Brandon Graham not “going to be silly” in contract talks with Eagles


Defensive end Brandon Graham has spent his entire nine-year NFL career with the Eagles and he doesn’t sound like a man who is looking to play somewhere other than Philadelphia in his 10th season.

Graham is set for free agency along with several other key members of the team and that may mean that the Eagles can’t match offers he’ll get from other teams come March. On Monday, he was asked if he’s open to taking less to stay put and said “we will figure it out” while sounding like the top bidder may not carry the day.

“I understand where I’m at,” Graham said, via “I ain’t going to be silly, I only have so many years I can do this but if it’s two million off from somebody else, obviously I’m going to stay where I’m at. I feel like people know me here, that’s what I mean when I say, ‘Is it worth going somewhere else?’ … I know I am happy here.”

Things said in the abstract can be forgotten once tangible offers start coming in and that’s especially true when those statements are made shortly after a tough loss to end a season. It will be a while before we learn whether this is one of those cases or if Graham’s desire to stay in Philly trumps other considerations.

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  1. Home grown talent. I liked BG while he played at Michigan and was happy when the Eagles selected him. He’s an Eagle for life. Hopefully he and the FO can figure out a good contract offer that is fair for both sides.

  2. As of right now, they are over the 2019 cap. It will be interesting to see what Roseman does with respect to some of the guys including Graham. They could go in a few directions, and Howie will certainly be watched closely in how the ’19 team is constructed.

    This year will be a bellwether on if Roseman is as good as Phillyfan indicated he was in ’17.

  3. I genuinely hope he can stay. At 30, he’s only 48 sacks away from tying Trent Cole for second all time on the Eagles sack list. 5-6 more years can get that done. But even if his sack numbers continue to decline, he can still rush the passer tremendously (re: Brady fumble, Brees fumble).

    So many Eagles “fans” were quick to write him off as a bust. Dude is a baller.

  4. According to Spotrac BG has a market value of $15.8mm per year in relation to his comparison to similar aged and production players.

    He is coming of a contract where he made less than half of that.

    The Eagles are going to have to pony up large to keep that ‘if it’s a 2mm diffrence’ from being held as the standard to keep him.

    Not for nothing but they got him on the cheap for his last contract for the type 9f p!ayer he is.

  5. His agent just texted him to shut up. Hopefully he’ll get a fair deal but why should the eagles pay him his worth if he publicly says he’ll take a few million less? Just saying. If I was Philly, I would throw a lower, but respectful, offer out just for the heck of it.

  6. Jimmy nitwit.
    Where else can you have this much fun?

    He is having fun, that’s why he wants to stay.

  7. May finally see some class and ethics from a free agent. Nice. Up to iggles to do right by him.

  8. When the offers come in it will get real. Philly will have to at least be in the neighborhood. There’s teams out there with a ton of cap space this year.

  9. I love how Eagles fans pretend they always loved Brandon Graham. I live in Philly and know they all wanted Earl Thomas over him, until his strip sack in last year’s superbowl.

  10. If only more guys thought this way. Is the difference between 10 million and 12 million enough to give up a city, home, and workplace you enjoy? No, it’s not. Once you’ve reached a certain income, everything above that is relatively meaningless.

  11. seahawks19081 says:
    January 15, 2019 at 9:52 am
    I love how Eagles fans pretend they always loved Brandon Graham. I live in Philly and know they all wanted Earl Thomas over him, until his strip sack in last year’s superbowl.


    Before the strip sack he was having a good season, but before that, he was WAY underperforming his draft position.

    Any knowledgeable fan WOULD want Earl Thomas over Graham until last year. That’s why the Eagles got him “on the cheap.”

    But things change. He has turned into a consistently high-level player. And now, any knowledgeable fan should want him on their team for one more reasonable contract.

  12. Good. The Eagles need players who are serious about staying and not making the cap situation unsustainable.

  13. “Is the difference between 10 million and 12 million enough”

    What if it is the difference between $30 million and $40 million?

  14. I love it. Two years ago BG made a couple of comments about finishing his contract strong and playing the market but it sounds like he’s being realistic, after this season.

    We do love you BG!

    P.S. – I freely admit I didn’t like Graham during his first two years (he didn’t flash from what I saw until he was forced to become OLB in the Chip Kelly era) but also had no clue we picked him over Earl Thomas until last year, so IDK that the Graham vs. Earl thing was as widespread as the haters presume. Regardless, it’s not as if those people are not allowed to embrace Graham over time.

  15. He is saying all the right things like a businessman should but in the end it’s all about business. Respect both sides of the table and don’t expect BG to take any discounts and don’t expect the organization to over pay. Simple concept but most fanboys expect/want the player to just bend over. It’s not how it works so don’t be mad when he walks away for more money. BG Is approaching the over 30 club so expect him to put on the ski mask and ride off into the sunset. He paid his dues and got his ring, now it’s time to cash out.

    The lockout is coming in 2020

  16. I heard that NFL careers only lasted 3.6 years. He must be pretty good or awfully lucky.

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