Sean Lee has “to figure things out” about playing future


Cowboys linebacker Sean Lee‘s ninth NFL season came to an end with Saturday night’s loss to the Rams and that means it is time for him to contemplate whether a 10th season is in the cards.

The oft-injured Lee played in seven games this season as a hamstring injury kept him out for big chunks of the season. Lee’s absence opened the door for first-round pick Leighton Vander Esch to establish himself as a big piece of the Dallas defense’s future.

Whether Lee is part of the Cowboys future in any form sits alongside the question of whether he’ll continue playing for anyone as things for Lee to mull over in the near future.

“We will see. I am going to take some time and think about it,” Lee said, via the Fort Worth Star-Telegram. “Obviously, staying healthy is something I need to do if I want to keep playing. But I do love playing the game. I love the organization. We have to figure out the future. There is a decision. I need to talk to my family. And see what the deal is Cowboys wise. We have to figure things out.”

Lee has a $7 million salary and a cap hit of $10.075 million in 2019. The least likely outcome for Lee would seem to be his return at that price tag and the Cowboys would get $7 million in cap space back if they did release Lee in the coming weeks.

15 responses to “Sean Lee has “to figure things out” about playing future

  1. Love Lee but no matter what his decision is he won’t be on the team next year. Everyone praises our defensive coaches but for some reason they couldn’t figure out how to have lee, jaylon, and Leighton on the field at the same time.

  2. Sean Lee does play for the Dallas Cowboy School of Broadcasting so I don’t think he’ll have a problem finding a gig in the booth on the weekends.

  3. They’ll have to pay big money to Lawrence and Cooper. Prescott and Elliott’s paydays are coming to. Lee is done.

  4. I think every Cowboy fans know what Sean Lee has meant to the defense. The hamstrings became an issue in college. They have gotten progressively worse in the NFL. Lee has been like a coach on the field. He calls the defense on the field, so why not retire and become a coach?

    I’ve been a Sean Lee fan since day one. Lee deserves all the time he needs to make his decision.

  5. Smart, tough but his body has paid the price. Enjoy retirement and your next success.
    -Eagles fan

  6. Somebody made the decision to sit Vander Esch for an entire series and play Sean Lee who got trucked repeatedly. Then next series somebody made the decision to sit Jaylon Smith and play Sean Lee for almost the whole series. Good riddance.

  7. Never should have taken Vander Esch out of game?
    Let’s be honest ..he struggled a lot. He will be great but
    against the Rams both Smith and Vander Esch struggled .
    Lee actually had better stats than both with far fewer plays.
    But bottom line the future is Vander Esch and Smith and Lee
    Understands that and I bet is willing to do what is needed to help
    the organization. He did show that when healthy and given the reps
    he still can help.

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