Sean McVay knew no moment was too big for C.J. Anderson

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Less than three years ago, Broncos running back C.J. Anderson played a major role in a Super Bowl run. Less than a month ago, Anderson was out of a job.

But Anderson persevered, and it has paid off both for him and for the Rams.

Snatched from the scrap heap on December 18 after a failed workout with the Chiefs and a half-cup of lukewarm Sanka with the Raiders, Anderson has become essentially 1B to Todd Gurley‘s 1A in the L.A. backfield.

“He’s a guy that’s played in big-time games,” coach Sean McVay told reporters after Anderson completed his third 100-yard rushing performance in three games with the Rams. “You know that no moment is too big for him. This is a guy that’s had a big-time role and a Super Bowl champion team. He’s just got a great feel for the game. I think he did a great job again tonight. Was really just impressed with him from the jump –- the way that he was able to come in, I guess it would be about a month ago now, and how quickly he was able to pick things up. Really smart, cerebral player and does a great job putting his pads down, finishing falling forward.”

He’s fallen upward with 167 yards in Week 16 against the Cardinals, 132 yards in Week 17 against the 49ers, and now 123 yards in the divisional round against the Cowboys. The difference this time? Todd Gurley was healthy and effective, but Anderson still made an impact.

“He’s been running his tail off and doing everything right,” quarterback Jared Goff told reporters regarding Anderson. “I think the last two weeks without Todd, he showed what he can do. Then, this week, having both of them is special and it gives you a real dual-threat of backs, and different backs. Todd is obviously what Todd is, in my opinion the best back in the league and can do so many things. Then, C.J. comes in and knows his role and knows what we need him to do and protects and does all that stuff right. It’s just been a really good combo.”

It was a really great combo last night, with both Gurley and Anderson over 100 yards.

So could Anderson envision this when he was unemployed a month ago?

“It’s how you handle things,” Anderson told reporters. “For myself, I just always kept my head down and kept pushing. I always believed in my ability and what I could do. It’s not like I haven’t been in these positions before. It’s not like I haven’t been . . . a 1,000-yard back in this league, a Pro Bowl back in this league. I’ve always found a way to hold my own no matter what. I’d describe it like that.”

We’ll describe it like this: It’s great to see guys who have become overlooked get chances, and to make the most of them. Anderson is, and he’ll get a chance to do it again next Sunday.

20 responses to “Sean McVay knew no moment was too big for C.J. Anderson

  1. That was a embarrassing performance by the Cowboys. The LA line is not good on either side of the ball and it goes back to Jason G and not having the cowboys ready. They should have destroyed the rams

  2. Want to watch dicaplined players staying in their lanes running route’s correct and a QB that can throw turn on the game that’s on now. You don’t clap and tell players they did well after letting them run all over you

  3. steelpalace5000 says:
    January 13, 2019 at 3:40 pm
    That was a embarrassing performance by the Cowboys. The LA line is not good on either side of the ball and it goes back to Jason G and not having the cowboys ready. They should have destroyed the rams

    As a Cowboys fan, I agree it was an embarrassing performance, but to say the Rams’ lines are not good is being a delusional fan. Their offensive line played together all season, all 5 starters, all year, that makes a huge difference. Comversely, the Cowboys offensive line has been shuffling players in and out all season and while Looney played well, they missed Frederick and his experience in the offense.

    The defensive lines are also totally different, the Rams have Donald who is a dominant player, he is paired with Suh, who is also a dominant player. You have to account for them on every play and they still make plays. Lawrence is the only consistent threat the Cowboys have on their line amd we saw the Rams take him out of the play on nearly every down. Who elese stepped up?

    The Cowboys saw a team last night that they can build and draft to become, but they need a coaching staff that maximizes their talent, understands how to play and create mismatches, instead, they have Garrett who is stuck in the 90s. They cannot just line up and expect a diminished line to open rushing lanes for a dynamic running back that the other team knows is getting the ball. They consistently scheme themselves into bad down and distances, e.g., taking Zeke out on a 3rd down, now the defense does not have to account for him and can key on Cooper or Beasley or taking Cooper, your best wide receiver, off the field on a 4th down play, there is not threat that you might try to throw a 10-15 yard pass instead of running Zeke into a wall.

    Garrett may have “led” them to 3 division titles in 5 years, but he cannot get them deep into the playoffs or to a Super Bowl. Consider that so far every team that had a bye, won their game with ease, the 6th consecutive year that the 1s and 2s advance. When the Cowboys had a bye, they lost at home to Green Bay and it’s not like Green Bay went on to win the Super Bowl that year. Not sure who Jerry can lure to Dallas that can change things up, assuming he wants to win another Super Bowl, but with every passing year we see talented players have their careers end without fulfilling their potential and winning in the playoffs. Garrett has to go.

  4. Anderson looked as good as Gurley did night.
    Since the moment they signed him off the street, he’s been just as productive as Gurley, an elite and highly paid running back.
    In two regular season games, he averaged 6 yards a pop and scored two touchdowns.
    Again, this after walking in off the street and without a single touch all season.

    Really makes you wonder how many teams will break the bank for running backs.
    Will anyone pay Leveon Bell $14 million next season, or anything close to it?
    James Conner stepped in and was almost as good, at a fraction of the salary.
    Hard to see many running backs scoring big paydays in the coming years.

  5. steelpalace5000 says:
    January 13, 2019 at 3:40 pm
    That was a embarrassing performance by the Cowboys. The LA line is not good on either side of the ball and it goes back to Jason G and not having the cowboys ready. They should have destroyed the rams.

    The Rams have a top 10 oline and have the best defensive player in the NFL on their Dline.
    Your statement is as close to being right as Jason Garrett is to making all the decisions in Dallas.

  6. The Rams got run on all year. The offense line is horrible and we could not get any pressure. You can defend the Rams line all you want both both of their lines are average at best. Look up the numbers.again they got ran on all year long. The Cowboys should have dominated the run game and Conor Williams is not a NFL offensive lineman. He is horrible.jeff Heath is a joke and would not be on any other NFL team. Want me to go on.

  7. steelpalace5000 says:
    January 13, 2019 at 5:33 pm
    The Rams averaged giving up 5 yrds a run . Tell me again how good the defense line is. They are average at best
    Good enough to shut down the nfls leading rusher.
    steelpalace5000 says:
    The offense line is horrible.
    #2 Toatal offense – Ranked #2 in team rushing yards – #5 In passing yards
    All the signs of a terrible The Rams oline completly and totally dominated the
    cowboys so called top ten defense from the first snap to the last.

    The Cowboys are incapable of “dominating” anybody with a winning record and were one of the weakest teams in the entire playoffs.Any Cowboys fan should feel fortunate they did as well as they did.
    Dak is one of the most overrrated players in the league and Zeke is a diva who disappears
    when things are not going his way.Garrett did as well as he could,with the talent he had.

  8. Hmmm what did the Cowboys do to the #1 rushing team last week ? They should have dominated the Rams on both sides. Jason g and Scott l. Have done nothing but waste NFL careers.The rams have one good player on the defense line . They got ran on all year long

  9. Cowboys are a joke. Their division was a dumpster fire this year, which is why Dallas was in the playoffs hosting a home game at 10 and 6

  10. Releasing C J Anderson was another in a series of bone-headed moves by the Denver Broncos. C J is continuing to show up big when it matters most.

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