Rams say Cowboys defense tipped its hand

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After the Seahawks’ Week Three victory over Dallas, receiver Doug Baldwin said Seattle diagnosed some of the Cowboys’ defensive calls due to the hand signals used to communicate between players. Now, the Rams say the Cowboys’ defensive line was tipping whether they were stunting based on their alignment and which hand they had on the ground.

Rams right guard Austin Blythe told The Ringer that it worked “plus-90 percent” of the time, crediting the inside information with helping Los Angeles run for 273 yards on 48 carries.

If Maliek Collins shaded closer to the tackle, the Rams expected a stunt. If Collins lined up wider, the Rams looked to see which hand a certain Cowboys lineman had on the ground. The Rams said it gave them a good idea what was coming.

“We had a pretty good tell when they were going to do that,” Blythe told The Ringer.

Not surprisingly, Cowboys head coach Jason Garrett downplayed the Rams’ postgame revelations.

“Any time you go into a ball game, there are certain things . . . that are indicators of what a team might do, and we certainly have those,” Garrett said Monday. “The Rams certainly have those; every team you play has those. What you try to do is, you try to have complements to those things, and we work very hard at that, understanding our self-scout, and understanding what we’re doing.

“Typically teams have tendencies, typically the best teams have tendencies, and you play to those tendencies and you also take advantage of those tendencies to do other things off of them, and that’s in all phases of your team. So the Rams did a very good job in that ball game. They deserved to win the game, um, you know that’s really all I have on that.”

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  1. `We figured out that when the defensive players all had their left arm extended with the forefinger pointing out, they were expecting a play to the left. When they had their right arm extended with the forefinger pointing out they were expecting right. If they were making a throwing motion with their right arm that meant they expected a pass. When they pumped their legs rapidly on the spot, they expected run. It took awhile but we broke the code.”

  2. Jerry just hooked a nice flounder on the deck of the yacht… I’m sure Irvin will post picks of the NFL network…

  3. For a team that has a much much bigger game on Sunday the Rams sure do seem to be spending a lot of time talking about the game they’ve already won. If they’re going to focus on a game in the past, maybe focus on the game where the Saints beat you up in the Dome? Cause that’s who and where you’re playing on Sunday, the Cowboys won’t be on your schedule again this year.

    Or maybe they’re a team content with winning 1 playoff game?

  4. The seahawks said the same thing after the first game, Cowboys didn’t change anything as they held seattle to under 65 yards rushing total in the playoff game. The difference, execution. The Cowboys defenders didn’t execute against the run saturday night and were buried because of it.

  5. I can remember when Tony Dorsett played for the Cowboys there was a game when the opponent new when the Cowboys were going to run the ball by watching to see if Dorsett put his mouth guard in his mouth. If he didn’t it was a pass. Nice tell there.

  6. Sounds a lot like what happened in that Super Bowl that the Rams lost to the Patriots, though Marshall Faulk won’t admit to anything so sensible.

  7. I remember that former Philthydelphia QB Donovan McNubb tipped the type of play at the line of scrimmage – if he moved his head side to side it was always a pass; if he held his head steady it was always a run. I know – I used to tell my friends during the game what was going to happen. I’m not sure if the actual NFL opponents saw this, but I nailed it.

  8. Rams and Cowboys are scheduled to play each other in 2019. Maybe Blythe can disclose more information. 😂

  9. Another season comes to a close where Jerry has nothing to show for it. The recent trophy case is barren. Don’t even start with ‘something to build on’ because each season is different. All Jerry has to build on is a few lower level playoff wins during the last two plus decades.

  10. Yeah Jason. But not every team scorches you for 273 yards on the ground, while holding you star back to less than 50 yards on 20 carries. So…apparently the Rams read better than your guys do.

  11. Rams players talking about this will only ensure the next opponent is wise to the idea. They probably hurt themselves by making this public. Not saying the Saints tip their hands, but if they do, they’re going to be sure NOT to now….Rams should ZIP IT…

  12. Sick of Dallas fans putting down other teams. Most overhyped franchise in the NFL. What have they done, since the invention of the internet? Nothing….

  13. The records TV ratings show just how many people like to see the Cowboys… Lose. Not because they are entertained or are fans. Its just that many people that hate that team.

  14. Old rules, new rules, rules still-to-come. It doesn’t matter. Dez did not catch the ball.

    -Packer fans.

  15. Time to get out of that old ass Tampa 2! Dallas could have covered rams receivers one on one and loaded the box to stop the run and pressure goff. Instead they played mostly four to five man fronts. They might have gotten away with that against the Seahawks but the rams oline is more physical.

  16. Kind of reminds me when McKinnie played LT with Brett Favre for the Vikings, and the stance he did as a LT could easily tell if it was a pass play or a run play haha.

  17. If 2 teams say you’re tipping.

    You’re tipping….

    Not as bad as Callahan and the Raiders not changing a thing to face Gruden and the Bucs but getting there.

  18. I generally like Marinelli, and when he was with the Bears running what I presume is the same defense, the Bears typically did very well against poorly coached teams, and not-as-well against elite teams. Most of the time that defense was top-10, but then there were the occasional games where they absolutely got whooped, either by repeatedly getting gashed in the run game and/or being completely unable to stop the pass (see October 25 2009 game vs Bengals for a prime example of this).

  19. People love to talk about how the Cowboys haven’t won a super bowl since the 90s. Look there are 12 teams who have never one even 1. It took Philly 50 yrs to get one. Why are so many non Cowboys fans so worried about how long it’s been since the Cowboys one the last of it’s 5

  20. Dallas was out coached. I don’t know why they seemed so determined to run up the middle. I don’t remember seeing a single screen to Zeke. Dallas is amassed with talent. They need someone to coach them to their potential. Regardless, good season Cowboys. Amazing how many Cowboy haters there are. Hate on trolls.

  21. Shouldn’t this be a much bigger story? I’ve been told repeatedly that the only way a team can figure out what their opponent might do is to film their practices. The Rams just admitted, indirectly, to secretly taping the Cowboys practice.

  22. Anybody who has played football competitively knows, there are tell tales from most opponents.

    A lot of Offensive lineman give away run/pass by their stance. Madden used to talk about, if there fingers are losing color, it’s because they have pressure leaning forward, it’s a run play. If not, it’s because they are leaning backwards foreshadowing a pass play.

    As a DB, I could usually tell run/pass by a WR’s body language. There intensity, or stiffness at the line, could dictate run/pass. Plenty of WR’s would give it away by their hand placement. Some would even give away route types (inside/outside)by foot placement.

    A good player pays attention to tendencies, & most players have em. Sometimes subtle, sometimes obvious. Most students of the game, pick up on them on the field.

  23. This totally justifies the Pats’ systematic, organization-wide decade of cheating.

    What are you referring to? Please try using facts as opposed to illusion and fairy tales

  24. Time to move on; hopefully we don’t Mike Martz it in New Orleans this week. We just won a playoff game; not the NFC Championship or Super Bowl. Hopefully McVay is addressing all the media talk and getting the team re-focused.

  25. johnwaldron8 says:

    January 15, 2019 at 9:30 am

    Shouldn’t this be a much bigger story? I’ve been told repeatedly that the only way a team can figure out what their opponent might do is to film their practices. The Rams just admitted, indirectly, to secretly taping the Cowboys practice.

    Or they, possibly, watched game film. That’s probably cheating too, though. I don’t think anyone else in the league does that…

  26. Did the Rams never play poker??? When you figure out a guy’s tell, you never say anything. Just keep letting him twirl his ear when he bluffs or holding his cards a certain way when he has a big hand. Sheesh. Why give away your secrets?

  27. steelpalace5000 says:
    January 15, 2019 at 8:27 am
    Why are so many non Cowboys fans so worried about how long it’s been since the Cowboys one the last of it’s 5

    I don’t think anyone is ‘worried’ about it so much as amused by how boys fans act like it was just yesterday.

  28. Obviously their offense never figured out the Rams defense. League leading rusher only gets 47 yards. C’mon, really?

  29. I recently read a Red Sox fan post a joke about Yankees fans that also applies to Cowboys fans:
    Q: “How does a Yankees fan change a light bulb?”
    A: “He doesn’t. Instead he talks about how great the old one was.”

  30. Or they, possibly, watched game film. That’s probably cheating too, though. I don’t think anyone else in the league does that…

    Oh, I agree that’s what happened. Unfortunately, a lot of people, including former NFL players and coaches, don’t believe that’s possible.

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