Oklahoma provides official height for Kyler Murray

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Much will be said about the height, or lack thereof, of former Oklahoma quarterback Kyler Murray as the 2019 draft approaches. The Oklahoma football program has published his official height.

According to a spokesman for the university, the football program’s strength staff measured Murray before the start of the 2018 season at five feet, nine-and-seven-eighth inches, in socks.

That won’t stop him from being measured again (and again) as the draft approaches. And his height will be an issue, at a minimum for discussion among media that will obsess over any actual or perceived deficiency.

As guys like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Baker Mayfield have proven, the height of a quarterback doesn’t matter. But, as it usually goes, those who hope Murray will slide into their clutches will hope that the teams taking in front of them conclude that it does.

For Murray, the far bigger issue is whether he’ll make a full and complete commitment to football. For now, he’s trying to keep one foot in each boat. That approach eventually will sink his draft stock.

20 responses to “Oklahoma provides official height for Kyler Murray

  1. Were they measuring the top of his hair? No way he is 5’9 7/8″. Think I’d wait til he is measured at the combine. Not like schools haven’t exaggerated players height before.

  2. The height of a QB does matter. It’s just that there are those special few who can make it work. Maybe he’s one of them.

  3. Looks like a QB, only smaller. Brees and Mayfield tower over this dude. Needs to stick to baseball or try wrestling or gymnastics or something.

  4. Height wouldn’t scare me as much as his frame.

    DB’s gonna be breaking him in two, wait till Mack, Suh or Donald blow him out of his cleats.

  5. I don’t buy it.

    I was at the first OU/UT game a few months ago and saw the Sooners walking into the Cotton Bowl.

    I am 5’11” on a good day and Murray looked at least three inches shorter than me. The top of his head was even with my eyes.

  6. I saw a picture of him with Antonio Brown and AB measured at 5-10 1/8. AB had him by 2 to 2 1/2 inches if you can see through the 3 inch hair advantage. Looks to be right at 5-8.

  7. Calm down people. He’s trying to get $15 million from the A’s, so he’s going through the motions like he wants to start a bidding war. I’ll bet right now there are scouts looking at his film. They’ll start with the Alabama game because that’s probably the only game he didn’t have 9 or 10 seconds to sit in the pocket. He doesn’t run away from those guys quite like he does the other teams he played against. They’ll see what he can do from the pocket while under duress. He took a couple good shots too. My 10 year old can rattle off his stats, but the scouts are going to go by the film. In a couple days we’ll start hearing things. Believe me folks, the kid is playing baseball.

  8. the height of a quarterback doesn’t matter.
    As he lists the 3 QB`s in the history of the league to overcome it and zero of the hundreds that failed. I hate the media.

  9. >>As guys like Drew Brees, Russell Wilson, and Baker Mayfield have proven, the height of a quarterback doesn’t matter.

    Height does matter, but it’s just one factor.
    5′ 10 is a disadvantage, but if the QB has enough skill he can over come it. I’m sure Brees would be happy to have an extra couple of inches. When a QB is tool short, below a certain threshold it becomes harder to see the field over the ever larger players.

  10. I understand guys like Mayfield, Brees, and Wilson are short, but this Murray kid is really really short, 5’7″ presents some serious challenges with batted passes and just seeing over his lineman. The great Doug Flutie was 5’10” and he got a hard time for being short. But I don’t wanna doubt the kid before he steps on the field, he was super productive this year in college so we shall see.

  11. Unless he gains 4 inches before the combine let the buyer beware. The league is not meant for midgets.

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