CFL coach Chris Jones taking a job with Browns

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Saskatchewan Roughriders head coach Chris Jones is leaving the Canadian Football League for the Browns, David William Naylor of TSN reports. Jones will take a job in a defensive capacity, though his exact title is unclear.

New Browns coach Freddie Kitchens quarterbacked Alabama in 1997 when Jones was a graduate assistant.

Jones served as head coach, vice president of football operations and defensive co-coordinator since the Roughriders hired him in December 2015.

He won CFL coach of the year honors in 2018 when the Riders went 12-6 and hosted a playoff game for the first time since 2013.

Jones signed a contract extension last month, but it contains an out clause that allows him to leave for a job in the NCAA or NFL.

14 responses to “CFL coach Chris Jones taking a job with Browns

  1. He won a CFL cup in Edmonton and we brought him to SK thereafter. He turned things around quickly. He bent the rules a couple times but surprisingly did well with the roughies in short order. I live in SK, but don’t want our crappy football but know enough. Should be a good hire as an assistant somewhere.

  2. He’s a jackass who thinks he smarter than everyone else. He left his DC role with Calgary in the middle of the night to get a opportunity in Toronto. Then to Edmonton then to Sask. He wears out his welcome pretty quick and coaching record pretty spotty.

  3. Didn’t we already try a CFL coach with Tressman? Next.


    Trestman was brought in to be a head coach; Jones is being brought in as an assistant. Apples and oranges. Plus, Marv Levy coached in the CFL for a stint. Ever heard of him? While he didn’t win a Super Bowl, he took the Bills to 4 of them in a row. Next.

  4. Left MTL for Calgary for Toronto for Edmonton for Sask .. His midnight-move out of Calgary at the last minute shows his true character and ethics.. I wonder how those in Sask feel now.. Stampeders Rule!!

  5. This Freddie Kitchens as Cleveland Browns’s coach story keeps getting more and more out-of-the-box and interesting…

  6. One minor positive from this — it demonstrates that Kitchens has a pretty wide-ranging of network of colleagues to draw assistant coaches from.

  7. Jones went from job to job to job because he kept getting promoted. The CFL caps its coaches at 11 coaches per team, ad you can poach any coach from any other team’s staff as long as it is a promotion from their current role. So, while some of Jones moves left sour tastes in people’s mouths, all of them were within the rules of the CFL. It should also be noted that he won 4 Grey cups along the way. The Browns are getting a very good coach here.

  8. I always thought Jones seemed a little arrogant for my liking, however the dude has 4 Grey Cup rings on his hand, albeit with 4 different teams but he has to be doing something right.

  9. Freddie runs off Gregg Williams, so he can hire his old college buddies from the CFL.
    Gregg Williams has been to two Super Bowls as a defensive coordinator, with the Titans and Saints, and his defenses, traditionally using the 4-3 system, have finished in the top 10 in total defense seven times. He also has led top-10 ranked defenses in points five times.

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