Carson Wentz admits the pressure of following Nick Foles

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Eagles quarterback Carson Wentz has said his back should be fine, and hopes it won’t be an issue next year.

What remains a question, however, is how he’ll handle the pressure of replacing the guy who replaced him the last two years.

Nick Foles stepped in and led the team to a Super Bowl last year and to an unlikely playoff push this year, but is expected to be dealt this offseason. Wentz knows that’s a hard act to follow.

“It could [add pressure]. Without a doubt,” Wentz said, via Dave Zangaro of NBC Sports Philadelphia. “You look at that and you could say it could put more pressure. I mean, you can say coming into the season there was more pressure. But I do everything I can to block that stuff out. I think right now, going forward, my focus is getting my body right. And to play this game freely the way I did last year before the injury and cut it loose. Get rid of all that pressure and anxiety and whatever it may be, just play the game freely. And that’s where I’m going to get to.”

Wentz was careful to avoid specific questions about the future of either quarterback, or his own contract situation, though discussion of the position will doubtless dominate Philadelphia sports radio the entire offseason.

“I try not to think about all those things,” Wentz said. “I know there’s lots of he said, she said things out there, . . . but at the end of the day, I can’t control those. I can’t control those. What I can control is getting my body right, getting healthy and getting myself back on the field to prove the player I can be.”

And then and only then can he worry about how much of a challenge it will be to be better than his backup.

13 responses to “Carson Wentz admits the pressure of following Nick Foles

  1. Fickle fans young son. They were ready to put you in the HOF what, like, 5 minutes ago? Then they caught a glimpse of Foles. Now you’re worried that the first pick you throw will have the fans climbing poles and punching horses demanding Foles return. Welcome to the land of “What have you done for me lately”. I swear people have goldfish level memory sometimes.

  2. Elite talent….average coaching….. 10-6. Not bad but lucky to make playoffs. Tony Romo next head coach of the Cowboys. Really could step in, get along with Jerry, loved by fans in this role and move back to an elite team.

  3. I dislike the Iggles but tons of respect to Foles. Blue collar hard working backup QB that just up and won the Super Bowl MVP award. No one is ever taking that from him.

  4. Foles fits the system better – that is obvious. So Foles should stay and Wentz be dealt. It seems the coaches would prefer to keep Foles but ownership sees a franchise face in Wentz.

  5. give the man credit for not trying to deny reality. the pressure will be enormous; best for all parties to deal wentz and keep big nick. wentz can prove himself somewhere else and eagles make another run.

  6. No doubt there is pressure and that is why those who are insisting the Eagles keep both are thinking it all the way through: Carson Wentz will never reach his full potential with Nick Foles right behind him. Just like Steve Young needed the 49ers to give him the reigns and deal Joe Montana.

    Nick Foles is a very good QB and friend to Carson Wentz. But, the pressure is such that they can no longer be teammates.

    It sucks but they both deserve to start and lead a team. And, the teams they lead need to fully commit to them for them to thrive.

  7. Eagles, PLEASE trade Carson Wentz. It would be awesome to watch him play at an elite level outside of Philly.

  8. Foles needs to be gone as soon as possible his presence because of stupid fans will ruin Carson Wentz. To the idiots that say Foles is a better fit, the Eagles were forced to dumb down a sophisticated offense so Foles could run it. As far as QB skills Nick Foles wouldn’t make a pimple on Carson Wentz’s butt.

  9. Best scenario is to trade Wentz to the highest bidder. Make Nicky permanent starter. Get as many picks as possible for him. His back will continue to be bothersome.

  10. It’s the Brady Garapollo thing all over again! As a Pats fan let me tell you how it will go. Whichever QB they keep, you’ll want the other one as soon as the one you kept loses a couple of games. We have a few local know it alls who still think they made a bad move.

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