Philip Rivers misses another chance for ring to go with Hall numbers

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Another year. Another year without a championship for Philip Rivers.

The Chargers quarterback turned 37 last month and is running out of time to get a ring.

“I only think I appreciated [how hard it is to win in the postseason] as the more years I’ve been in it, that’s how hard it is to get back to right where we were yesterday,” Rivers said Monday, via Ricky Henne of the team website. “It’s not just like, ‘Alright, we’ll get them next year.’ It’s like, ‘That was a heck of a task to get to where we were, winning 13 games.’ I think as long as we acknowledge that and don’t just think that it’s going to happen because I remember early in my career [in] 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, we were in. You have a shot; you have a shot; you have a shot; you have a shot; and then when that dries up a little bit, you realize how hard it was to do. It didn’t just happen.”

The Class of 2004 — Rivers, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger — could be remembered like the Class of 1983 — John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. Maybe. Possibly. One day. Eventually.

The Chargers drafted Manning first overall in 2004 and then traded him to the Giants for Rivers, whom the Giants selected fourth overall. The Steelers made Roethlisberger the 11th overall choice that year.

Roethlisberger ranks sixth in career passing yards (56,194), Manning seventh (55,981) and Rivers eighth (54,656). Rivers ranks sixth in career touchdowns (374), Roethlisberger seventh (363) and Manning eighth (360).

Rivers also has a higher career completion percentage (64.5), fewer interceptions (178) and a higher passer rating (95.6) than Manning or Roethlisberger. He has more regular-season victories (118) than Manning (116).

But Roethlisberger and Manning both have two Super Bowl rings. Rivers has made one AFC Championship Game, a 21-12 loss to the Patriots in 2007.

So what are Rivers’ Hall of Fame chances if he never wins a Super Bowl?

Of the 26 quarterbacks in Canton, 20 won at least one title. Only Y.A. Tittle, Fran Tarkenton, Warren Moon, Marino, Kelly and Dan Fouts got into the Hall without a championship.

But Fouts earned three All-Pro nods. Tarkenton played in three Super Bowls and won an MVP award. Kelly started four Super Bowls. Marino won an MVP award and retired holding most of the league’s major passing records. Tittle won an MVP and four times was All-Pro.

Rivers, playing in the same era as some of the greatest passers in history, has never made All-Pro, though he does have eight Pro Bowls.

His resume most closely resembles that of Moon. In 1990, Moon was offensive player of the year and earned All-Pro honors, but he never won another All-Pro, was a Pro Bowler nine times and never played in a conference championship game or a Super Bowl.

Rivers’ numbers are better than Moon’s.

Rivers could get into Canton, even without a ring, but a Super Bowl obviously would help Rivers’ candidacy and greatly improve his chances of being a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

The Chargers will enter the 2019 season as a contender, but how many more chances is Rivers going to get? His time is now.

113 responses to “Philip Rivers misses another chance for ring to go with Hall numbers

  1. Never really cared about Rivers one way or the other until this postseason. Sure he was fiery and sometimes annoying as a competitor but I always respected him and his ability over the years.

    That was until last week when a linebacker for the Ravens was hurt avoiding hitting Rivers with his full force on a QB knockdown and Rivers stood over him screaming “that’s what you get!”

    Well Phil if the voters make you wait a bit then I already have the first line of your speech prepared;

    “That’s what YOU get!”

  2. Rivers is going to be in the HOF, numbers are just too much. But this guy NEVER comes up big. Team needed to steady the ship in the first half and he is out there letting 2 delay of game calls go down. That told the whole team that he wasn’t ready to match #12.

  3. Well, since it’s the Pro Football Hall of Fame, and not the NFL Hall of Fame, I think it’s worth pointing out the five championships that Warren Moon won north of the border.

  4. The Chargers will enter the 2019 season as a contender, but how many more chances is Rivers going to get? His time is now.“

    His Time is NOT now, after that pathetic performance he put up against New England. And the way he has been terrible in the playoffs. You want to win a ring to solidify your place in NFL history you have to beat the best players. He can’t. His time will not come before then

  5. Phillip your The MVP of your team fore sure !!! To bad the rest of your team didn’t show up!! Feel for you man!! Great season man !! This comes from a long time Raider fan .

  6. Phillip is simply not a leader on the field. He has great numbers (and that may be enough to get him in), however, the great QBS have certain unquantifiable traits that teammates gravitate towards and are influenced by. It was obvious to see Phillip get flustered on the field and express it outwardly and oftentimes at the expense of fellow teammates and coaches midgame.

  7. I was pulling for him, I really wanted him to win a ring, but after watching throw tantrums and be a diva yesterday I’m glad when his career is over it will be without a ring. Yesterday I saw a guy point the finger at everyone but himself, a guy that wasn’t a team player. When he was on the sidelines they showed him by himself, I think that speaks volumes about him as a supposed leader.

  8. Just because you participated in 2 superbowl wins should NOT entitle you entry in the HOF. Eli Manning has had a very nice NFL career, but his numbers over his career aren’t even close to HOF number. Phillip Rivers has had a MUCH better career playing in the relative obscurity of SD.

  9. Kinda like Dan Marino in that he put up the big numbers in the regular season. Of course Rivers will not have the honor of at least competing in the big game like Dan did. Big stats mean a lot less than they used to, and Rivers has the added detraction of a big mouth with lots of bark and no bite. Big time player when the games don’t count for glory, and a bona fide dud in the playoffs.

  10. Philip Rivers is a lot like Ernie Banks was in Major League Baseball. Banks had a fantastic career and was easily enshrined in the MLB HOF but he played for the Cubs of that era who never went to a World Series.

    In a similar way, I think that Rivers is very deserving (much more so than Dan Fouts was) of enshrinement in the HOF and is the best Chargers QB of all-time. If he had played for another team like Eli Manning & Drew Brees, it’s very likely that Rivers would have multiple Lombardi rings. As it is, Rivers has never had an appearance in a Super Bowl game.

  11. Rivers is a great QB who had the misfortune of playing here in San Diego. Our teams are cursed. Look at the Padres. Sometimes no matter how good you are as a player, you are limited based on the franchise you end up with.

  12. He hasn’t had an average offensive line since ’07, or 11 years ago. One thing Belichik always gives Brady is a front 3 (center and 2 guards) that can hold the interior against pressure in his face. Rivers rarely has had that.

  13. New England has an unfair advantage each year being in the same division as the perennial losers (Buffalo, NY, Miami). They get an extra 2-3 wins over other division leaders just on that. This year, the LA Chargers had more wins … despite having to play Kansas City twice this year in their division. They ended up with a better regular season record than New England. [Sigh] What would the game have been if it were in Los Angeles? That’s where it should have been played.

  14. The Chargers drafted Manning first overall in 2004 and then traded him to the Giants for Rivers because he whined about it and his dad made a stink.

    Fixed it for you.

  15. Rings are not as important as pure talent. Except to Patriots fans. Rings are a team effort, not an individual one, and while the QB certainly can play a large role in it, there are several teams that have won rings with bad or mediocre QBs, and several great QBs who never got one, or were stuck at one. Rivers has earned his spot. May never get that ring but also never had a consistent team around him.

    Plus this one I blame squarely on Lynn. I like him, did a great job getting him there. But with every announcer, football analyst, and the people on my couch yelling for him to go to man coverage and he didn’t the whole game…SMH.

    You go Rivers. Top notch in my book.

  16. The rings argument is so tiresome. The dude has played for 14+ years and has been a beast of a quarterback. This is an individual award and hes one of the best to ever to it. You cant control which team drafts you (or trades you in this case), who the GM is and how he manages personnel, or the players you play with on either side of the ball. Yes he should be in the HOF.

  17. Another stat that compares favorably for Rivers HOF chances…

    He has now started 208 consecutive regular season games, tied with Peyton – who missed a full season – and only 2 behind Eli’s 210 for the 2nd longest streak in league history (Favre 297).

  18. At this stage in his career he can’t be doing it on the road – needs a bye and can’t be playing from behind.

  19. The voters will consider the fact Rivers spent his entire career in the same conference as the Brady and Belichick led Patriots. The 2006 Charger squad was a top seed and finished 14-2, only to lose in the divisional round to a 10-6 Patriots team. It was the only game about which I felt the stronger, better team finished with fewer ppints SOMEHOW. L.T. swore revenge. Game 2 of the 2007 season, they wasted no time losing to the Wes Welker, Randy Moss-fortified Patriots, 38-14 in a game that very much resembled the one played 2 days ago. The Pats finished 16-0 that year and the second hottest team was the Chargers, who took an 11 game win streak into the AFCCG, including a win over the Manning led Colts in Indy. But it was a costly victory. Both L.T and Rivers played through major injuries in the title game, and hung tough in the 21-12 loss. They never fielded as strong a team again until this year. They took a 9-0 road record into New Englans and again they lost.

  20. I hate to give Peyton Manning credit but at least he got over his choking problem against the Pats and even had their number in a Broncos uniform. With Rivers it’s even more frustrating. He’s always had the talent around him he just cannot seem to beat the Patriots when it counts the most that’s been his kryptonite.

  21. He has good numbers but at some point don’t you need some good playoff wins? Off the top of my head, I can’t think of a single big game Rivers ever won.

    Dan Fouts had a similar resume but his numbers were off the chart for the time. Plus he did win that epic OT game vs the Dolphins with the iconic shot of Kellen Winslow being carried helped off the field due to exhaustion.

    Rivers numbers are good but do not stand out in his era. He’s consistently good but never great.

  22. His playoff record is laughable, if he can’t even get to one super bowl I don’t see how he gets in, at least not right away. Rings should count for something at the QB position, if he doesn’t have a super bowl ring he should at least have one or two appearances. He’s barley sniffed the conference championship. I’m sorry, Rivers has great passing stats but he’s not a winner and you have to have both to be considered one of the greats. Ben has both the bombers and the winning pedigree both regular and post season which makes him a slam dunk. Eli’s numbers aren’t great and hisnstwrting regular season record is mediocre but his playoff record is his greatest asset as well as his teonreinfs. I don’t think Eli is hof worthy but he will get in for the fact he played in new York and his last name.

  23. It’s insane the number of Supper Bowl appearances had in the three quarterbakcs from the 1983 class: 10! Elway went to five. Kelly went to four and Marino went once. Only two trophies won by Elway and that’s it.

  24. Hall of very good. He was fortunate to play in warm weather with the likes of LaDanian Tomlinson and Antonio Gates. His touchdown numbers without those two are not indicative of a HoF resume in my amateur opinion.
    Where is he in the big moments? Usually crumbling like a wet paper bag.

    He’s in the chargers Ring I
    Of Fame but the Hall is a few houses out of his neighborhood.

  25. I presume Moons numbers only count the NFL and it was a different era. Basically, you have to compare Philips to all the QB’s since 2001 which includes a few retired guys like favre & manning and of course, Brady, Brees and Rodgers also played in this era … how do Phillips numbers stack up compared to every major QB in the past 17 years and NOT just 2001 drafted QB’s.

  26. Next year is Rivers last year at a chance at a Super Bowl. He deserves to be in the Hall Of Fame. Eli is garbage. He won two rings because his defense was legit, he made one great throw and his WR made another great catch. Big Ben is the real deal.

  27. When comparing the numbers, you also have to mention that Rivers sat behind Brees for 2 seasons while the other guys started during their rookie season.

  28. Modern QBs’ passing stats are inflated with the changes in the game.
    Rivers may be one of the better QBs who doesn’t belong in the Hall. Better than Eli though. Eli got really, really lucky.

    Getting into the Hall isn’t entirely about football. (See T.O.). He’s an affable guy with a large litter of kids so he’ll probably get in. Unfortunately.

  29. I hate crybaby Rivers but he’s a virtual certainty to get in. Have you ever done research regarding him? I have seen countless sites and writers have him as a lock to get in. Eli is actually split which is ridiculous. Rivers is a way better regular season player but what do they play for? You could say Eli fluked into one SN but he took down the greatest dynasty in NFL twice, and he was the best player on the field both times. You can’t even say Eli has played on better teams. The Chargers have had some really talented teams.

  30. No ring no Hall of Fame for Rivers.

    As for the Pro Bowls, the reason Rivers went is because Brady or Manning went to the Super Bowl evall those years and left a spot open.

  31. A Super Bowl is a team achievment and individual players shouldn’t be given too much reward or critisism for whether they win or not. Eli knew what he was doing when he refused to go to the Chargers.

  32. If he was just selected 4th and not traded for Manning his chances would be much better. But Eli went on to win 2 Superbowls and was MVP in them both. That has to hurt.

  33. He should definitely get in over Big Belly Ben. He’s a far better leader who did way more with much less. He also hasn’t assaulted women in the bar bathroom.

  34. We’ve got to almost stop looking as closely to the numbers as we had in the past. If not; the likes of Matt Stafford, Matt Ryan, & Joe Flacco will soon be considered HOF’ers with the numbers QB’s put up these days! Rivers has been severely underrated throughout his career, but was he ever a top 3 QB of his era? I wouldn’t say so. At the moment, he isn’t in the hall – but there’s still time.

  35. If Rivers gets inducted into the Hall of Fame without even having played in the SB, then what about these fine qbs: Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb, Vinny Testaverde, Ken Anderson, Boomer Eiason, Randall Cunningham, Rich Gannon, Roman Gabriel, Jim Hart, Dave Krieg John Hadl, Doug Flutie, Archie Manning, Daunte Culpepper, Don Meredith, and Sonny Jergenson. Many of them did go to the SB!

    Rivers will go down as one of the great modern era quarterbacks, but his inability to win when it mattered most will always haunt his legacy. He just did it again.

  36. The Class of 2004 — Rivers, Eli Manning and Ben Roethlisberger — could be remembered like the Class of 1983 — John Elway, Jim Kelly and Dan Marino. Maybe. Possibly. One day.



  37. Rivers pro career is just like his college career. Great stats, but no championships. And he still whines all the time.

  38. Numbers become inflated every year. It won’t be long before 50 TD passes is the benchmark for a good quarterback and the league leaders throw for 60-70.

    With that said, Rivers was a better quarterback than Eli Manning but football is a team sport and the Hall of Fame mostly celebrates team accomplishments (with a few exceptions). Tough luck, but that’s part of the sport.

  39. I am a giants fan and I don’t think Eli is a hall of famer. We had 2 wonderful years and he’s a Giant all time great for sure but there’s a ton of regular, so-so, mediocre seasons in that resume. If he does get it I’m sure the 2 super bowl MVP awards will push him over the hump. But let’s be serious and I’m not a hater by any means; if Eli isn’t a hall of famer then by that standard neither is Rivers.

  40. He’s definitely gets a first ballot nod because of the whining. The GOAT in that category.
    I’d probably be the same, but after it’s said and done that isn’t a good look.

    Rivers is one of these guys that can get you TTTTTTHHHHHIIIIIIISSSSS close but can’t finish. The Chargers are still much better off with him than without him. I’d stick him in HOF, but he’d be in the bottom of the HOF QBs enshrined. There’s always a pecking order, even in the HOF.

  41. Another Marino but in a passing era. Maybe the Hall is unfounded because he’s not the most dominant player of his era at the position. Hell, Alex Smith averages 3k yards a year, and he’s mediocre by modern standards

  42. If Rivers gets in it diminishes the’s the Hall. Brady, Rogers, Brees, Peyton Manning (not Eli) are the Hall of Fame quarterbacks of this generation. Rivers had a lot of yards in garbage time because his teams were regularly being beat. And that’s with a good supporting cast. Never elevated his team. Eli had 2 good post seasons and crap al the rest.

  43. He’ll get in. If not first ballot, shortly thereafter. It’s more a Hall of Very Good Numbers than anything else. Terrell Davis and others have shown that recently. Rivers and his Chargers era teams always come up short in the playoffs. He’s choked a lot but that won’t matter when voting happens.

  44. I’m a giants and obviously an Eli fan. Rivers 100% is a HOFer. All 3 of these guys will get in. Top 10 in all major statistical categories

  45. Yeah, it’s totally Philip River’s fault that the Chargers’ defense couldn’t stop the Patriot offense to save their lives in the first half. I guess Rivers should have been out there playing MLB and calling the defensive signals as well as playing QB.

    Give me a break. Yeah Eli Manning QB’d the Giants to two Super Bowl victories, and Rivers hasn’t gotten there. That said, Manning hasn’t been half the QB Rivers has been over the past several seasons. This is tantamount to suggesting that QBs like Mark Rypien, Joe Theismann, Trent Dilfer and Brad Johnson should be considered to have had better careers than Jim Kelly, Dan Marino, Fran Tarkenton, etc.

    There are plenty of reasons the Chargers haven’t won the AFC Title recently, but the play of Philip Rivers is not one of those reasons.

  46. Moon retired top five in all statistical categories despite spending five years in Canada due to not being given a chance to play QB in the NFL.

    Rivers doesn’t have that claim. He might make the hall but he sadly he’s one of those guys who started great looked like a lock to win a SB and never delivered.

    His teams best two chances were 06 and 07, his first two years as a starting QB. They did have a bye in 2009 but outside of that have not felt like a legit Super Bowl contender until this year (09 they may have been the 2 seed but the Colts did feel like a lock to go that year). Not all of that is on rivers, but some of it is.

    If he retires now, I don’t know if he comes up in that list of an all time great QB while Moon at least did feel like an all time great when he retired (not as much now in this passing era).

  47. Rivers has descent personal stats but he never wins the big game most years. His 111-88 win/loss record which is only a .546 win percentage is average. His teams rarely make the playoffs as he went 10 years without a trip to the postseson and he doesnt do anything special when he does make it. His in game tantrums may be HOF worthy but not his play. On Sunday, Rivers was great at yelling at teammates, his coaches, the officials, opposing players and coaches but his play wasn’t.

  48. HE hasn’t won a single game against NE, in his entire career. He hasn’t won a meaningful game since LT left town.

    Can we please stop talking about the HoF for players who rack up stats but ALWAYS come up short in meaningful games. Rivers (and Romo) never showed up when it counted the most.

  49. Steelers, who had just extended Tommy Maddox, did not expect any of the three to drop to them at 11 in the draft, rated Rivers, Ben and Eli in that order.

    Maddox gets knocked out week 2 at Baltimore and Ben was the guy.

    Attended the first Eli-Ben game at the Meadowlands that year….a real shootout won by the Steelers. Elicjad just been made starter.

    That first year Ben was 14-0 as starter including his first against Brady and NE before losing to them in AFC championship game.

  50. Because he’s not a Hall of Famer. He’s never won an important game in his career. The Chargers plateaued during his career with very stacked rosters because he’s the definition of a QB who just has a ceiling at his best where he can’t beat his better peers. It’s like watching Chris Chandler or something be mentioned with the best, and if someone ever had said Chris Chandler, who was a very good player but not a Hall of Famer, was among the best, you’d look at them crazy. No one has ever seen him on the same level with the best of this era, even in the years when he has great numbers.

  51. No way HOFer, give me a break. His only claim to fame is longevity with above average stats. If he gets in, I’ll nickname him Fred Couples

  52. Stats mean nothing these days, particularly in comparison to prior eras. Derek Carr’s crappy season this year would be Troy Aikman’s best year if you only look at stats. They’re useless, especially with today’s dink and dunk game.

    I think the damning thing on Rivers, is he’s 0-8 vs. Tom Brady. Not sure how a Hall of Famer can literally never once beat the team the dominated the player’s entire career. I like Rivers a lot, and when he played with a torn ACL he became one of my favorites, but I just don’t know if he’s an HOF player. Very few playoff wins, and he’s also had a HOF RB, HOF TE, HOF LB, and should be a HOF Safety in Rodney Harrison. Gotta do more with that talent.

  53. If you think a player is only HOF worthy if they win a Superbowl, then you know nothing about team sports and especially football. Rivers doesn’t play Defense or Special Teams or Offensive Line and the last time I checked, YOU NEED THOSE to win football games… Just as Dan Fouts, Fran Tarkington and Dan Marino never hoisted the Lombardi Trophy, they were clearly HOFers (and so is Rivers).

  54. thesilentshoplifter says:

    If Rivers gets inducted into the Hall of Fame without even having played in the SB, then what about these fine qbs: Matt Ryan, Tony Romo, Steve McNair, Donovan McNabb, Vinny Testaverde, Ken Anderson, Boomer Eiason, Randall Cunningham, Rich Gannon, Roman Gabriel, Jim Hart, Dave Krieg John Hadl, Doug Flutie, Archie Manning, Daunte Culpepper, Don Meredith, and Sonny Jergenson. Many of them did go to the SB!

    Rivers will go down as one of the great modern era quarterbacks, but his inability to win when it mattered most will always haunt his legacy. He just did it again.

    You were doing good until you said Sonny Jurgensen…WHOOPS! HE’S IN THE HALL OF FAME.

  55. He’s not a HOFer. He’s the worst example of a garbage time stat compiler. He’s constantly putting up his 4th quarter big numbers against prevent defenses when his team has no chance of winning. If he was HOF worthy, he’d accumulate his numbers building up leads early in games versus real defense. The guy is just not a winner. It’s laughable how many 300 yd passing games that he’s lost. Not because his defense gave games away, but because if they weren’t so far behind and the defenses played so soft, he’d never have put up numbers at all.

  56. I consider Rivers a HOFer and have always been impressed by him in the times I saw him play. The guy has a great arm and is very accurate even under pressure. He’s just had the incredible bad luck to overlap with Brady, Brees, and Peyton Manning all in their primes, plus his teams/coaches always seem to have some fatal flaw that gets exposed in the playoffs. Rivers with Belichick or Reid building his teams probably would have a few rings. Instead he spent like a decade with Norv Turner and Mike McCoy watching them poke berries up their noses.

  57. Sam Bradford should be in the Criminal HOF – $134 million in career earnings for 34 lifetime wins. He recently pulled off a $20 million dollar heist in Arizona for 3 starts and a 0-3 record. The dude is the Lex Luthor of Pro Football.

  58. The LA Charger performance v. the Patriots was a total embarrassment. The LA Chargers never made any adjustments. Philip was just calling out defenses, trying to change plays with “0” results. The Whiz game plan was very predictable with no adjustments like an up tempo offense which every successful NFL team has. Gus Bradley’s “D” was pathetic. They were constantly in a ‘prevent” defense as Brady shredded them with short passes, controlling the game and clock. Still no adjustments. The offensive line gave little or no protection to Rivers. It was pathetic game management. The “Fight For LA” is conclusively dead for the LA Chargers. There were 78,000 screaming Rams fans a notables at the Coliseum Rams v. Dallas game. The LA Rams own LA. There isn’t nor will there ever be any Chargers Fan base in LA. It is a disastrous “re-location.”

  59. give RIVERS LT,GATES,VINCENT JACKSON & NON CRAZY MERRIMEN OR TACKLING CROMARTIE IN THERE PRIMES AND HE HAS 1-2 RINGS guy never had all the pieces all together mentally & physically healthy at the same time
    also with slightly better coaches

  60. Let’s get Matt Ryan, Joe Flacco, and Donnovan McNabb in too because they were good QBs. Hey, Makes about as much sense. Not only do you have to scrutinize the numbers different in this era, but you also have to look at how these guys stack up to their peer groups. Nobody puts Rivers in that same vane and bringing up Eli isn’t a reason to do it either. He’s not a Hall of Famer either although his name and Super Bowl MVPs will probably get him in too.

  61. whatsazj says:

    Eli is garbage. He won two rings because his defense was legit, he made one great throw and his WR made another great catch.


    Eli was outstanding in both Superbowl runs he had. For example, compare Eli’s numbers to Peyton’s in each of their two Superbowl postseasons:


    Yards – 1573
    TD – 5
    Int – 8
    Pass Rating – 72.37


    Yards – 2073
    TD – 15
    Int – 2
    Pass Rating – 100.1

    Looks like Peyton was the one carried by his defense.

  62. Philip rivers is grossly overrated. Hes had stacked teams throughout his career, and still cant even MAKE it to the big dance.

  63. Reading these comments I had to giggle. I swear this was about Cam Newton!! Glad to see it insults placed on other QB’s as well for a change!!

  64. I have to laugh at the prediction every single year that the Chargers are going to win it all. With whining Phillip Rivers as their QB, they are never winning anything.

    He should have been called for unsportsmanlike conduct for some of the crap he pulled against the Patriots. How embarrassing.

  65. Its not the players problem that they can’t get to the Super Bowl.
    Its the crappy Front office and Coaching staff the chargers keeps getting at.

    The closest was with Marty Schottenheimer, they went to the AFC finals twice then Spanos dismantles that coaching team and sent Wade Phillips to Dallas and Rivera to Carolina.

    Rivera is doing his thing, and Phillips is on the Rams killing it. Bring them back to the chargers.
    You can’t win the playoffs with Norv Turner as a coach… and they kept him for 5 years too long. McCoy was even worse.

    When a team loses close games, its 100% on the coaching staff. Thanks to Dad Spanos Passing away, the coaching staff is going to be better. My prediction: Chargers win superbowl within 3 years.

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