Jason Garrett plans to retain Scott Linehan and the rest of the Cowboys’ staff

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After the Cowboys’ disappointing playoff exit against the Rams, questions were raised about whether offensive coordinator Scott Linehan could be on the way out. Head coach Jason Garrett answered those questions today.

Garrett said on 105.3 The Fan in Dallas that he plans to retain Linehan and everyone else on his coaching staff for the 2019 season.

Although most teams make a few changes here or there on the coaching staff, Garrett said he expects no significant changes.

Linehan just completed his fifth year on Garrett’s staff and has previously been an offensive coordinator for the Dolphins, Vikings and Lions, as well as head coach of the Rams. He has taken plenty of criticism for failing to change with the times and continuing to run an offense that looks a lot like the offense he’s been running throughout his coaching career. As long as he continues to have Garrett’s confidence, however, he continues to have a job.

29 responses to “Jason Garrett plans to retain Scott Linehan and the rest of the Cowboys’ staff

  1. If they did decide to replace him (hopefully its still a possibility) who would they get? Seems like most of the offensive coaches have already been reshuffled.

  2. Great! Now it is for certain that they will run Zeke into the ground in the next 2 seasons and need to find another RB to replace him. All the while the passing game will lose out as they need a QB with more accuracy than the one they have now. I like Dak and I think he is a baller, but with the weapons they have in the passing game, Dallas needs to be able to stretch the field and they have not been able to do that this far in his career. Cowboys fan.

  3. This would be a back-breaking mistake. I kept holding out hope that I’d wake up today and the headline would say Garrett’s out and Richard has been named the head coach, but the commenter above is correct. Finding an offensive playcaller in that scenario is tougher right now. There’s gotta be someone better than Linehan though.

  4. Oh Jerry!! Fans, writers and various experts were screaming at you to go sign Kingsbury as a consultant as soon as he came available, and then the OC for 2019. Clearly you don’t care about winning.

    So, basically, Texas doesn’t have a competent, professional football organization in Dallas or Houston.

    Go Saints! Or Chiefs. Or Pats. Or any other team that knows how to compete.

  5. An institutional commitment to mediocrity. Garrett knows he’s Jerry’s boy and doesn’t have to worry about job security so he’s going to stock his personnel with his own version of yes men. If Garrett’s OC was better than him Jerry might get it in his head to replace him and Clappy won’t have any of that.

  6. What is it they say about defining insanity? Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result. Hmm…

  7. Fire Garrett, Linehan, etc etc.

    Hire Romo as the splash hire head coach, redemption..reunited blah blah (giving Boys fans more reason to spend money and drink the kool aid, plus he just might be good at it).

    Promote Richards to Def. Coordinator.

    You’re welcome.

  8. And with that announcement expect the Cowboys to go 6-10 or worst. At best they could get to 7-9. The most ridiculous thing Garrett could do.

  9. Well, it seems Jerry’s decision is pretty clear. Status quo or a change at head coach. They’ve had plenty of time to build a culture in Dallas and it’s an OK culture. The Cowboys are pretty good. Making the divisional round of the playoffs isn’t bad. They play alright in most games. And so if alright, pretty good, ok, and not bad are what Jerry is looking for, then status quo it is. After this much time, though, I’m ready for going for more.

  10. What you all are not doing is remembering how Jerry thinks. He isn’t looking at how bad Dak was throwing the ball or how inept the offense was. He looks at it as they were only 2 wins away from the Superbowl. He is trying to build the team like Jimmy did back in the 90s. A great running back a good offensive line and a number 1 receiver. A defense that has a great pass rusher . Jerry thinks he’s a piece or two away from a dynasty. He actually thinks that.

  11. America’s Team….lol, the last time Dallas won a Super Bowl many of you weren’t even born yet.

  12. Teams that have gone the longest without playing in a conf championship game:
    Cincinnati Bengals: 30 seasons
    Washington: 27 seasons
    Detroit Lions: 27 seasons
    Cleveland Browns: 26 seasons
    Miami Dolphins: 26 seasons
    Buffalo Bills: 25 seasons
    Dallas Cowboys: 23 seasons

    Jerry must like the mediocrity.

  13. Ater the Seattle game Jerry Jones said that should change a lot of people’s minds about Jason. Like a playoff win is going to make all the fans forget about all the years since he bacame coach in 2011

  14. Why change mediocrity? Nothing ever changes, everything remains the same. Shooting for 8-8 again in 2019?

  15. Like most Cowboys fans, keeping Lineham is a terrible decision. He won’t change with the times and he won’t make game day decision to change anything depending on what the other team is doing. Everybody knows that Jerry is happy with coaches who keep their mouth shut and egos in check. Actually coaching ability is secondary to Jerry.

    Stop and think for 1 minute. With all the emphasis on offenses currently in the NFL, why do you think Lineham name isn’t being considered for a HC position? To me that say a lot!

  16. There is still hope! Stephen Jones saying it’s too early to talk about any personnel or coaching changes as they still need to sit down and see where they fell short. It isn’t rocket science: 23rd in offense in the NFL with a talented OL, one of the best RBs in the game, a decent QB (although he drives me nuts with lack of pocket awareness) and playmakers on the outside in Coop and Gallup. Hmmm…wonder what the issue could be? I’m thinking he’ll be gone. Jerruh ain’t that dumb…he hears the fans.

  17. Wonder why many think Jason Garrett should be fired? He thinks Linehan is a good offensive coordinator. I guess Garrett misses the part where Linehan runs a predictable, in-the-box thinking, and easy to defend offense.

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