Raiders’ options for 2019 may be limited

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The Raiders currently are a team without a home. But they’ll need to have a home sooner than later, if they hope to commence the process of collecting money from those who would purchase or renew season tickets, suites, etc.

The options possibly have narrowed to two. As explained by Jason La Canfora of CBS Sports, the choices seem to be sharing a baseball park with the San Francisco Giants or sharing a football stadium with the San Francisco 49ers.

The Raiders don’t want to play at Levi’s Stadium, apparently due to lingering hard-headedness and hard feelings among and between the Raiders and 49ers. The league should tell the Raiders that their choices are Oakland (which is suing the Raiders and the rest of the league) or Santa Clara, the site of the 49ers’ venue.

And if the 49ers don’t like it, the league should tell them that the choices are Santa Clara or San Francisco, smack dab in the heart of the market for which the 49ers are named, despite the fact that the 49ers play an hour or so away.

According to Phil Matier of the San Francisco Chronicle, members of the Oakland City Council are trying to get members of the San Francisco City Council to resist giving the Raiders a one-year home, and that effort may be gaining some traction. However, Oakland Mayor Libby Schaaf supports the San Francisco option, even though she says it’s “petty” for the Raiders to refuse to play in the city that is suing the Raiders. (Others would call it “natural” or “reasonable” or “logical” or “commonsensical.”)

Whatever the Raiders choose, time is of the essence. The sooner they have a stadium, the sooner they can start making maximum use of the various revenue streams that will be harder to exploit if the uncertainty lingers.

31 responses to “Raiders’ options for 2019 may be limited

  1. The Niners should have never moved from San Fran in the first place. How fitting it would be if the Raiders, one of their most hated rivals, plays in that city for a year. I personally dont mind the Raiders at all, but getting Jed York under fire for anything is always welcomed by Niners fans. He’s a terrible owner.

  2. Oakland, why not- after all it is where the Raiders belong. The courts can decide all the other stuff in the lawsuit…worse case scenario the City wins the name and keeps the rights to the Raiders,(similar to lawsuits from the browns,northstars,supersonics, etc..) and the Mark Davis Las Vegas team becomes the Las Vegas Villain’s…seems approprite all things considered

  3. The Oakland mayor should have the city drop the suit, that they will lose anyway, and offer the Raiders a free lease of the stadium until their new Vegas stadium is completed.

    The city would benefit from the sales and lodging taxes generated by all the home games and area businesses would benefit from sales to the folks coming into town for the games.

    Libby probably isn’t smart enough to figure that out though…

  4. Orlando has a renovated 70,000 seat stadium that wouldn’t require the Raiders to compete with other tenants for dates. They could even hold camp in Disney’s massive sports complex. Not sure how the Buccaneers and Jaguars would react to the Raiders holding court in an outlying market for them, however.

  5. Let’s all hope for it being Oakland. In other Raiders news former Buccaneers defensive line coach Brentson Buckner will be joining the Raiders in the same capacity.

  6. go play in a random place on the east coast for a year. try to get some advantage from the rest of your division travelling east.

  7. They will be forced to play at Levi’s imo. There is no other option that makes any sense. I get why they don’t want to play at the dump in Oakland and the Giants stadium wouldn’t hold as many people as Levi’s for home games which means less revenue. There really is no other option.

  8. There are two large College stadiums within 45 minutes. Both Cal Bears and Stanford have had NFL games and Stanford had the Super Bowl… why aren’t these stadiums being discussed? Neither needs ‘permission’ of a politicized city council, just pay the schools.

  9. The bigger issue is the lack of venue impedes setting the 2019 schedule. The league can’t assign “home” games if they don’t know the availability of the facility.

  10. Funny how the only options that really made any sense in the beginning are going to be the options they’re going to have to choose from at the end. Anybody with any brains whatsoever would have had this all locked down a long time ago. But Mark Davis isn’t very bright. And for your next Raider problem keep your eye on the lack of parking at the new Vegas stadium. Davis is going to ignore that issue until too late and they’ll have tons of complaints about people parking miles away and having heat stroke as they wait for shuttle buses.

  11. The City of Oakland can stick it in their ear. You really expect the Raiders to kowtow to your outdated stadium while you sue them for damages because of YOUR negligence and inability to work with them on a new stadium deal? The Raiders are gone Libby. Forever. Never to come back. I hope the Raiders play wherever they need and want to in 2019. They deserve a break and chance to succeed. They are gone. Get over it and move on. The Raiders have…

  12. Tell the city of Oakland to take a flying leap. We’ll play there and leave whenever we want to. California politics are ridiculous anyway.

  13. wcman says:
    January 14, 2019 at 1:43 pm

    “They will be forced to play at Levi’s imo.”


    wcman, you don’t know or appreciate the hatred between these two franchises. This is what makes this rivalry great. It’s real and it carries over to everyday decisions and transactions. 49ers and Raiders go together like Crips and Bloods. Dodgers and Giants. Republicans and Democrats.

  14. Raiders games in San Francisco would be great at
    Pac Bell/AT&T/Oracle Park? (not sure any more)
    The Cal Bears did this when their stadiums was under renovation and we got front row bleacher seat on the field for several games. So we got to meet the Players, Coaches, Mascots, Bands, Cheerleaders. And you’re on the baseball field so we got great photo’s hanging on the wall and running into the wall & foul pole. Also the east side end zone runs into the wall (Baseball Bleachers) so you can catch an over thrown pass.
    Best of all, this would piss off the San Francisco 49ers of Santa Clara, lol

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