John Elway admits he blew the Vance Joseph hire

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Not many people have much experience hiring head coaches. And those who have the most typically aren’t doing a good job hiring head coaches in the first place; otherwise, they wouldn’t be hiring so many of them.

Broncos G.M. John Elway has now hired four coaches, firing two. He admits that his most recent hire before his latest one was a mistake.

“I talked to [Vance Joseph] before the process a couple of years ago [when hiring Gary Kubiak], and knew him, and going in, I had an idea that he was kind of our guy,” Elway told Peter King of Football Morning in America. “I admit it. I was wrong on that one. I don’t like to say it out loud because I don’t want to offend VJ, who is a good football coach. But things didn’t work out.”

They didn’t work out because Elway apparently zeroed in on the other guy he liked when hiring Kubiak, instead of starting from scratch.

“Cover your bases thoroughly and get the best candidates that you can and don’t make your mind up going in,” Elway now explains. “Don’t draw any conclusions before you go into the coaching interviews. Take each interview in the moment and do not pre-draw it. Don’t combine it with the other ones and don’t make your mind up when you walk out. Be as thorough as you can and try to find the right guy that fits your job at that point in time. So that’s what I learned. I’ve probably pre-drawn my thought process going in before.”

He surely did it with Joseph, compounding the mistake by keeping him after a failed 2017 season. Elway may have done it with Kubiak. With new coach Vic Fangio, Elway is surely hoping that his experience in hiring head coaches finally will pay off. If it doesn’t this time, the Broncos may soon be hiring a new G.M.

37 responses to “John Elway admits he blew the Vance Joseph hire

  1. To bad he can’t look at himself and admit what a horrible GM he is. It’s fun listening to Broncos fans tears and that won’t stop as long as Elway is the man making the personnel decisions.

  2. Is there a such thing as a good coach who doesnt have a Qb? How is coaching grades if the Qb is trash? It cant just be about time management. Let’s see how many more games Vic wins and if he is one worst or better is he a good or bad coach? Or is there a bad GM in the building?

  3. Elway blows it most times. Best thing he ever did was get Peyton !anning to sign with Denver. After that? Not so much. For a guy that has played QB his whole life, he sure can’t evaluate them unless they are already HOF’ers. Which bust QB will he draft next? You know Keenum is gone.

  4. Ouch. I don’t see any reason to kick a guy after you’ve fired him. Not a classy move, IMO…even if he’s right.

  5. Elway you’ve been “wrong’ far more than you’ve been right. How come you’ve missed on every single QB? Shane Ray? If you can’t evaluate the very position you played, how can you convince a fan base you can evaluate other positions? This is why you don’t give a guy personnel control who has NEVER worked in personnel before. This type of thing only happens in the NFL. SMH

  6. This should be Elways last chance to get it right. Amazing how in general, GM’s are not held to the same standard as the HC (Keim in Zona or Licht in TB).

  7. Geez, Elway, those of us in Broncos’ Country knew he was NEVER the right guy from the get-go. He had all of one year of experience as a coordinator … where his defensive unit ranked #30. He was a terrible candidate.

  8. you’re framing the “4 coaches” thing in as poor of a light as possible. Firing John Fox was a factor in them winning the super bowl, which is the whole point of this thing.

    But it was pretty clear this was the problem with the Joseph hire when Kyle Shanahan said he knew he never had a chance at the denver job. least he can admit it

  9. Honestly I am not sure that was necessary. Not once after letting someone go have I done that to a person, even going so far as to create narratives to let people retain dignity. Guess that’s too much for him. Stay classy John.

  10. Elway didn’t exactly nail the QB position during VJ’s tenure either. The rotation of Siemian, Osweiler, Paxton Lynch, and Keenum doesn’t set up anyone for success.

  11. Even as Vance Joseph’s hiring was going down itwo years ago it was painfully clear that the Broncos had blown their head coaching hire. The same was true within 30 seconds of hearing Paxton Lynch interviewed from a bowling alley the night of the draft: With these two massive mistakes, and with other circumstances like endorsing a presidential candidate on Bronco’s letterhead (it doesn’t even matter which candidate), the alcohol related drama with key staff members, his son’s gross mistreatment of a woman, and now with the Gary Kubiak sh*@ show, it’s a crazy swirl of drama that surrounds John Elway. His career as a GM has paralleled that of his QB career: much of the time his actions are confounding yet he sometimes manages to pull a rabbit out of the hat. His erratic play in the first half of the 1999 AFC Championship game against the Jets with the Broncos, down 10-0 in the third quarter, then going on to win 23-10, and the personnel and coaching changes he made between being blown out in Super Bowl XLVIII and winning Super Bowl 50 are examples of the manic drama that orbits around Elway. Over the next three years there may, or may not, be winning football in Denver but it WILL NOT be boring.

  12. I’m sure like many who ascended to role of HC, he talked a good game, however he was never qualified for this role based on his results as a DC.

  13. Poorly done John. Most knew VJ wasn’t right….but how about leaving it at “Things just didn’t work out’.

    Wouldn’t that be dignified?

    Other than Peyton… the Bronco’s appear very wrong about hiring John as GM, solely on player history and sentiment.

  14. Why take a job when you can’t pick your own coaches? A HC is supposed to trust his subordinate coaches to do their jobs. Plus are the coaches that John Elway picks going to report to Fangio or Elway?

    Plus why pick an O-line coach first before the OC? The way Elway is doing it messed up.

  15. You evidently don’t understand the impact John Elway had and has on the Broncos and their fans. John Elway will leave when he calls it a day. He earned that right many times over. Is he always right? No. Does he always win? No. But there is no one more determined to bring home championships to Denver. Floyd Little saved the franchise. John taught it to win. John Elway has more goodwill in Denver than Tom Brady in Boston. The only people who hunks he is on shaky ground are those who are ignorant of the Denver Broncos and John’s impact on the team.

  16. Because the Broncos have a new coach they cannot be forced to appear on Hard Knocks. No matter: they have been their own reality TV show for years. On one hand you can appreciate John Elway speaking plainly but on the other it feels a little like too much information being shared publicly… especially from a person in his position.

  17. What he needs is to hire an offensive minded head coach. He obviously didn’t learn that lesson after two years with Joseph and now Fangio. Doing the same thing over and over expecting a different result is nothing but failure.

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