Bears don’t seem happy with Cody Parkey’s television appearance

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Cody Parkey may have won some admirers among the national television audience for the way he handled adversity, but he doesn’t appear to have done himself any favors at work.

The Bears kicker’s appearance on the Today show last week apparently didn’t go over well with the team’s decision-makers, who could be making a decision on Parkey’s future soon.

Via Patrick Finley of the Chicago Sun-Times, Bears coach Matt Nagy said Parkey didn’t tell him about his plan to appear on NBC after his traumatic miss in the Bears’ wild card loss to the Eagles.

“For me, you understand that we always talk about a ‘we’ and not a ‘me’ thing, and we always talk as a team — we win as a team, we lose as a team,” Nagy said. “You know, I just, I didn’t necessarily think that that was too much of a ‘we’ thing.”

Asked if it was appropriate, Nagy replied: “Again, I didn’t think it was a ‘we’ thing.”

Parkey missed a combined 10 kicks during the regular season — 23-of-30 on field goals, 42-of-45 on extra points — and hit five uprights during the regular season. When he hit both the upright and the crossbar (on a kick that was tipped at the line of scrimmage), it cost the Bears a playoff win, and the goodwill of his bosses.

General Manager Ryan Pace wasn’t as gruff as Nagy, but made it clear they wanted better performance in 2019.

“That position is an emphasis for us,” Pace said. “We understand we need to get better, get more production out of that position. Matt talks about it all the time: There’s so much parity in our league, so many close games, the kicker position is critical. We know we need to get better there and it’ll be an area of focus.”

Pace was noncommittal when asked if Parkey would be back next year, as part of competition or at all. Because they signed him to a four-year, $15 million contract last offseason which included $9 million guaranteed, the Bears would take a significant cash and cap hit if they get rid of him this offseason.

29 responses to “Bears don’t seem happy with Cody Parkey’s television appearance

  1. Victimhood is a prized status in America today. Look at how Kaepernick, Eric Reid, and Johnathan Martin has all chased and embraced it. Parkey is just next in line to chase victimhood, only he has a new angle.

  2. Sorry, but the players should be able to do what they want (within reason) during the offseason. Maybe his miss was the reason they are in the offseason, but I bet the coach isn’t calling every player when he goes on TV for an appearance to let all of them know what “we” are doing.

  3. It’s the today show… Mindless TV. I’m surprised they didn’t have Al Roker try to kick a field goal in the studio.

  4. It takes a lot to get Nagy visibly riled, and even more so in front of the media. Pretty sure Parkey’s a goner either sooner or later there.

  5. The Bears will move on from him….they have to. IF they keep him because they don’t wanna throw away their money, and he has ANOTHER bad year they look like real fools. The GM should go into the HALL OF SHAME for giving that contract…make him sit next to Leich from the Bucs who drafted Roberto Agyayo.

  6. He didn’t give away any team secrets or strategies; he didn’t throw a teammate under the bus for missing the blocking assignment that allowed his kick to be tipped; he didn’t say any controversial that would embarrass team officials – yet the head coach has a problem with this tv appearance??

    Talk about being a control freak. Wonder if Nagy has an issue with some players wearing green underwear instead of orange and blue…

  7. “Be you”

    Exactly…even if it means throwing the ball 75% of the time in a close, low scoring game at home with a young, somewhat mediocre QB. Right?!

  8. Mike Nagy is an absolute chump for selling out his player like that. Preach TEAM and then sell your kicker out because you were out-coached and out-classed by Pederson? That loss is 100% on Nagy. That dumb, clueless look on his face when Parkey doinked it said it all.

  9. Boy, Nagy is going to be in trouble if he things today’s players are all supposed to be about “we” instead of “me”!

    I wonder if Nagy has decided not to do any personal endorsements, and if he does, will all the players split the income?

  10. Parkey deserves to be cut, not for his appearance on the today show, but because he was a huge liability all year long. Not surprising he doinked one when we needed him most. Mental fortitude is something he lacks. Pace & Nagy pretty much cut him during the press conference today and I couldn’t be happier. Enjoy the 9 mill and thanks for your efforts but peace out!

    Gostkowski for kicker!! Perfect Bears kicker – Pace get it done.

  11. I would just like to point out that this team wouldn’t have even been relevant this year if not for trading draft picks for a “me” player who was holding out for more money.

  12. if you were Nagy, and cody parkey was your kicker, you wouldn’t be happy about it either. players can go on tv, but not bad players 5 d

  13. Perhaps Da Bears should petition the rules committee to make hitting the goal post a good extra point or field goal. In fact they should add a point so an extra point donk would be worth 2 points and an extra field goal donk would be worth 4 points. And the double donk would in the playoff game would be worth 5 points!!!! Rule change needed if we keep Parkey.

  14. If Cody Parkey makes a kick in the Dolphins game the Bears have the #2 seed and rest a week. Since the Bears cut Robbie Gould kicking has cost the bears 1-2 games a year. At the end of the eagles game Parkey kicked it lower so it would go farther. Plus he’s been very “it’s gods will” as a show of caring whenever he’s lost the Bears a game. BTW Robbie Gould is a free agent that’s gods will too

  15. This is weak as hell. We all know whats going on. They are pissed that he missed but dont want to come across as “the bad guys” to people. So they are going to use weak crap like this as the reason they need to part ways lol. So weak

  16. Nagy should address his rancid offense and not-for-prime-time defense that failed him. They had the Eagles with a backup at home and couldn’t put that vaunted Monsters of the Midway reboot to use. Oh and dump off Mitch didn’t help either but yeah, it’s the kicker.

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