Jason Kelce: No decisions about playing next season

Getty Images

Veteran players often face questions about their plans for next season when their teams are done playing for the year and that happened after both of Sunday’s playoff games.

Chargers tight end Antonio Gates was clear that he wants to play in 2019, but Eagles center Jason Kelce offered a different response. Kelce said he has “not made any decisions” about what the future holds and won’t until he has a chance to “reassess and reevaluate.”

“Reality is it’s a hard game physically, and the older you get, the competitor in you, the player in you, obviously wants to keep playing and keep going, and through the rigors of the season, my family and friends are taking the brunt of all the positives and negatives going on,” Kelce said, via Philly.com. “So I can’t really stress that I haven’t made a decision to retire at all. This is a season-by-season basis thing that probably will happen for the rest of my career.”

Kelce has started 110 games for the Eagles since they made him a sixth-round pick in 2011 and was selected for his second straight All-Pro team this season.