Nick Foles said what sounded like goodbye to Eagles

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Nick Foles did what no other quarterback has done in Philadelphia.

So the fact that last night was likely his goodbye gave him pause, as he prepares for the team’s offseason decision which they seem to have already made.

The Eagles quarterback seemed wistful in the locker room, not sounding at all like a man who anticipated staying, and coach Doug Pederson saying repeatedly that Carson Wentz was the guy when healthy probably led Foles to that conclusion.

“The big thing is what the city means to me,” Foles said, via Reuben Frank of NBCSports Philadelphia. “It’s always welcomed me and my family. It’s really been a joy to live there and wear the green and wear the jersey. No matter what, you can’t ever take that away. We were able to do some really special things.

“We’ll see what happens, but I’ll tell you this, I’ve enjoyed every single moment and [Philadelphia] will always have a special place in my heart. The city, the fans, the people, everything about it. There’s nothing like playing in the Linc in front of the crowd. It’s some of my favorite moments. My family got to experience them, my daughter got to experience them. We’ll see what happens, but I’ve enjoyed everything.”

There are a lot of past tense verbs in that volley. He knows. That’s why he danced around a question about staying, saying he needed time to think about it before pivoting to another heartfelt treatise on the City of Brotherly Love. Being the first quarterback to win a Super Bowl there will make it special, but it also makes him a valuable trade chip for the Eagles if they have, in fact, pledged their future to Wentz.

When asked if he wanted to be a starter, Foles’ answer was more direct: “Yeah I mean, . . . You know? We’ll see what happens in the future, but I love leading a team. I love being in the huddle, being part of the locker room. That’s why I play the game.”

And his ability to do that in December and beyond will likely lead him to do that someplace else.

23 responses to “Nick Foles said what sounded like goodbye to Eagles

  1. Foles > Wentz and it isn’t even close.

    One can’t even last through a healthy season the other raises the entire team up. Pederson is wrong to put all his chips behind the one who has yet to start under the brightest lights.

    Sorry Philly…

  2. Foles is a class act all the way. He’s also made himself into an excellent player. No matter who gets him, they’ll be getting a fine man.

  3. This seems a little strange. It seems Wentz is never around when they need him, and this year when he was around, it didn’t seem like he was setting the world on fire. It must be a money issue because it doesn’t seem there is compelling evidence to select Wentz over Foles at this point.

  4. Foles did accomplish all he accomplished. But where would he be if Keanu Neal caught that errant pass in the playoff game last year for the Falcons?
    It’s a single play that if it went differently we would have never known he had a championship in him.
    It’s a slim margin this game.

  5. I went to Philly for the first time for the 2017 draft, and found the people there to be exceptionally nice, completely the opposite of the unfriendly, rude and obnoxious stereotype that are said to be. And boy, do they love the Eagles. It seems like a great sports town. I can absolutely see why Nick Foles doesn’t want to leave Philly.

  6. He’ll probably sign as a starter somewhere and make a lot more money than as a backup for the Eagles.
    He’s a Tier 2 QB though. You will see that if he starts a full season.

  7. I think the Eagles are making a mistake here. Foles has done more, while he is older, he has been more durable. Wentz has a lot of talent but can’t stay healthy. This year without Foles, they don’t make the playoffs much less win a playoff game.

    Foles has done that in both seasons, Wentz has never done that. Maybe he will, maybe he won’t, however they are picking a maybe over a proven which may prove costly to their fans.

  8. Like others, I don’t think this makes much sense. Foles seems to work well within the Eagles system and has performed at a high level for them the last 2 years, whereas Wentz has had some good games but can’t stay on the field and the team doesn’t seem to respond to him in the same way as they do with Foles. Is this all about saving face for the front office and coaching staff? Make a deal with another team that needs a QB for Wentz and sign Foles to a new deal.

  9. If I were the Eagles I would trade Wentz for a first round pick. Some team will give it, and he is probably worth it, and I would start Nick Foles. The guy isn’t an amazing QB, but for some reason he plays great for Philly. He wins games that matter. I didn’t buy into the Foles magic last year, but after seeing Philly barely squeak in the playoffs and make a decent run, I have now bought into Nick Foles.

  10. No real dog in this fight, but I cannot help but think how this situation reminds me of the Doug Flutie versus Rob johnson saga way back in the ’90’s.

    All Flutie did was win for the Bills, but they were adamant that the high draft pick with the potential high upside was their future. That didn’t turn out well for the Bills.

    All Foles does is win, and yet for some strange reason the Eagles want to replace him with someone who is injury prone because of some imagined upside.

    I hope lands on his fee. He has PROVEN himself to be one of the better QB’s in this league and has a wonderful touch on his deep balls.

  11. He knows and has likely been told. It sucks but the Eagles have finally come to that fork in the road where they need to choose between Foles and Wentz and I am 99 percent certain they will choose Wentz because of his upside despite his injuries.

    Foles will start for some other team and give them at least 5 good seasons. Wentz will start for the Eagles and give us at least 10 good seasons.

    And, that I think is the main difference: Wentz is younger and still on his rookie deal.

  12. Did somebody really ask him if he wants to be a starter? Show me a QB that would answer no to that question…

  13. Well, I have an idea. Please keep Foles and trade Wentz to the Vikings for our 1st this year and a 2nd next year? Perhaps your stupid enough to do this, but I doubt it. Wentz is a winner people, and he will be fantastic, and he will stay healthy. Remember, he is very young. The only thing Foles has that is greater than Wentz is age. Please, Wentz to the Vikings!!!

  14. some qbs are big in the clutch, some are regular season stars and big game manning-type chokers. we know Big Nick is a big game player, he had the saints on the ropes when jeffries choked it away. wents may never be a big game guy. we’ll see. i’d keep Big Nick and deal wets.

  15. Geez! I’m amazed by the lack of knowledge expressed in some opinions here. The quality of a QB is not always measurable in stats. What matters is how the player fits the OC’s system. Not, does he throw a longer ball, is he younger, or is he a better runner out of the pocket. What truly matters is which of these guys does better in Pederson’s system. Foles is a multiple progression QB who can stand in the pocket and read five progressions. He’s cool in the pass rush because he’s looking at his progressions and not the oncoming defenders. Wentz has a great arm, can run like lightning at times and makes Zach Ertz look like a god. “A god”, not “The God.” But when Wentz sees the oncoming pass rush, down he goes. Foles fits Pederson’s system better. He isn’t a better QB, he just fits better.

  16. This is not Pederson’s call. Worst case a coach says he will start the guy who “gives us the best chance to win” Pederson knew and hoped that Foles would perform the magic but did not leave an opportunity to keep him. Decision came from above him.

  17. Foles is a class act.

    Wish Fisher wasn’t his coach for the Rams, maybe he would still be there.

  18. Foles is a lot like Keenum’s roll with the Vikings. Nick and Case aren’t as flashy on paper
    and pretty balls are’t seen as often but both raise the team’s play. I honestly believe the other players rallied around those two. They both got some pounding but took the hits. Cousins has turned out to be a pretty boy, Not taking scrambles for 1st downs instead dumping short. Zimmer said the down to earth and win at any cost attitude was gone this year and he couldn’t figure it out!! You have over 50 players killing themselves and getting 8 or 9 mil. ave while cousins is getting 84 mil over 3 years and acting like a high school girl on her first date!!! Think about it!

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