, maybe longer.

They need to decide on a quarterback. Although coach Doug Pederson has said on multiple occasions that Carson Wentz is and will be the guy, the evidence requires, at a minimum, more careful deliberation.

Wentz is the better quarterback, when healthy. But the Eagles are a better team when Foles plays, and Foles has now played 11 games in December and beyond over the last two seasons, leading the team to a Super Bowl win and giving the Saints a real scare in Sunday’s divisional round game.

We’ve yet to see what Wentz can do in December and beyond because of a playing style that has left him injured in each of the last two years. His skills notwithstanding, an inability to be able to play in the most important weeks of the season must be a factor in the long-term decision, especially since he’s shown no inclination to alter his style — and since he has a back problem that could resurface in the future.

The Eagles could try to kick the can, by paying Foles starter money for 2019 while Wentz enters the fourth year of a wage-scaled rookie deal, waiting one more season for an answer to become obvious. But what would they do, if Foles is making franchise-tag money? Have an open competition? Or simply make Foles the highest paid backup quarterback the league has ever seen?

From the standpoint of both sending an unequivocal message to the locker room and charting a clear course for the short- and long-term future, the Eagles should choose one or the other. Apart from asking the question of which guy they’d rather see on the opposing sideline, they need to have a candid and honest discussion about which guy makes them better.

Given that the Eagles were blown off the Superdome playing surface eight weeks ago with Wentz at quarterback and pushed the Saints to the limit with Foles under center, it’s a real debate that Pederson, executive V.P. of football operations Howie Roseman, and owner Jeffrey Lurie must have, asking tough questions about what’s truly in the best interests of the team.

Some will call it a good problem to have. But the only good problem is no problem, because the likely outcome for the Eagles is that one will stay, and one will go. Whoever they choose, they’ll have to worry in 2019 and beyond that they picked the wrong guy.

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  1. I don’t think it is a tough decision. I think Foles only wants to play for Philly, so he will sign a team friendly contract with incentives in case he is called up to play. They keep him as a backup, ready to step in at any time. I suspect he will be fine with that, even though he could leverage his way out if he wanted.

  2. The Eagles are a different, better team with Foles at QB. I don’t like it, and I don’t understand it, but it’s true. They would be idiots to trade him in favor of a flashy guy who gets hurt at the worst times. So let’s find out together.

  3. It is a conundrum and not an easy decision in any respect.
    Had Alshon Jeffrey made that catch today instead of letting the ball slip through his hands to be picked off, it potentially would’ve been an easier decision. If Foles led the Eagles to a win today I don’t know how they could bench him.
    But, that is all academic since we lost on a bs effort by our leading receiver.
    Whoever the Eagles decide is the Franchise QB, I will back 100 percent because I respect both Wentz and Foles without reservation.

  4. Nonsense. 32 out of 32 GMs would take Wentz over Foles. Wentz’s numbers this season were better than Foles. Why doesn’t anyone talk about Foles’ two lousy starts at the beginning of the year?

    Wentz is younger, better, and even (for now) cheaper. Don’t overthink it.

  5. We know whats going to happen….in his post game presser foles pretty much said goodbye without saying it. I think they already informed him of what theyre going to do.Eagles wont pick up that option without a restructure. Hell be worth alot of money and probably wants a chance to start. So as much as i hate to see him go i say farewell and good luck St Nick. No matter where u end up youll always be a eagle. Ill be fan and pull for you always….unless u are playing.philly. Tyvm for being our superhero qb when we needed one and allowing us to finally.see our guys raise the trophy. FLY EAGLES FLY

  6. Foles has a turnover in 8 straight games. There is a reason he is a career back up. There’s no decision to be made

  7. Every jawn from here to the shore knows that Foles is the way to go. Wntz is (worth) a number 1…
    in the draft, think bout it…

  8. “But the only good problem is no problem, because the likely outcome for the Eagles is that one will stay, and one will go.”

    I agree Florio, although I have heard that phrase used most of my career. I always wonder if he can carry a 16 game season (his numbers are all over the board over the last 6-7 years) but one thing is certain…Eagles are a better team with him. Plus, Wentz may be able to carry a team for 16 games, but he has never lasted 16 games.

    Hard choice, but I am not sure it is a hard choice. I’ve already made mine.

  9. Not to different from what the Cardinals did this season signing Sam Bradford then drafting Josh Rosen high in the first round. Pretty sure they had to pay Sam a bundle for a few hours of work.

  10. Foles is not nearly as good as you give him credit for… you know that phrase it’s better to be lucky than good? Yeah, that’s bull. Luck runs out, skill doesn’t.

  11. First, when Wentz was “blown out” the Eagles were out SEVEN STARTERS on defence and FOUR on offense. That team had players off practice squads that never played with eachother.. Chemistry with the backups, great coaching, and the team rallying behind a BACKUP QB made them competitive. Don’t discount the power of Pride either.

    Foles is better then half the starting QBs in the league, the problem is one if the ones he’s not better then is Wentz.

    The idea if keeping Foles and Wentz is destructive to a team. Foles has to go. Sad to say. The Eagles lost to the Saints by injury. Cox in and out. Peters out. Brooks out, ect. Im proud to be an Eagles fan. They fought a superior team with FIVE starters out from their secondary, backup QB, Backup RB, Their #2 WR out (Wallace) #4 WR out (Hollins) and a patchwork O Line all year and still came within 20yards of going to the NFCCG..Go Birds!!

  12. The Eagles probably could’ve won the East if Foles played. He gives them a better chance to win and if today’s game was played in Philly, the outcome could’ve been different. However, Wentz is the younger of the two with potential, but they should be scared of back problems. Just ask Tony Romo.

  13. It’s not just a good problem to have, it’s a great problem to have. They’re almost certainly going to get decent compensation for one of those guys (probably Foles). I’m Redskins fan, and wish it weren’t so, but the Eagles are in great shape for now and the future.

  14. Us Eagles fans are grateful for what Nick Foles did for our franchise, but let’s be real, Nick Foles is the most inconsistent player. Case in point was today’s game and the bears game where everyone around him tried to pick up the slack….then there was superbowl foles. Carson Wentz, when completely healthy from his ACL, is the future. No debate whatsoever.

  15. It has to be Foles moving forward. Wentz has already seen an injury to his base (knee) an injury to his core (back) and we cannot even begin to fathom where his head is now with Foles loved in a TOUGH town and Carson not having fully bounced back this season. There is always the slim chance these two like each other enough (which does seem to be real)
    and WANT to coexist longer if both of them, and the Eagles, can agree to split franchise QB money. id love to see that outcome. Montana and Young….. Simms and Hostetler…. it is possible and it CAN work. IF one must go…. it has to be Wentz though… and if Oakland wants to pony up two or three Ist round picks for him… allowing us to trot into the draft with 3-4 1st rounders…. we can nab another young QB AND fill many holes. Trading Foles… not going to bring enuff assets IMO.

  16. What does Foles have to do to prove that he’s the guy the Eagles can count on in the post season????

    Biggest no-brainer, but the Eagles can’t see the obvious

  17. Interesting decision. The other factor in it is that Wentz has trade value, a lot of value. So they could potentially trade him for a flock of draft picks and sign Foles to a 4 or 5 year deal. But…they can’t do it the other way. Foles doesn’t have much trade value as he isn’t under contract next year

  18. You can’t compare the 2 games against the Saints and use it against Wentz and for Foles. The defensive backfield was a shambles in that first game. They couldn’t cover a chair.With Foles’ somewhat mixed history of success and failure, not sure many QB needy teams will take him over a cheaper draft pick option.

  19. Salary, production, age and talent are all factors. TOUGHHHH call to make and good problem to have!

  20. Stupid conversation regardingn last game and this… was a completely different team, calling different plays with different players, different style, scheme and attitude.Incomparable. Wentz was carrying the team at that point where as Foles was being buoyed by it Nd his coaches now.

  21. Gotta give it to Foles. Surely that’s what the fans want? You can shift Wentz for more than a 1st round pick as well!

  22. I don’t think it is a hard choice. 5 years of Foles or 10 years of Wentz. When Foles is on he’s really good, when he’s off he’s really, really off. When Wentz is on he is better than Foles at his best and when he’s at his worst he’s still usually better than Foles at his worst (NOLA was his only truly terrible game in 3 years). Foles has had more variance in his performances over the years where he’s either got it or not. Not that many games where he is steady in the middle.

    The team knows this and I think will they will probably stay with Wentz for 10 years unless they somehow get bowled over with an offer for 3 firsts or something crazy like that.

    Sudfeld could resign as the backup in either case as the team seems to like him.

  23. As an Eagles fan I can also say that I don’t feel the refs had anything to do with the outcome of this game. They let WRs and DBs battle. The turning point was losing Pro Bowler RG Brooks to injury in the first. Offense was stagnant after that.

  24. The old saying “If you’ve got two starting QB’s, you’ve got none” does not apply here.

  25. There is no controversy. Carson Wentz is the starting quarterback for the Eagles. Wentz was bad in the first Saints game, but the defensive secondary was horrible and left Wentz with no other options but to try to play one dimensional football. Plus, I think his back was bothering him more than he let on for weeks before he came out. Nick Foles, after the two touchdowns, showed that other side of Nick Foles until the last drive I love Nick, but I think he wants and deserves to become a starter, but it will be somewhere else. Nate Sudfeld is ready to be a backup.

  26. First this is stupid to start with.2nd, Foles did his best to lose the Chicago game and they got lucky on a kick. And he looked very average in NO. In no way did he give NO a scare. The man is a career backup for a reason. He is average and streaky. He can be a good backup but anyone who signs him will be screwed if he is the starter. Just like Sam Bradford was he is a tease who is always on the edge but will never be a big time QB. Pederson uses him in the best way he can which makes it seem he is more than he is. If they let Wentz go and lose a quality young starter for an older not as good QB then they deserve to lose.

  27. Tired of reading about Wentz’s “playing style that has left him injured in each of the last two years.“

    Last year’s injury was not caused by contact. And this year the o-line did a terrible job of protecting him. He got pounded regularly. They started playing better by the time he came down with the back fracture, but by then, the damage was done.

  28. I doubt the Eagles pay Foles 20MM to stay.
    They may reach some compromise though.

    In any case Foles should test the waters and see what kind of starter money he can get elsewhere. If he can get an 18MM/year contract with 2 years guaranteed, plus incentives he should take it.

  29. Foles lost his starter job 4 times already – Philly (first stint), Chiefs, Rams, Philly earlier this season, been traded by Philly before and cut by Chiefs & Rams – all since 2012! – because he’s not that great. An 88.5 career rating, yes a bit above average, but not even consistent with it.

  30. Foles looked great in the playoffs the last 2 years. They probably beat the saints if jefferies closes his hands. Wentz is probably the better choice but he’s brittle. Philly will screw this up.lol Nick would look great in DC. Lets go Skins!!!

  31. Wentz is the better, more skilled QB case closed. The argument that Foles is better for this team is a mute point. This is no longer “ this team “ the Eagles have 15 unrestricted free agents and a case can be made that none will be back. Time to build a new team and start with the best QB Carson Wentz.

  32. Are people really forgetting that Foles has a lot of the power here? You can stop the nonsense of trading for this guy or trading for that. Those are all pipe dreams. Second, the Eagles might be in a position of needing to draft 3 offensive lineman this year.

    Foles has never played a full 16. And also has the ability to buy out of his contract. Only way he gets traded is if he is franchised tagged. And GMs know that the Eagles can’t afford to keep him on the roster. Most will wait them out for him to be released.

    Second, the huge market that is out there for him… where? Just about every single place as a stop gap option that doesn’t require them breaking the bank for him. So that kings ransom some talk about, I wouldn’t give it. I am just hurting my team more than helping it. People need to slow down.

  33. Think this through. If Foles walks, which teams are in the most need for a quick fix free agent QB? look around the NFL and the 2 teams at the top of the list are the REDSKINS and GIANTS. Do the Eagles not only want to dump him but play him 2-3 times/year? On top of draft picks, Antonio Brown, etc the Eagles would also have some control on where Wentz plays if they trade him (ie. AFC team)

  34. it would be smart we’re the Eagles to keep both so long as it doesn’t divide the team against itself;

    clearly Foles is the baseball equivalent of a middle reliever/closer;

    football has evolved into TE by committee and RB by committee and DL by committee and slot WR/defensive back by committee;

    it’s only a matter of time before the NFL evolve to QB by committee;

    there really isn’t much more in the way of a solution for the most important player on the field;

    clearly the current ‘indispensable man’ philosophy the NFL apply to the position is not working;

    don’t believe me, ask TB, GB, SF, Pittsburgh, CIN, CAR, JAX, HOU, NYJ, WASH, BUF…

    sure, it ties up a lot of cap money, but nine times out of ten all the hard work and preparation for a 16-20 game season comes down to a form of Russian roulette hoping one player out of 60 doesn’t get hurt;

    does it really make sense to run a business model based upon the hoped for survival of one player, knowing that losing that one single player can sabotage a multi-billion dollar enterprise?

  35. i don’t know i wasn’t impressed with Carson Wentz all year, and don’t read me the stats he was erratic in his accuracy on throws, takes more sacks, and is injury prone. Nick’s proven he can do it but Carson after that ACL injury has not, keep Foles, trade wentz

  36. stinkhead says:
    January 14, 2019 at 1:07 am

    Trade Carson to Pittsburgh with a second round pick for Brown. If Foles can stay put, all is well.
    Let me guess – Steeler fan?

    Brown is a 30 year-old locker room cancer with a massive contract that no one would give up anything for.

  37. streetyson says:
    January 14, 2019 at 8:25 am
    Foles lost his starter job 4 times already – Philly (first stint), Chiefs, Rams, Philly earlier this season, been traded by Philly before and cut by Chiefs & Rams – all since 2012! – because he’s not that great. An 88.5 career rating, yes a bit above average, but not even consistent with it.
    Wouldn’t want you to let facts get in the way of your claim. Foles was injured his 3rd year in Philly, didn’t lose his job. Chip the dip Kelly traded him for Sammy “Sleeves” Bradford going into his 4th year. Lost his job in St Louis but Fisher was his coach for god’s sake. Signed as a backup with the Chiefs, not as a starter. Other than that he was pretty great last year against the Pats and the Vikes when it counted and we very well could have seen greatness again last night if Alshon doesn’t drop that pass.

  38. therealtrenches says:
    January 14, 2019 at 7:15 am
    Tired of reading about Wentz’s “playing style that has left him injured in each of the last two years.“

    Last year’s injury was not caused by contact. And this year the o-line did a terrible job of protecting him. He got pounded regularly. They started playing better by the time he came down with the back fracture, but by then, the damage was done.

    wentz was 6-7 this year case closed

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