Patriots are playoff underdogs for second time since 2007

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After beating the Chargers on Sunday, Patriots quarterback Tom Brady reveled in winning the game despite his feeling that “everybody thinks we suck.”

Brady was overstating things a tad, but the team will be able to play the underdog card this week if they are so inclined. Sports books have opened betting on the AFC Championship Game and the Chiefs have been installed as three-point favorites for the game at Arrowhead Stadium.

It’s the first time that the Patriots have been playoff underdogs since they headed to Denver for the AFC title game in January 2014 and the second time they’ve been playoff underdogs since 2007. It’s the seventh time they’ve been underdogs in the postseason in the Bill Belichick era.

They are 3-3 in those games and lost 26-16 to the Broncos the last time they were predicted to lose by the oddsmakers.

18 responses to “Patriots are playoff underdogs for second time since 2007

  1. I know that bettors lost a fortune when the Pats won and covered yesterday..

    Serves them right doubting the NFL’s Greatest Dynasty and the GOAT QB and coach. 🙂

  2. The Chargers didn’t bring pressure up the middle yesterday, with Bosa and Ingram constantly getting pushed out from rushing the outside, and as Romo kept saying they played zone.

    It doesn’t matter that he is 41, he is still Tom Brady, and serve him up a dish of no pressure and zone he is gonna eat your lunch.

  3. And now the next dynasty puts the final sword in the old dynasty once and for all.

    “Down goes Frazier”

  4. This isn’t the same Patriots team that lost to the Giants in the Super Bowl or the Jets and Ravens in the playoffs.

    Sure bring pressure up the middle. I dare ya! Hope you won’t twist your neck watching Michel race by ya or White or Patterson hitting the edge for a 15 yard gain. 🙂

  5. Tom Brady has started 18 seasons in this league. 17 if you don’t count 2008.

    He has made the AFC Championship game in ALL of them but 4 seasons. (Again not counting 2008)

    If the Patriots beat the Chiefs on Sunday he will have played in a Super Bowl in half of his career.



  6. In the first game, won 43-40 by the Patriots

    2 Chiefs TDs were blown coverages that won’t happen again
    1 Chiefs TD was a “drive” starting at the Patriots 3 yard line
    Kareem Hunt, 10 for 80 rushing and 5 for 105 receiving. How are they going to replace that? They do have Watkins but the Patriots are very familiar with him as he was a Buffalo Bill for years.
    The Chiefs defense while better than they were earlier in the year is still below average.
    The Patriots don’t have Gordon anymore (he was only 5 catches for 42 in that game anyway) but they still have Sony Michel and James White who gashed the Chiefs in that game and the Chargers yesterday, eating a lot of time off that clock and keeping the opponent on the sidelines. This running game is on fire!

    Chiefs are great and they deserve to be favored at home of course but honestly I was way more worried about the prospect of the Patriots going to Denver for an AFC Championship game a few years ago than I am about Sunday.

    Upset time? 🙂

  7. Don’t be fooled by the Chiefs defense shutting down the Colts. The Dolts were complete and utter frauds and had no business making the playoffs.

    That Chiefs defense will be stepping up a few weight classes to play Tom Brady and his dynamic rushing attack.

    Never thought you’d hear that last part did ya? 🙂

  8. will hate it if BeliGOAT loses but at least it would be to Big Fat Andy. How can anyone not love Andy, and he’s long past due to win the big enchilada.

  9. ibillwt says:
    January 14, 2019 at 2:37 pm
    will hate it if BeliGOAT loses but at least it would be to Big Fat Andy. How can anyone not love Andy, and he’s long past due to win the big enchilada.

    Rex Ryan would probably eat it.


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