Eagles lead 14-10 at halftime over Saints

Getty Images

The Saints turned what was looking like a blowout into what could become a classic.

The Eagles still lead 14-10 at halftime of the divisional round game, but the Saints have scored 10 unanswered points after a fake punt breathed some life into the team and the home crowd.

Drew Brees recovered from a disastrous start (deep interception on the first play) to get the Saints into some kind of rhythm by the end of the half. But he might not have had the opportunity without quarterback Taysom Hill.

Hill’s conversion of a fake punt was the moment when things began to turn around for the Saints, and Brees was 11-of-13 for 141 yards and a touchdown in the second quarter.

The Eagles slowed down after their torrid start, and the Saints run coincided with the absence of Eagles defensive tackle Fletcher Cox. But Cox came back just before the half, and appears able to finish this one.